AIFF and IMG-Reliance to present the new plan for Indian football on April 20

The federation and their commercial partners shall take 8 weeks to work on a plan for Indian football which shall be benefit all the stakeholders involved...
The All India Football Federation (AIFF) and IMG-Reliance, their commercial and marketing partners, have stated that they shall next meet the I-League clubs on April 20 with a plan to take Indian football to the next level.

This was after the AIFF and IMG-Reliance promised to get back by Monday with a timeline of their plan following the meeting last week which was an SOS by the clubs in their fight for their rights.

The clubs had demanded that the I-League be made a separate legal entity to be run by their rightful stakeholders, i.e. the clubs as opposed to the AIFF Executive Committee, and also that the revenue has to be shared with them. They even questioned the AIFF as to how could they sell the rights for the I-League without having discussed with the clubs in the first place.

On Monday, IMG-Reliance prepared a statement which was communicated to the clubs by the AIFF general secretary, Kushal Das.

“As discussed in the meeting last week that AIFF and IMG Reliance would  come back with a timeframe to follow up on the meeting, IMG Reliance and AIFF are  preparing plans for Indian Football for benefit of all stakeholders and take football to next level in India.

“We expect our plans to be ready in next 8 weeks after discussions with clubs,  and other stakeholders. AIFF and IMG Reliance will meet clubs again with plans around 20th April.”

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