Shrinivas Dempo: I do not know why Churchill lost the appeal

Goa's fraternity laments the way Churchill were ruled upon by the I-League licensing committee, hoped Churchill Brothers would have been given more time...

Stakeholders in Goan football were in a state of stunned sombreness as the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) Appeals Committee overturned the appeal against a ban imposed on Churchill Brothers and three other I-League heavyweights viz. Rangdajied Untied, Mohammedan Sporting and United SC from participating in the I-League 2014-15 season due to non-conforming with the licensing norms.

The aforementioned clubs had already been given a one-time exception last year, with a reminder to abide by the rules this year. So when they failed the inspection, the AIFF had no option but to set a precedent and ban the clubs.

"I think it is very unfortunate that a Goan club has lost the appeal. I do not know why they lost the appeal but it is unfortunate for Goa," stated Shrinivas Dempo, vice-president of the AIFF and Dempo SC owner, to The Herald.

"They should have been given a reprieve to be in the top league because they have brought glory, honour and colour to Goa football,” said Dr. Rufino Monteiro, Chairman Goa Football Development Council (GFDC).

Elvis Gomes, Vice President of the GFA, lamented, "It is sad that a champion club has been shown the door in this manner. All the hard work of the players in the last season has gone to waste and their future is uncertain."

Peter Vaz, President of Sporting Clube De Goa, explained, "Churchill  has been a pioneer in the development of Goan football. It is really sad for me to say anything more"

Raj Gomes, who serves as the general secretary of Salgaocar FC, elucidated, "It is sad that a Goan club should be shown the door in this manner. They have won two I-League titles and are the Federation Cup champions. It is a blow to Goan football. We are one team less now."