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Adam Flynn hopes India's talented youngster through their academy will one day wear the LFC shirt

Adam Flynn: Liverpool's ambition is to produce the best talent in India

Adam Flynn hopes India's talented youngster through their academy will one day wear the LFC shirt

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The Liverpool academy coach lets loose on what they want to achieve with DSK in a partnership and how the Indian talent will come of age under their tutelage…

Liverpool have tied up with DSK Shivajians as they announced the launch of their first ever residential academy in India.

Adam Flynn, the head of the Liverpool academy, highlighted the importance of feeding the talent into the upper echelons of the I-League. He also specified that they aimed to reach out to superb talent in the hope that one of them would one day don not just the colours of LFC at Anfield, but would also do their country proud while representing them.

“We had to do this with DSK in mind. They had lots of ambition and so did we, so we had to assist them first. Our ideal ambition is to have a player from India to play in the Liverpool first team. Now, you and I know this is a very difficult proposition at this particular point in time that we’re left with. However, our dream is to have kids come over to our programs and we would want them to one day play for Liverpool. They’re already part of it with them training and playing practice games in Pune. However, the kids’ dream should be to play at Anfield in front of forty five thousand people,” highlighted Flynn, pointing to what they considered their master plan.

The Premier League outfit have penned a five-year deal with DSK, and Flynn explained that their intention is to develop talent in this part of the world.

“An important parameter is the kids we find. Our goal is to develop the most talented kids. First he will play for an I-League side. Now if a kid from our set-up goes on to represent for the national team, we’ve done a great job. However, if he’s stayed on for five years, he’s much a great player. We’ll produce about 300 players in five years the rate we are going at. That shows our efficiency. Everyone of those players will have a superb game on him. To develop a player is our aim.  Over five to ten years.

He explained the pre-requisite age parameter’s the academy would choose kids from. “We like them in very young. Seven is a good age. Like me, I started playing football at around the age of five. I’ve been around football for twenty four years now. So by the time they’re seventeen they’ wouldhave been at the club for ten years. That’s ten years’ experience in them and then they’ll know how to do it the Liverpool way. They’re going to be special talent. Ideal is seven.”

“Well, at ages seventeen or so, they’re lazy they don’t want to let the coaches have their own way now and so on. Some players will excel some won’t. That’s the ebb and flow of things,” he added.

Finally on being asked from what age do the Reds  start preparing kids back home, he replied, “We have them in at five. That’s why they’re that good. Everyday training is vital. You get the best out of them. We hope to have the same impact in India as well.”