Scolari does not approve of Brazil comparisons with Barcelona

The 64-year-old Selecao boss praises his young squad but says the nature of the players in his new national side means the team will not be playing like Barcelona
Luiz Felipe Scolari has downplayed any similarities between his Brazil side and Barcelona, saying the World Cup 2014 hosts will not follow the Spanish side's style.

Scolari's new team, who do not have to go through the series of World Cup qualifiers because they are hosting the competition, will instead take part in the Confederations Cup next year.

And the Brazil boss was adamant that his side will play to their own strengths as they prepare for 2014.

"If we try to import players like Iniesta, Xavi and Messi, then we would play just like Barcelona. But these aren't anything like Brazilian players," said the 2002 World Cup-winning coach.

"We have to build a team that can play good football, but, at the same time, we must respect each player's characteristics.

"We have an identity, but we have to know what to do about the characteristics that every player can bring."

Scolari also admitted that playing in the qualifying stages could have benefitted his side, but said participating in the Confederations Cup would help him form a suitable system for his side.

"This stage of identifying the team's strenghts will suffer because of the fact that we aren't in the qualifiers," he said.

"We have quality players, and I don't agree when it is said that this team is too young. It's a great team, but we are missing more challenging opponents.

"In 2002, we had a team well organised, and we had a system. We'll build that while we play our friendlies and [in] the Confederations Cup."

The former Portugal and Kuwait coach added: "[The Confederations Cup] will give us a base on what we need from this team.

"It's a fine opportunity, with challenging matches. As we don't participate in the qualifiers, this will be good to analyse how our players react in big matches."

Brazil's next fixture is against England in a friendly on February 6, 2013.