Angry Palmeiras fans set fire to club shop

An unhappy group of supporters broke into the premises and damaged the property before burning it in protest against the team's poor results
Palmeiras fans have vandalised and set fire to their own club's shop.

Alviverde have struggled to compete this season and are on the verge of relegation from Brasileiro Serie A, and a group of supporters have made their feelings clear by painting the words 'the peace is over' on the wall of the building, which has infuriated the club's director of football, Roberto Frizzo.

"This is unacceptable," he told Lance!

"I hope this is a one-off and will never happen again. I want to believe this is an unrelated event and does not represent all of the Palmeiras supporters, or even a part of them."

When asked about their current position in the table and their chances of staying in the division, Frizzo responded: "As long as we are alive, we will keep working hard. We are waiting for the good luck to start flowing in our direction."

Defeat to Fluminense this past weekend left Palmeiras four points from safety with just three games left to play, and big changes are expected at the club whether they survive or not.

“I do not know [if I will run for the presidency next year], but we will see when it’s time,” said current president Arnaldo Tirone. “What I can say is that I have no motivation to even try and be re-elected.

"The only thing I regret is that I could have done more. I can tell you this, I am very upset. Am I responsible for all this? Of course I am."