Romario laughs at Fifa's decision on World Cup food

The former player has criticised the governing body yet again, this time over their decision to initially ban a traditional dish for the 2014 World Cup only to then allow it
Brazilian legend Romario has teased Fifa via his Twitter page after they changed their mind on the food rules for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The initial position of the governing body stated that any marketing of foods in the stadiums during the World Cup should be made by an officially licensed company. In a statement released last Friday, however, Fifa admitted discussing with the Local Organizing Committee to allow the informal sale of acaraje [bean patties] within the mega event.

"Fifa backs off and says they want traditional Bahian ladies selling 'acaraje' bean patties in Salvador during the World Cup. It's about time..." read one of Romario's posts.

"Fifa has to understand that Brazil is a nation, they are just an organisation and should respect the Brazilian laws and customs. Viva Bahia!" the 46-year-old Brazilian added.

Romario had previously told reporters that if Fifa is not controlled then it will eventually have more power than the Brazilian president.