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  • 2 December 2012
  • • 14:00
  • • Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium), Kalkātā (Kolkata), West Bengal

Live Commentary

  • Full Time: Prayag United 2-3 Mumbai FC
  • 90' + 5'
    SubstitutionFaizal Rehman Peter Costa
  • 90' + 4'
    Goal Yusif Yakubu
    DISASTER FOR PRYAG! Lalkamal's back pass is intercepted by the Yak as Gouramangi and the goalie both are in no man's land. Yakubu scores a fantastic goal by lobbing it over the goalie.
  • 90' + 2'
    Goal Shankar Oraon
    GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Prayag have equalised as Sanakr Oraon does ever so well on the left to head the ball across the goal. But A Mumbai FC player deflects it into his own net.
  • 88'
    And Ranti thinks he is clean through yet again...but Offside again...
  • 87'
    It seems the referee wants to get into the action as he ends up kicking the ball!
  • 86'
    SubstitutionD. Singh Shankar Oraon
  • 86'
    Ranti with a chance to score but Offside..
  • 85'
    Yakubu breaks down the right, but he does not have that pace of old as Carlos of all people look to chase him down. His shot from outside the box on the right is saved easily by Ishan.
  • 82'
    Goal Abhishek Yadav
    Inspired substitution from Khalid Jamil. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Nicholas Rodrigues takes a corner and Abhisek Yadav smashes it in the goal with probably his first touch of the match.
  • 82'
    Assist Nicholas Rodrigues
  • 81'
    SubstitutionGabriel Fernandes Abhishek Yadav
  • 79'
    SubstitutionC.K. Vineeth Lestor Fernandes
  • 78'
    Really long injury break, and we see some action. Md Rafique breaks down the left but cannot find Ranti as Luis Barreto receives the ball easily.
  • 74'
    Stop start play as both teams cannot get in the rhythm..
  • 72'
    CORNER for Prayag! Bello takes out the goalie who is down and the ref gives a foul.
  • 71'
    CHANCE! Chinta breaks down the right and sends in a teasing cross to the far post where it is headed towards goal by Vineeth. Amiri saves on the goal line and Prayag are knocking on the door.
  • 69'
    And again! Carlos tries a shot from range but it just goes rolling wide off the post.
  • 68'
    CHANCE! Md. Rafique fails to head in the goal as Mumbai FC are living dangerously. Asif was the architect as he broke down the middle before trying to find Carlos. A miskick sends the ball back on the path of Md. Rafique who is wasteful.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionLukram James Singh Mohammed Rafique
  • 66'
    Asif tries to find a pass but he sends it straight to the goalkeeper.
  • 64'
    CHANCE! Good corner from James Singh as it eluded atleast three purple shirts in the box who saw it flash past.
  • 63'
    CHANCE! Lucky break for Prayag which they waste as Amiri gifts the ball to Carlos who swings it to Ranti whose back header strikes Stephen and goes out for a corner.
  • 62'
    Good interception by Amiri as Lalkamal's ball almost found Ranti clean on goal
  • 61'
    Prayag pressing hard for the equaliser, but Mumbai FC defense is standing firm.
  • 59'
    Carlos strikes the freekick but just inches wide over the bar.
  • 58'
    Freekick to Prayag just outside the box. Can Carlos score?
  • 56'
    CHANCE! Evans Quao goes surging forward through the heart of the midfield and lets rip a fierce shot which beats Debnath but strikes the post.
  • 55'
    Prayag go on the attack! Vineeth wastes a great opportunity to score as James plays in a ball from the right that is missed by Luis Barreto..
  • 52'
    Goal Evans Quao
    GOOOOOAAAAAAL!! Evans Quao scores a good header at the far post as Nicholas Rodrigues swings in a great freekick.
  • 52'
    Assist Nicholas Rodrigues
  • 51'
    Both teams trying to play long balls behind the defense but the defenders stand strong to deny the strikers any space
  • 50'
    Good cross from the right by Chinta and he finds Vineeth. His first time shot is over the bar.
  • 48'
    Yakubu and Gabriel try to play passes amongst themselves again but Lalkamal comes back to clear.
  • 47'
    Good freekick from James Singh as he tries to find Evans in the box...but well marked by Bello
  • 46'
    CHANCE! Yakubu is unmarked on the far post as Evans swings a ball in. But he heads it straight to Ishan
  • Meanwhile Khalid Jamil will be happy with how his team started and how his team have tried to come back in the game after going a goal down. Evans Quao and Yakubu look capable of making things happen at any time.
  • And Eelco Schattorie will not be disappointed with his players effort in this match. However the lack of cutting edge up front will worry him as Vineeth found himself in promising situations quite a few times.
  • 45'
    Half Time: Prayag United 1-0 Mumbai FC
  • 44'
    CHANCE! Evans finds space down the right yet again and crosses it to Yakubu in the box but he heads straight to Debnath.
  • 44'
    Carlos tries to pick out Vineeth with a lobbed pass but intercepted by Faizal
  • 43'
    Stop start stuff as both teams are failing to hold on to the ball.
  • 41'
    Good covering play from Dhana chandra as he intercepts Nicholas' cross directed to Gabriel
  • 40'
    Justine Stephen cannot get his head to the ball from the corner as Nicholas sends in a good corner.
  • 39'
    CORNER to Mumbai as Dhanachandra heads the ball out as Ashutosh crosses.
  • 38'
    Mumbai attack on the counter and Gabriel is played through by Yakubu but OFFSIDE
  • 37'
    CHANCE! Great bit of dribbling from Carlos as he dribbles pasts two players in the box after receiving the ball from Ranti but Faizal can clear somehow.
  • 36'
    CHANCE! Chinta swings a ball into the box again and Vineeth almost gets at the end of it
  • 35'
    Good covering from Bello Rasaq as he beats Gabriel for pace on the right wing..
  • 34'
    Chinta on another overlapping goal and Ranti jumps with the goalie for the ball...but ends up fouling him in the process as Vineeth hits the rebound wide.
  • 32'
    Mumbai FC could have got back into the match almost immediately...
  • 31'
    CHANCE! James Singh shoots from just outside of the box but its well wide. Darren Caldeira had picked him up with a good pass.
  • 29'
    Goal Ranti Martins
    GOAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great lofted ball by Asif in the midfield to find out Ranti Martins at the far post who beats Justine Stephen and shoots easily past Barreto.
  • 29'
    Assist Asif Kottayil
  • 28'
    CHANCE!Darren Caldeira finds space on the left and he picks out Gabriel Fernandes with ease but the striker has made a total hash of the shot as that was a clear goal there.
  • 27'
    It seems Prayag have seized control of the match
  • 26'
    Vineeth and Ranti again try a foray in the box but this time Vineeth is OFFSIDE as Ranti tries to direct a ball to his path.
  • 25'
    Cross from Vineeth but Carlos is outjumped by Amiri
  • 24'
    Good cross from James Singh on the right, but Carlos who heads it is OFFSIDE...anyway it was straight to Barreto.
  • 23'
    Good turn from Ranti as he leaves Stephen for dead but too narrow an angle and straight to Barreto in goal.
  • 22'
    Vineeth and Carlos try to play a neat one two and Carlos tries to play in Vineeth but a good tackle from Faizal.
  • 21'
    James Singh tries his luck with a long diagonal to Yakubu but well wide..
  • 20'
    Dhana chandra tries to play a long diagonal to Ranti who has made a run at the far post but well covered by Amiri.
  • 18'
    Vineeth tries to play a defense splitting through ball to find Ranti but too much pace on the ball...
  • 17'
    Carlos' delivery leaves a lot to be desired as he tries to pick out James at the far post but his range is off.
  • 16'
    Another good move from Prayag. Chinta breaks down the left and finds Lal kamal at the edge of the box who plays in Vineeth, but straight to Luis Barreto again.
  • 15'
    Vineeth looks enterprising on the left but a miss pass again gives the ball back to Mumbai
  • 14'
    Bello Rasaq is hounded by Evans who clears straight into him allowing Mumbai FC possession.
  • 13'
    Vineeth again darts down the left and is brought down. Ref gives a freekick. Carlos' delivery is poor as it has gone out without troubling anyone.
  • 12'
    Prayag on the counter. CK Vineeth is played through but cannot find bodies into the box to cross so takes a shot himself but straight to the grateful hands of Barreto.
  • 12'
    Evans tries to play in Yakubu once more but Bello clears.
  • 11'
    Yakubu and Quao again exchange good passes amongst them but Yakubu is not allowed to turn and shoot
  • 11'
    Good pressure from the away team as they are defending from the front.
  • 10'
    It seems Mumbai are the home team as Prayag look to play it primarily on the break.
  • 9'
    And Nicholas breaks down the left and James Singh shoots from outside the box but Mangi is alert enough to block the shot.
  • 9'
    And Ranti is clean through after a clever ball by Carlos. But the linesman flags for OFFSIDE
  • 8'
    Disappointing corner from Prayag as it comes to no avail
  • 7'
    Prayag look to counter immediately through Carlos but cleared for a corner by Faizal.
  • 7'
    CORNER to Mumbai FC but well cleared by Gouramangi
  • 6'
    CHANCE! Yakubu and Evans exchange great passes among themselves before Evans lets loose a ferocious shot from the right which Ishan does ever so well to tip over.
  • 5'
    SubstitutionSubhash Chakraborty Darren Caldeira
  • 5'
    CHANCE! Gabriel Fernandes makes a goal line headed clearance as Ranti Martins turns and shoots from the corner. This was after the goakeeper made a hash of collecting the ball.
  • 4'
    CORNER to Prayag as Vineeth breaks down the right but cannot pick out Ranti as the goalkeeper parries it out.
  • 3'
    And early break in the match as Subhas Chakraborty is down.
  • 2'
    Prayag on the counter through Ranti down the right but well ushered by the Mumbai Left back
  • 2'
    Long throw by Mumbai Skipper Amiri but straight to Ishan
  • 1'
    Subhas Chakraborty almost finds Yakubu in the box as he swings a great ball in but cleared
  • 1'
    And we have kicked off...
  • Mumbai FC: Luis; Ashutosh, Stephen, Amiri, Faizal; James,Subhas, Evans, Nicholas; Gabriel,Yakubu
  • Lineups Prayag: Ishan; Dhana,Rasaq,Mangi,Chinta; Lalkamal,K Asif, Vineeth, James; Carlos Ranti
  • Welcome to's LIVE match centre as we bring to you live action from the I-League where Prayag United take on Mumbai FC at the Salt Lake stadium.