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  • 13 March 2014
  • • 14:30
  • • Kalyani Stadium, Kalyani

Live Commentary

  • Full Time Scoreline: United Sports Club 1-3 Bengaluru FC. The leaders extend their lead while United find themselves in deeper trouble. This was Atanu Mitra taking you through the live action for the last 90 minutes. Until next time, goodbye! Stay tuned to Goal.
  • 89'
    Goal Sunil Chhetri
    GOAALL! Dhanachandra took too much time to clear a ball and eventually loses it to Sunil who runs on to the right end of the penalty box and takes a powerful shot to add to his tally. That puts the game to the bed. Or was it on bed already?
  • 88'
    Bengaluru had a free-kick in front of the box after Vineeth was brough down by Deepak and Sunil took it well, but easy save for Jayanta again.
  • 86'
    United once again lose possession under no pressure as Souvik gives the ball away. Bengaluru on the break, but ultimately a chipped through reaches Jayanta unattended.
  • 85'
    Yellow Card Surajit Bose
  • 84'
    PENALTY SHOUT! BOOKED FOR DIVING! Surajit Bose went down inside the Bengaluru box and the referee has booked him for simulation.
  • 82'
    CHANCE! United defense caught on an afternoon nap as Thoi plays a good ball to Vineeth on the left, who immediately plays it to Sunil, but the veteran fails to make room for himself and he was robbed of the ball by Dhanchandra.
  • 80'
    SubstitutionAnupam Sarkar Tapan Maity
  • 80'
    Arjun Chatterjee has inculcated some energy into the side and has tried to play ambitious lobbed through balls to the forwards. However, Waheed has been lackluster and has failed to encash any of their moves.
  • 78'
    C.K.Vineeth has come on against his former side in place of . I can still see a few banners of United in the ground with his photo. How time flies!
  • 77'
    SubstitutionSean Rooney C.K. Vineeth
  • 76'
    Gurtej Singh has replaced Johnson here. Not much happening in the middle.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionJohn Johnson Gurtej Singh
  • 74'
    Arjun Chatterjee, the Mohun Bagan player who is on loan in United has now come on. John Johnson is down and the strecher has been called for.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionHasan Al Moustafa Arjun Chatterjee
  • 71'
    CHANCE ON THE OTHER END NOW! Eric claims a free-kick on the left and takes it himself. Dhanchandra places the ball inside the six yard box, but Waheed misses a sitter and fails to tap in. Another chance goes down begging.
  • 69'
    Yellow Card Rino Anto
  • 69'
    CHANCE! CHANCE! Sean Rooney latched on to a needless back-head from Dhanachandra Singh inside the box and took a shot which was saved well by Jayanta. The ball fell to Sunil on the rebound, but his shot was BLOCKED in the goal-line Bello. Beikho got the ball on the second rebound, but flies it over the bar.
  • 67'
    Chettri did some good work on the left flank and got the better of Asif, but failed to play the final pass.
  • 64'
    United have been badly hit by that goal and are struggling now to play the third pass.
  • 61'
    Own Goal D. Singh
    GOAALL! BENGALURU SCORE! Sean Rooney had tried a header on target after being fed by a cross by Rino Anto. However, Dhanachandra made it clumsy and a touch from him sends the ball home. An own goal by Dhanachandra!
  • 59'
    Menyongar chipped the ball to Suni's feet who was standing six inches away and the Indian captain unleashes goalbound volley that goes straight into Jayanta's hands. Once again, elegant thought by the Bengaluru side.
  • 57'
    Bengaluru concede a goal out of almost nothing and now they have to on their toes. The travellers claim a free-kick from 35 yards now.
  • 54'
    Penalty Goal Eric Brown
    GOALL! Eric Brown places the ball in the left hand side of Pawan Kumar and restores parity in the game. Remember, Pawan had already saved three penalties this season, but couldn't stop it from going in. Game on in Kalyani now!
  • 53'
    Yellow Card Keegan Pereira
  • 53'
    PENALTY! KEEGAN PEREIRA BRINGS SOUVIK DOWN! Bello had played a long ball into the box, and the referee has pointed straight to the spot after Souvik goes down inside the area. Not clear from the press-box whether that was a penalty, but looked similar to the Sunil shout.
  • 51'
    Johnson raised his head above everyone, but fails to make contact. United on the break now!
  • 49'
    Excellent work from Rino and Hanghal as the later first sends a ball to the right-flank and the side-back earns a corner under immense pressure from the United defense.
  • 47'
    A good duel from between Bello and Rooney after the striker tried to latch on to a pass inside the box. Bello covers him well and the ball goes out for a goal-kick.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionMohammed Rafique Surajit Bose
  • 46'
    Surajit Bose has been injected into action in place of Rafique. We are off again!
  • The players are back and the action is only a couple of minutes away.
  • It has been a drab encounter so far and United are not looking anywhere near scoring a goal. They have lacked ideas in the opponent third for quite some matches now and this has been alike!
  • United looked resilient from the scratch, but they failed to keep the pressure till the end and conceded the goal in the dead end. Bengaluru have not been impressive at all, but have scored the elusive first goal.
  • Not much of action after the goal and the half-time scoreline remains 0-1.
  • 44'
    Goal T. Singh
    GOAALL! BRILLIANT MOVE FROM THE BLUES AND THEY HAVE THE DESERVED LEAD HERE! John Menyongar plays the ball to Sunil and he in turn supplies it to Sean Rooney on the left edge of the box. The United defense seemed baffled to counter a torrent of short passes and when Rooney played a delicate chip to Thoi inside the 6-yard box, the midfielder found himself unmarked and nods the ball home calmly.
  • 43'
    Bengaluru plays a string of short passes in the opponent third and has now claimed a throw-in near the corner flag.
  • 40'
    Eric and Waheed links up well to go on a move, but the Liberian spends too much time on the ball and loses it after some moments.
  • 38'
    PENALTY SHOUT DENIED! The visiting team seems furious after Sunil Chhetri goes down in the penalty box after a challenge from Bello. That looked like a soft challenge though.
  • 37'
    CHANCE! Rooney gets the ball on the left side of the box and cuts in to get the better of Deepak, and takes a good shot on goal. Jayanta saves it well and the ball falls to Beikho on the rebound, but the diminutive midfielder is deemed offside.
  • 36'
    Both the teams have failed to invade into the opponent box and no clear-cut goal-scoring opportunity has been created. Drab and scrappy affair, this has been.
  • 34'
    Keegan played a good ball into the box from the left, but Jayanta comes out well to parry away the danger.
  • 32'
    Eric Brown fails to control a ball after a good through ball from Waheed, as his first touch lets him down and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick.
  • 30'
    Now, Rafique has claimed a free-kick on the other end of the pitch, this time from the flanks, but the delivery is poor and is cleared straight away by Johnson.
  • 28'
    Nothing comes out of the free-kick though but the plan was perfect and non-trivial. The execution involved a string of passes among the three players lining up for the kick, but a pass went wrong from Rooney and the brilliant move was spoiled.
  • 26'
    FOUL! Bengaluru has a free-kick from a dangerous position here after Beikho is brought down by Asif at the edge of the box.
  • 24'
    John Menyongar is trying hard, but his usual glide with the ball has not been seen yet. Now, Eric and Rafique links up well to build a patient move, but Waheed opts to take a shot himself rather than playing a pass to Asif on the right. The shot also went wide.
  • 22'
    SubstitutionRobin Singh Beikhokhei Beingaichho
  • 22'
    Robin's nightmares in Kalyani continue as he limps off and Beikho come sin his place. Sean Rooney will probably be now playing as the central forward.
  • 21'
    Yellow Card Mohammed Rafique
  • 20'
    20 minutes into the game and none of the teams have been able to dominate it. United has been the better side by a slender margin.
  • 19'
    Yellow Card Robin Singh
  • 18'
    Now, Robin has kicked Hassan probably on the head in an aerial duel. The stirker has been warned by the Tripura official, while on the other end, Rafique re-enters the field after spending some time out.
  • 16'
    Rafique has been very vibrant for the home side ut now injures himself after going on a one-on-one with Pawan Kumar. On the sidelines, Robin Singh has also been receiving treatment.
  • 14'
    Bengaluru has a free-kick from the midfield and the ball goes out for a corner after Rafique's back-head. Nothing happens from the flag-kick as Sunil's intellugent pass at the edge of the box was intercepted by Waheed before Rooney could reach it.
  • 12'
    After some work by Waheed on the opponent third, Curtis Osano claims the ball and eventually Rooney got hold of it. He plays a neat one-two with Robin and then goes on to take a shot from distance, but the contact was not perfect and it goes out for a goal-kick.
  • 10'
    Westwood had a small spat with Rafique, after the United player refused to hand over the ball for an opponent throw-in. The referee interferes and the match is on again!
  • 8'
    Sean Rooney tried to change flanks and play a long ball to Rino on the right and the pass was a bad one and the ball goes out frokm the sidelines.
  • 6'
    Rafique had a good run down the right before failing to place the cross into the box. On the break, Robin gets the better of Dhanchandra, but the ball goes out in the process.
  • 5'
    Both the teams have refrained from playing the long ball till now. Menyongar plays a diagonal pass to Rino on the right flank, but his delivery was tame and after a slight deflection, went straight into the goalkeeper's gloves.
  • 3'
    Menyongar tries to play a through ball into the United box, but nobody was following it and it goes straight into the hands of Jayanta.
  • 2'
    A bit of frantic start, as Bengaluru claims an early free-kick, but Rino loses the ball straight away. Waheed plays the ball to Rafique on the right, but Sunil was alert and clears the ball for a throw-in.
  • 1'
    As Raktim Saha blows the whistle, we are off!
  • This is Atanu Mitra, ready to take you through the live action for the next 90 minutes. No TV telecast of the game, so this remains your only way to be updated with the action. Stay tuned!
  • The players are coming on to the turf and the pre-match handshakes are going on. We are minutes away from the action here!
  • The owner's son of Bengaluru FC is present at the press-box and that may also work as an added motivation for the side.
  • All other relegation battlers will look with eager anticipation for the result of the match. The league contenders will not be any exception either as they will hope that the leaders drop some points here!
  • Another very very low turn-out in United's home game. However, I can see a few student of an engineering college attending the match in their uniforms and that's a good sign!
  • United are fresh from a 0-4 drubbing against Rangdajied and Subrata Bhattacharya has made wholesale changes to his side. Jayanta Paul replaces Sangram Mukherjee between the sticks while Jayanta Sen and Tapan Maity have been dropped in favour of Mohammed Asif and Anupam Sarkar.
  • Only one change for the away side as Beikhokhei has been dropped with Robin Singh making his way in. Remember, Bengaluru had their first taste of defeat in the I-League ever in this venue and Robin had scored an own goal in that match. Can he make amends today?
  • Bengaluru FC: Pawan Kumar, Rino Anto, Curtis Osano, John Johnson, Keegan Pereira, Thoi Singh, John Menyongar, Siam Hanghal, Sean Rooney, Sunil Chhetri, Robin Singh.
  • United Sports Club: Jayanta Paul, Deepak Mondal, Bello Rasaq, Anupam Sarkar, Dhanachandra Singh, Hassan, Souvik Chakraborti, Asif Mohammed, Mohammed Rafique, Adekunle Waheed, Eric Brown.
  • We have the line-ups here in the press-box and without further ado, here they go!
  • Bengaluru, who are sitting on the top position in the league table, will try to replicate their brilliant home form against the Purple Brigade. The home side, on the other hand are on a 9-match winless streak in the league and another loss today will put them in greater trouble in the relegation fight.
  • Hello and welcome to Goal’s live coverage of the I-League as United Sports Club is ready to lock horns with Bengaluru FC in a vital clash today.