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  • 12 January 2013
  • • 15:45
  • • Duler Stadium, Mapusa

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME: Sporting Clube de Goa 1-2 Prayag United SC
  • 90'
    Two minutes added time
  • 89'
    Victorino shoots wide
  • 87'
    CLOSE!!!! Joyner Lourenco's cross was just about missed by Victorino Fernandes right in front of Prayag United keeper Sangram Mukherjee who held his nerve to make a comfortable catch
  • 86'
    Any more goals. Any guesses what the Full Time score is going to be?
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Bello Rasaq
  • 77'
    Goal Bello Rasaq
    GOOOAAALLL!!! Well placed free-kick goal scored by Bello Rasaq
  • 76'
    SubstitutionJovel Martins Joseph Pereira
  • 76'
    Adil Khan brings down Ranti Martins just outside the Sporting box
  • 75'
    CHANCE!!! Kalu's cross to Victorino Fernandes, but the Sporting substitute shoots way wide
  • 74'
    A number of changes so far employed by both coaches in hopes of somehow getting another goal
  • 73'
    SubstitutionSeiya Sugishita Victorino Fernandes
  • 69'
    SubstitutionMackroy Peixote Stephen Barretto
  • 69'
    SubstitutionC. Hernández Kayne Vincent
  • 66'
    Hernandez blasts wide from afar
  • 64'
    On the other side, Ranti blasts wide a pass from Lalkamal
  • 64'
    Good defending by Rasaq to dispossess Sugishita inside the Prayag United box after the Japanese was playing in by Kalu
  • 61'
    SubstitutionLestor Fernandes Tapan Maity
  • 58'
    It's been a precautious last few minutes now
  • 52'
    I'm still unclear how exactly that goal happened, rather was allowed to
  • 48'
    Goal Ranti Martins
    GOOOAALLL!!!! What was going on in Keita Boubacar's mind to leave the ball like that?! Ranti Martins making the best of the defensive lapse as the sneaked in and slotted the ball past Sporting keeper Ashok Singh
  • 46'
    Second half
  • HALF-TIME: Sporting Clube de Goa 1-0 Prayag United SC
  • 45' + 1'
    Yellow Card Lalkamal Bhowmick
  • 45' + 1'
    Careless lunge by Lalkamal on Kalu
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 44'
    Mackroy shoots wide!
  • 41'
    Prayag United substitute Shylo Malswamtulunga forces a save from Ashok Singh as Joyner Lourenco clears the remains
  • 38'
    Now a free-kick for Prayag United who get a chance to move the ball ahead
  • 38'
    Shirodkar wins a corner for Sporting as his shot comes off Gouramangi
  • 35'
    SubstitutionShankar Oraon Shylo Malswamtulunga
  • 34'
    The Sporting players look to be easily dealt with by the opponent's back-line, although the home side are in thanks to an opportunitistic goal scored by Kalu
  • 31'
    CHANCE PUT DOWN!!!! A misspass by Lester Fernandez was picked by Adil Khan, who releases Sugishita upfront, but the ball was eventually lost out in the Prayag United defense as Asif K. effected the clearance
  • 29'
    No danger from the resultant corner
  • 28'
    SAVE!!! Oraon slips the ball towards Hernandez whose right-footer was tipped above the horizontal by Sporting keeper Ashok Singh
  • 28'
    The game is expectedly turning a bit more intense now
  • 26'
    A couple of off-sides for Sugishita
  • 22'
    Goal Ogba Kalu Nnanna
    GOOOAAALL!!!! Pratesh Shirodkar's free-kick got deflected against Lalkamal Bhomick while Ogba Kalu Nnanna blasts the rebound home
  • 21'
    Free-kick for Sporting in a good position
  • 19'
    It's been a good battle in the visitor's defensive line, but the Prayag United citadel is living up to expectations
  • 18'
    Sporting Goa not able to do much with their two corners and a throw-in from the last two minutes
  • 15'
    Mackroy Peixoto shoots wide
  • 13'
    Dhanachandra to the rescue again as the Prayag United defender snatches the ball from the possession of Jovel Martins who was played into the box by Pratesh Shirodkar
  • 12'
    The players are back on their feet
  • 9'
    Lester Fernandez visions Sankar Oraon close to the Sporting box, but the Prayag United player clashes with the rival keeper Ashok Singh before the ball could be cleared away by Kalu Ogba
  • 7'
    Asif leading the attack on the other side, pass to Hernandez who in turn releases Ranti Martins. Week shot by the Nigerian which also goes wide
  • 5'
    CLOSE CALL!!! Adil Khan powers ahead with the ball and squares it to Seiya Sugishita, whose shot is blocked by Lalkamal Bhowmick. The rebound falls back for Khan, but Rasaq clears the same in time
  • 4'
    Joseph's cross cleared by Dhanachandra
  • 3'
    Over and above the bar
  • 2'
    Free-kick for Prayag United... Hernandez on it
  • 1'
  • Moments away from kick-off
  • Sporting Clube de Goa: Ashok (gk), Mathew (c), Adil, Boubacar, Kalu, Sugishita, Jovel, Shirodkar, Mackroy, Joyner, Rovan

    Prayag United SC: Sangram (gk), Dhanachandra, Rasaq, Lalkamal, Ranti, Hernandez, Deepak (c), Gouramangi, Asif, Lester, Oraon