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  • 6 November 2013
  • • 17:30
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya

Live Commentary

  • Paul named the most valuable player of the match. This was Nabarun Goswami covering the match for in Shillong
  • Shillong Lajong undoubtedly proved to be a more dominant team in the second half as they created several chances. Credit also goes to Lajong custodian Shilton Paul who has been consistent throughout the season. a well fought encounter between the oldest club in India and the first one from North east to make it to the big league
  • 90' + 5'
    its lajong 1 Mohun Bagan 1 as the final whistle is heard
  • 90' + 4'
    Uilliams thorws it in Taisuke tries to reach for it but rival defenders take control
  • 90' + 3'
    throw in for Lajong from near the corner
  • 90' + 2'
    Play bak to the midfield as bagan try to make a last ditch effort but Lajong take possesion
  • 90' + 1'
    Difficult to keep Uilliams out of play
  • 90'
    uilliams advances from the left flank again well marked by adil and denson, Uillaims spot a loop in defense and curls it towards the net but well intercepted at goal mouth
  • 89'
    And it can be safely said that Lajong proved to be a better side towards the later part of second half
  • 89'
    Just minutes away from the end of play now
  • 88'
    Minchol upto the mark heads off an incoming volley from inside thebox
  • 87'
    Play back to the midfield
  • 87'
    Shaiju comes in for Zakeer as Bagan make a change
  • 86'
    SubstitutionZakeer Mundampara Shaiju Mon
  • 86'
    seems to be Sabeeth
  • 85'
    Another injury issue as one of theb Bagan players goes down in the midfield
  • 84'
    Earlier in the 79 min Subash got a cross from the right and went past his marker to head one but Paul rescued Bagan....
  • 83'
    Its clearly lajong dominating in the last 10 minutes or so
  • 81'
    Glen, Uilliams , taisuke, Subahs all chipping in for Lajong now, Denson and Pritam striving hard to restore parity
  • 80'
    Oh What a save! Shilton Paul pulls up a stunner diving to his right after Subash looked to head in one on the right from almost 6 yards away
  • 78'
    momentum now clearly in Lajong's favour another Uilliam left footer from the right saved by Paul
  • 76'
    Uilliams in action again after being spotted at 30 yards Uilliams takes a shot hits it just over the post
  • 75'
    uilliams takes a free kick from the right , saved
  • 74'
    Third corner kick Keeper punches the ball away
  • 74'
    Corner headed out Uilliams takes the second one Minchol heads it in Paul just manages to keep it outside the line
  • 73'
    Mialn from the right spots Taisuke at the mouth of the box...Taisuke dribbles past Adil and denson to take a shot from the right ....brilliant save by Shilton who dived to his left
  • 72'
    Bagan maintain posssesion now Pritam aims for sabeeth from the right flank but ball out of play
  • 71'
    Haokip displays skills on the midfield
  • 70'
    CHANCE gone down for bagan, good work by Vinay this time
  • 69'
    Shin on the run sabeeth spotted outside the advancing Sabeeth takes a shot with Vinay advancing, ball clips the goalie togo over
  • 68'
    Milan in the thick of action again...but possesion back to bagan Yusa with the ball well intercepted by lajong defenders
  • 66'
    Action back to the midfield again
  • 65'
    Free for Lajong Uilliams with the kick on the right hits at the box bounces back from the wall, Milan steps in fires one just wide of the nets on the right....CHANCE goes down
  • 63'
    Haokip to Milan on the left flank, Milan spots Subash who runs in from the far left crosses one almost at the goal mouth but well intercepted by rival defender
  • 62'
    all of a sudden the action seems to have steamed up in the match
  • 62'
    Bagn counter attack but Lajong defenders and goalie on their toes
  • 61'
    Milan fires in straight to the safe handsof Shilton
  • 60'
    free kick for lajong from outside the box as Milan takes the kick Glen fouled against
  • 60'
    One of the stars of last match Subash Singh comes in for Lajong
  • 59'
    SubstitutionManish Bhargav Adil Ahmed Khan
  • 59'
    SubstitutionSeikhohao Tuboi Subhash Singh
  • 59'
    Play back to midfield
  • 57'
    Uilliams in action again advances from the right flank tries to pick Glen who isbrought down just inside the box
  • 56'
    Uilliams on the run from the right Kinshuk and Denson maintain pace Kinshuk makes a diving tackle to restore parity
  • 54'
    Haokip plays a long ball from the right parried by rival defender but possesion back to Lajong as Glen spotted at 30 yards away, the Trinindad international fires one to send Shilton diving on the right as the ball goes out of play
  • 53'
    Denson it was.. now back toaction
  • 52'
    Decides to paly a short ball play back to midfield...Bagan player down on the midfield
  • 52'
    Goal kick for shilton
  • 50'
    haokip with the free kick headed with comfort by rival defender Taisuke takes another jab at the ball but hits it far wide on the right
  • 49'
    Lajong try to build up from the midfield Haokip fouled against free kick
  • 48'
    Action on the midfield as Minchol in the thick of action
  • 47'
    Taisuke has now come in for Lajong after missing the last match
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJacob Lalrawngbawla Taisuke Matsugane
  • 46'
    SubstitutionShankar Oraon Aibor Khongjee
  • 46'
    start of play after break
  • Uilliams on the run from the right surrounded by three defenders Uilliams advances crosses one at the goal mouth but deflected by rival defender
  • 45' + 2'
    Red Card Jibon Singh
  • 45' + 2'
    play back to the midfield
  • 45' + 1'
    Yellow Card Cornell Glen
  • 45' + 1'
    Referee steps in pushes the players an da red card for Jibon
  • 45' + 1'
    Referee steps in pushes the players an da red card for Jibon
  • 45'
    Its really a sad sight as players of both teams get involved in a tussle
  • 45'
    And an altercation on the field as Glen pushes Yusa down
  • 44'
    Play back to the midfield again as we head towards the end of first half
  • 43'
    Lajong just gave away the advantage to their Kolkata rivals
  • 42'
    Sloppy work by the Lajong custodian there
  • 42'
    Vinay hardly moved as the ball almost gently rolled inside at the far left corner of the nets
  • 40'
    Goal Zakeer Mundampara
    OH its a GOAL for bagan ....Manish crosses one to Sabeeth who gives it back to Zakir 30 yards away , Zakirs shot catches Vinay unawraes
  • 39'
    With this goal Glen becomes the highest scorer for Lajong in all I-League seasons so far
  • 39'
    Glen's low kick towards the right keeps the keeper guessing
  • 38'
    Penalty Goal Cornell Glen
    And its a GOAL
  • 38'
    Glen to tke the penalty from the spot
  • 36'
    Yellow/Red E. Anyichie
  • 36'
    Uilliams runs in dangerously moves inside the box but brought down at around 8 yards from the nets,,,penalty given
  • 35'
    Glen can hardly make a move as he is well marked by kinshuk and Denson
  • 34'
    Yusa with the shot, well negotiated by Lajong defenders as play back to midfield
  • 33'
    Yusa kicks in well stoppe by Milan ...Yusa gets the rebound free kick again as Milan fouls
  • 33'
    another corner for Bagan Yusa to take the kick
  • 32'
    Sabeeth well marked by Minchol on the right
  • 32'
    Minchol and company kept busy as Vinay remains watchful too
  • 31'
    all of a sudden bagan seemed to have slightly stepped up the attack
  • 30'
    Now Shiuvik spots Yusa from the right flank and crosses one, Yusa advances dangerously but well intercepted by Minchol just at the 20 yard mark
  • 29'
    Yusa falls short of company at the Lajong half as play back to midfield
  • 29'
    Super fast Yusa on the run again surrounded by Passah and company
  • 28'
    play back to midfield
  • 28'
    Vinay dives to the far left to hand over a corner...throw in by Bagn but safekly negotiated by Lajong
  • 27'
    free kick for Yusa from more than 30 yards, Yusa fires it in but a diving save by Vinay
  • 26'
    Yellow Card Wailadmi Passah
  • 26'
    Yusa on the run again fouled by Passah
  • 25'
    Bagan defenders dangerously with the ball in their half
  • 25'
    Throw in for Lajong from the right
  • 25'
    [object Object]
  • 23'
    Yellow Card E. Anyichie
  • 22'
    goal kick for Shilton
  • 20'
    Zakeer, Denson , Jacon all in the thick of action on the bagan half
  • 19'
    Throw in for bagan Manish spotted but well tackled by lajong defenders
  • 18'
    Yusa had made a good run from the midfield
  • 17'
    Yusa makes a good run croses it to an advancing sabeeth but Vinay steps in to sweep the ball before sabeeth could reach for it
  • 16'
    Free kick again as lalawmzuala brought down by Sabeeth
  • 16'
    Free kick for Lajong
  • 13'
    Shouvik gives a long ball to Yusa from the right but well intercepted by Passah who roleld the ball out of play
  • 13'
    Not a real energetic start from both the sides
  • 12'
    play back to midfield
  • 10'
    Play back to bagan half Uilliams spots Glen inside the box, taps one but Glen brought down by rival defender
  • 10'
    Throw in now from near right corner of the Lajong half for Bagan zakeer with the ball well intercepted by Son
  • 9'
    Throw in for Bagan Zakeer and Echezona flirt with the ball on their half
  • 8'
    Glen well marked by kinshuk and company
  • 6'
    First chance for Mohun Bagan, a dangerously looking cross from the right flank headed out by Passah
  • 6'
    jacob lokks to make inroasds but surrounded by rival defenders gives away possesion
  • 4'
    goal-kick by Vinay play on the midfield , Uilliams looks to break free but well intercepted
  • 3'
    Katsumi in the thick of action in the midfield surrounded by Lajong markers
  • 3'
    Milan takes a free kick from midfield, long ball swept by Paul
  • 1'
    Mohun bagan look to start on an note but Lajong up to the mark
  • 1'
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  • 1'
    Start of play 
  • moments away now from the start of play
  • Players from both the temas walk into the field for the FIFA anthem to the cheer of the crowd
  • The good news for the hosts is that Trinidad and tobago international Cornell Glen is back in the squad for today's game
  • We have the squads here Lajong: vinay, Passah, Minchol, Lalawmzuala, Milan, haokip, Tuboi, Uilliams, Glen, Jibon, JacobMohun Bagan: Paul, Kotal,Echezona, Kinshuk Shouvik, Denson,Katsumi, Zakeer, Manish, Sabeeth, Sankar,  
  • It should be a cracker of a tie with hosts Lajong fresh from a home win against an in-form Mohammedan Sporting here and Mohun bagan on the other hand would also be desperately looking to scale the standings sooner than later.
  • Hello and welome to's live coverage of the I-League match between Shillong Lajong FC and Mohun Bagan at the JN Stadium Shillong