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  • 2 November 2013
  • • 16:30
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 5'
    Uilliams named man of the match
  • 90' + 5'
    Finally it is here the first home win for the Reds. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, this is Nabarun Goswami for in Shillong.
  • 90' + 5'
    the stadium erupts in joy, a well deserved win by a fighting Lajong side who missed the services of some key players coming into this crucial home match
  • 90' + 5'
    lajong win
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Chhakchhuak Lallawmzuala
  • 90' + 2'
    Lajong have undoubtedly dominated in the last 10 minutes ot so
  • 90'
    Brilliant run by Subash from the right flank, corossess one beautifully to Haokip in the box, Haokip hits it just wide of the right post
  • 90'
    Brilliant run by Subash from the right flank, corossess one beautifully to Haokip in the box, Haokip hits it just wide of the right post
  • 90'
    Brilliant run by Subash from the right flank, corossess one beautifully to Haokip in the box, Haokip hits it just wide of the right post
  • 90'
    Boithang takes the kick from outside the box. OH just hit wide of the post on the right
  • 89'
    Yellow Card Luciano Sabrosa
  • 89'
    Subash breezes in from the left flank Luciano fouls . yellow card shoe=wn by referee
  • 88'
    Its almost impossible to keep Uiliams out of the match today, the lajong striker runs into the box only to hit it wide of the post on the right
  • 87'
    Lajong have to be in their toes now as memories of last match against Churchill where they conceded a last minute goal would be in the back of their mind
  • 86'
    play back in the midfield
  • 84'
    Lajong in the attack, Haokip dribbles past Md Sporting defender from the left flank to spot Subash inside the box. Subash taps one beating the goalie but Md sporting defender steps in to deny the manipur player
  • 82'
    Md Sporting make another change, Manish Maithani in for Sandeep sangha
  • 81'
    SubstitutionSandeep Sangha Manish Maithani
  • 81'
    Uilliams scores brace today
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Sandeep Sangha
  • 80'
    Its Lajong 2 Md Sporting 1
  • 79'
    lajong step up attack
  • 78'
    Uilliamns shot hits the far far corner of the post as the home crowd erupts with chants of Lajong Lajong
  • 76'
    Uillimas curls it in from the right flank with the left foot as rival custodian fails to make contact with the ball despite a full stretch dive
  • 75'
    Goal Uilliams Bomfin
    throw in for lajong, Uilliams spotted on the right flank, Oh what a shot , its a GOAL
  • 74'
    Md Sporting step up attack, Tolgay makes a run from the left flank spots Gurung inside the box, but well intercepted by lajong defenders
  • 73'
    Both teams still competing on equal footing
  • 72'
    This was the first yellow for a Lajong player in this match
  • 70'
    yellow card for Boithang for a foul against Pen Orji
  • 69'
    interceoted by Md Sporting as Josimar makes a swift run into the opposition half only to be stopped by the referee who called for an off side
  • 68'
    Jibon Singh with a throw in for Lajong,
  • 67'
    Over 7000 people have dropped in for the crucial encounter today
  • 66'
    SubstitutionKhanthang Paite Ajay Singh
  • 66'
    Md sporting make another change, bring in Ajay singh for Paite
  • 63'
    Both sides still display vitality on the pitch despite being in the 63rd minute of the game
  • 61'
    SubstitutionSeikhohao Tuboi Redeem Tlang
  • 61'
    Redeem Tlang in for Tuboi as Lajong make a change
  • 60'
    Yellow Card Boithang Haokip
  • 59'
    Md Sporting counter attack, Tolgay with the ball but well intercepted again by Passah inside the box
  • 57'
    Lajong in the attack as Subash makes a good run into the box, hi header comes back to Ashok Singh who is caught casual. Subash races for the ball again but hits it on the side of the net
  • 56'
    SubstitutionIshfaq Ahmed Israil Gurung
  • 56'
    Isreal Gurung in for Isfaq Ahmed as Mohammedan make a change
  • 55'
    Md Sporting regain possesion, Passah makes his presence felt again as he restricts the advancing Tolgay
  • 54'
    Md Sporting Lajong on the run, Uilliams crosses one to subash on the left, the latter looses control to hand over a throw in to Md Sporting
  • 52'
    well intercepted by Md Sporting defenders play back to the midfield
  • 52'
    Earn a throw in form the right corner
  • 51'
    play back in the midfield, infact Lajong into the attack now
  • 50'
    brilliantly done by Passah
  • 48'
    Tolgay fires a cross from the left Passah dives in to kick the ball out of play
  • 48'
    Md Spooting in the attack Tolgay breezes in from the right flank as Minchol desperately looks to mark him
  • 47'
    Lajong substitute Hmar with Jacob
  • 46'
    SubstitutionLalramluaha Hmar Jacob Lalrawngbawla
  • 46'
    play resumes
  • 45' + 2'
    half time
  • 45' + 1'
    Md Sporting with the corner now, Vinay rushes out to punch the ball, misses, Tolgey heads the ball wide
  • 45'
    lajong custodian Vinay Singh grabs the ball anxiously
  • 45'
    josimar looking dangerous again, makes a good run from the left flank, crosses a volley to Tolgey who mistimes a header
  • 44'
    play back in the midfield, disappointment for home side who, it can be said gave away the advantage
  • 41'
    The in form Brazilain makes no mistalke and strolls the ball home muh to the dismay of the home crowd who are stunned to silence
  • 41'
    major defensive lapse by Lajong, mistake in Lajong's half hands ovr the ball to tolgay who spots Josimar open on the left.
  • 40'
    Goal Josimar
    Md Sporting counter attack as ball finds Josimar who in no time runs into the box to steer the ball wide of the goalie
  • 39'
    Minchol back in action to the cheers of the crowd
  • 38'
    Lajong continue to invade into the Md Sporting half keeping the defenders their toes
  • 37'
    Play back into the midfield
  • 35'
    Yellow Card Tolgay Ozbey
  • 35'
    now yellow card fr Tolgay
  • 34'
    Minchol injured, concern for Lajong
  • 32'
    Penalty Goal Uilliams Bomfin
    GOAL, penalty taken by Uilliams
  • 32'
    the home team on the lead after Uilliams fires a left footer to make a spectator out of the rival custodian
  • 30'
    Uilliams' shot bounces back from the defenders , the Lajong striker jabs again to find Subash, handball by Md Sporting inside the box
  • 29'
    Free kick now for Lajong, Uilliams to take the strike
  • 28'
    Play back in the midfield as Uiliiams back in action again volleys one to Subash on the left flank but the Lajong no 10 is unable to hold on to it
  • 26'
    OH! Uilliams goes down inside the box as rival defenders restore parity
  • 26'
    Uilliams on the run from the midfield dribbles past three Md Sporting defenders, rushes inside the box just six yards away from the post
  • 25'
    Minchol especially has marked Josimar well, denying much room to the in form Md sporting striker
  • 24'
    Both teams equally up to the task so far and the hosts have done well to keep at bay the likes of Josimar and Tolgay
  • 22'
    Yellow Card Rakesh Masih
  • 22'
    Yellow card for Md Sporting's Rakesh Masih for a bad tackle against Uilliams
  • 21'
    Minchol taking that extra responsibility today.
  • 20'
    With temperatures dipping in Shillong, the home team could have an advantage as the match heads further
  • 20'
    Both sides display energy in the midfield
  • 19'
    Md Sporting take possession now
  • 18'
    Boithang takes the kick but well intercepted by Md sporting defenders
  • 17'
    frre kick for Lajong from outside the box on the left flank s Masih fouls against Subash
  • 16'
    Josimar makes a move forward but is well marked but Minchol son
  • 16'
    play back to midfield now
  • 15'
    An excellent corner kick from Uiliiams but Md Sporting defenders uptto the mark inside the box
  • 14'
    And yet another corner, the crowd gets excited now
  • 13'
    Another corner awarded to Lajong, can they make better us of this one?
  • 12'
    Corner for lajong as Md Sporting defender heads a volley out of play
  • 9'
    Lajong on the attack again, ball sent forward to Tuboi inside the box. Tuboi fails to control as the ball goes out of play
  • 8'
    Subash misses a golden opportunity to take the Reds into the lead
  • 7'
    Subash jabs it straight and a brilliant save by Md sporting goalie
  • 7'
    Now lajong intrudes into the opposition half, Tuboi on the run from the left flank, gives an excellent cross to Subash in the box
  • 5'
    Md Sporting is already testing Lajong;s back line
  • 3'
    Josimar lofts the ball only to miss the far left corner of the posts
  • 3'
    Josimar almost scores of a lapse in defense from lajong Jibon Singh
  • 1'
    Minchol marks Md Sporting striker Josimar in the Lajong half
  • 1'
    and the start of play, Md Sporting maintains possesion in their half
  • just moments away form the start of play here in Shillong
  • Hosts Lajong, still looking for that elusive home win this season have an uphill task ahead against an in form Md Sporting who recently showed what they are capable of against Sporting Clube de Goa in their last outing. Lajong's problems are compounded by the fact that the Reds will in all likelihood miss the services of their main striker, Cornell Glen and midfield mainstay Taisuke.  
  • Hello and welcome to's live coverage of the Round 8 I-League math between Shillong Lajong FC and Md Sporting at the jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong.