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  • 22 March 2014
  • • 17:00
  • • Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco da Gama, Goa

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME: Salgaocar FC 0-0 United Sports Club
  • 90'
    SubstitutionBiswajit Biswas Bivas Sarkar
  • 90'
    Three minutes added time
  • 87'
    SubstitutionMohammed Rafique Asif Kottayil
  • 87'
    United SC will be placed in the 10th spot on account of goal difference as three teams will be tied on 21 points and hence the goal difference will come into play as compared to head-to-head
  • 86'
    With a draw over here, Salgaocar will remain second with 34 points from 20 matches while United Sports Club will have 21 points from 20 matches alongside Rangdajied United and Mohun Bagan
  • 84'
    SubstitutionFrancis Fernandes Brian Mascarenhas
  • 83'
    SAVE!!!! Abhijit Das dives low to his right to keep out Wali's header off Freiman's free-kick
  • 82'
    Possession continues to swap. Salgaocar have another free-kick. Freiman stands over the ball
  • 80'
    Mandal is okay and play resumes
  • 79'
    Freiman whips it in and OUCH!!! Foschini lands a kick in Deepak Mandal's face in an attempt to connect to the free-kick
  • 78'
    Dhanachandra brings down Dudu and Salgaocar have a free-kick on the right side
  • 76'
    Rafique earns a corner for United SC on the other side
  • 75'
    Aimless crosses by Rosario
  • 75'
    ROSARIO!!! Disappoints for the second time when all he had to do is find a green shirt across the rival team's goalmouth
  • 74'
    Meanwhile Salgaocar and United Sports are still struggling to create clear cut chances here
  • 71'
    An update on the Chelsea-Arsenal game - Hazard converted from the spot to give The Blues a three goal advantage while Gibbs is sent off!
  • 68'
    SubstitutionClifton Dias Freiman Mauricio Peixoto
  • 66'
    A scramble of passes between a couple of purple shirts but Salgaocar eventually break out on the counter. However, they do not get far either
  • 64'
    No chances in the second half created by either of the teams here at Tilak Maidan
  • 61'
    If you think this match is boring, consider Chelsea garnering a two-goal lead over Arsenal in seven minutes!
  • 58'
    The battle in the midfield is getting a bit more intense
  • 57'
    SubstitutionBikash Jairu Rosario Mendes
  • 56'
    There's a substitution on the cards
  • 54'
    Not much flair and action on display by both teams today
  • 52'
    CHANCE!!! Dudu manages to shrug off his marker and puts a cross in and Duffy's header is rather directed straight in the hands of Abhijit Das
  • 50'
    Derrick Pereira is desperately urging his players to move ahead
  • 48'
    Salgaocar are really not in their own in this match so far. Can they make ammends in the second half, or will the visitors from Kolkata take the match away?
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Salgaocar FC 0-0 United Sports Club
  • 45'
    One minute added time
  • 44'
    Good fllick by Abhijit Das to divert a Jairu cross wide of Dudu who was vying for the same
  • 42'
    SAVE!!! This time it's Abhijit Das who effects the save against a shot on the turn by Duffy who received a pass in the box by Jairu
  • 40'
    SAVE!!! Although it was an off-side for Adekunle, Karanjit still manages to tip away a shot by the United SC striker
  • 38'
    It does't look as if there's gonna be a goal in the first half. Any bets?
  • 34'
    Deepak Mandal shoots wide from the right
  • 33'
    SAVE!!! Another good save by Karanjit to tip wide a shot by Brown
  • 32'
    Adekunle tries to cross in and Wali heads it wide
  • 29'
    The battle in the midfield is not yet bearing fruits for both the coaches who are firing instructions from their technical areas
  • 26'
    United SC have a couple of corners and Dhanachandra heads wide one of those taken by Eric Brown
  • 24'
    Dhanachandra blocks off Dudu after the Nigerian had a touch on the ball. No goals as yet. Who will score first?
  • 22'
    SAVE!!! Top class goalkeeping by Karanjit Singh who thwarts at a shot on goal by Mohammed Rafique from the right
  • 20'
    The ball has only occasionally rolled in the Salgaocar half in the last few minutes as the home team is dominating play at the moment
  • 18'
    Augustin heads a Jairu corner wide!
  • 17'
    The Greens are using the flanks well as Oliveira shifts play from left to right. Jairu's cross is claimed well in the air by Ahijit Das
  • 14'
    CHANCE!!! On the other end. First real chance for Salgoacar as Duffy is released in the box by a crisp pass. However, United SC goalkeeper Abhijit Das comes off his line to deflect the Scot's shot wide
  • 13'
    CHANCE!!! Adekunle sidesteps his marker to find Biswajit in the box, but the latter's shot on target was blocked by a sliding tackle by Foschini
  • 12'
    The game is moving from end to end but either sides not able to make the best of their moves
  • 8'
    SAVE!!! Good shot by Biswajit from the left side of the Salgaocar box which is parried wide by Karanjit diving to his left
  • 5'
    United leading an attack of the their own, although Rafique and Adekunle put the ball in the hands of the rival custodian Karanjit Singh who has been in immaculate form lately
  • 4'
    Jairu slips past Deepak Mandal on the left and crosses in. United SC goalkeeper stretches to push the ball out before Biswajit clears the remains
  • 1'
  • Maybe a few moments...
  • Another five minutes of delay has been confirmed. Kick-off expected at 5.10 pm
  • Meanwhile, Subrata Bhattacharya made three changes to his side Biswajit Biswas, Sukhen Dey and Abhijit Das in place of Anupam Sarkar, Asif Kotayil and Hasan Al Moustafa.
  • Francis Fernandes returned to the first eleven for the Goans after starting on the bench against Dempo SC while Rahul Kumar is ruled out injured.
  • United Sports Club however faced an excruciating defeat at the hands of the league leaders Bengaluru FC at home in their previous game and lie low in the relegation zone.
  • Salgaocar will be looking to continue their tremendous winning streak of five games. The Greens are coming on the back of a morale boosting derby win over rivals Dempo SC in a game where they displayed resilience in not allowing the opposition to score.
  • The Ten crew have announced a five minutes delay in kick-off
  • United SC XI: Abhijit, Deepak, Rasaq, Dhanachandra, Sukhen, Rafique, Jayanta, Souvik, Biswajit, Adekunle, Brown
  • Salgaocar FC XI: Karanjit (gk), Foschini, Wali, Augustin, Oliveira, Lamare, Clifton, Jairu, Francis, Dudu, Duffy
  • I'm Anselm Noronha, your host seated at the Tilak Maidan in Vasco
  • Hello and welcome to the Live text commentary of the match between Salgaocar FC and United Sports Club