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  • 1 December 2013
  • • 15:30
  • • Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco da Gama, Goa

Live Commentary

  • The only goalscorer of the evening, Kalu is adjudged as the "most valuable player"
  • FULL TIME: Salgaocar FC 0-1 Sporting Clube de Goa
  • 90' + 4'
    SubstitutionBoima Karpeh Victorino Fernandes
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Rovan Pereira
  • 90' + 2'
    Augustin heads to Ravi Kumar off a Salgaocar set-piece. Pereira's men have just not been clinical in front of goal today
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionMauvin Borges Rovan Pereira
  • 90'
    Five minutes added time
  • 90'
    Sporting defenders Devrani and Rojen Singh clearing out everything that's coming inside the box
  • 88'
    CLOSE!!!! Karpeh did everything right in brushing aside the challenge put in by Wali after picking a pass by Mathew Gonsalves at the half-way line but his shot comes off the post after it had already beaten Karanjit
  • 87'
    WIDE!!!! Karpeh sends a diving header wide from Kalu's cross from the right
  • 86'
    A nicely visioned long ball by Augustin to Milagres, but the latter gives away the possession cheaply
  • 84'
    Salgaocar have used used all their three substitutions for the evening
  • 83'
    SubstitutionFulganco Cardozo Bali Gagandeep
  • 82'
    WHAT A MISS!!!! Kalu taps wide from inside the box with Karanjit Singh no where close after a cross was put in by Karpeh from the right
  • 81'
    Among some other results in the 12th round of the I-League, Rangdajied United register their first win beating Mohun Bagan 2-0 while Bengaluru FC beat Shillong Lajong 2-1
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Milagres Gonsalves
  • 80'
    A high foot by Milagres lands on the chest of Sporting goalie Ravi Kumar as the former was trying to trap a long ball played to him by Duffy
  • 78'
    Karpeh with another chance inside the box, but shoots wide to a challenge by Wali
  • 77'
    KARPEH!!! The Sporting striker blasts his shot on the side netting on the right
  • 76'
    Still no certain winner in this match as yet
  • 74'
    SubstitutionArturo Navarro Garcia Rojen Singh Singam
  • 73'
    KALU!!! He waiting too long to measure a shot on target after being found by Karpeh in a good position just inside the box, while Augustin Fernandes sweeps the ball away to safety
  • 71'
    Augustin heads wide from a corner taken by Foschini
  • 70'
    WHAT A MISS!!! Milagres put a week toe poke to a cross by Gilbert who was released on the right by Tsewang
  • 69'
    Milagres Gonsalves chaces a Augustin clearance but Sporting defender Mathew Gonsalves is alert to the same
  • 68'
    Another attempt...Garcia shoots wide!
  • 68'
    CHANCE!!!! Devrani directs a free header wide off a Pratesh Shirodkar free-kick from the right
  • 65'
    It could have been termed as three chances in all, in that one move made by Salgaocar
  • 64'
    CHANCE!!! Sporting goalkeeper Ravi Kumar comes off his line to sweep the ball off the feet of Karma Tsewang, as Milagres takes the ball wide to the right and tries to find the far post. The ball comes off the Sporting back line and Oliveira shoots wide!
  • 63'
    Milagres is tackled well by Gonzalo
  • 62'
    Karpeh literally bulldozes over Nicolau Coalco...Sporting are still looking to put up a decent attack in the second half
  • 60'
    Fulganco's cross lands in the safe hands of Ravi Kumar
  • 59'
    SubstitutionFrancis Fernandes Karma Tsewang
  • 58'
    Salgaocar's second change is on the cards
  • 56'
    The ball moving from end to end, with both sides not doing enough in the attacking third. Although Salgaocar is looking the better side and have pegged Sporting on the back foot in the last couple of minutes
  • 52'
    Karpeh is flagged off-side but the Sporting striker doesn't look too happy about the decision
  • 50'
    WIDE!!!! Milagres heads wide off a Foschini cross
  • 47'
    The Australian whoops it in...judged well in the air by Ravi Kumar
  • 46'
    Yellow Card Mauvin Borges
  • 46'
    Foschini stands over the ball another Salgaocar free-kick
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Salgaocar FC 0-1 Sporting Clube de Goa
  • 45' + 1'
    Short corner taken to Francis, who crosses and Fulgaco's header straight to Kumar
  • 45'
    Three minutes added time
  • 45'
    WHAT A MESS!!!! Garcia blocks a shot on goal taken by Milagres admist a meelee while Gonzalo heads the rebound for a corner
  • 44'
    MAUVIN!!!! Fails to connect well to a pass by Garcia and Rowllin eventually shoots wide
  • 42'
    A little too ambitious cross by Mauvin
  • 41'
    Cleared away by Kalu as Sporting try to hit back on the counter
  • 40'
    Free-kick for Salgaocar on the left side as Gonzalo brings down Milagres
  • 39'
    Karpeh falls on his back side as he sends another shot straight to Karanjit
  • 37'
    So the tactical changes are still in their experimental stages for Salgaocar, which could be one of the aspects that might go against Derrick Pereira's quest to win the title this season
  • 36'
    SubstitutionBrian Mascarenhas Milagres Gonsalves
  • 35'
    Karpeh moving inside the box, but Wali cleared it
  • 33'
    A fumble by Ravi Kumar who came out to catch the ball and manages to clear it only as far as Duffy. Gonzalo stands in the way of the Salgaocar striker's shot
  • 32'
    Leads sprints in the center, finds Gilbert on the right who lobs the ball towards Duffy, but it's too high for the Scot as Devrani heads it away
  • 31'
    Salgaocar have a free-kick...Foschini stands over it...sends his shot straight to the Sporting goalkeeper Ravi Kumar...also Salgaocar's first shot on target
  • 29'
    Sporting sprawl ahead...Mauvin Borges tries to find Karpeh in the box but the ball comes off the Salgaocar defense who clear the danger
  • 26'
    Salgaocar on a counter...Fulganco on the left finding his way inside the box but his the side netting
  • 24'
    Meanwhile, talking about Sporting's first 11, Oscar Bruzon preferred to start with Deepak Devrani while relegating Cajetan Fernandes to the bench
  • 23'
    Goal Ogba Kalu Nnanna
    GOAALLL!!!! Arturo Garcia to Karpeh...relays to Kalu...and goal...the Nigerian finds his plot past Karanjit Singh this time
  • 22'
    Karanjit Singh flaps out a cross by Garcia which was floated towards Karpeh
  • 19'
    WIDE!!!! Kalu heads wide a Pratesh Shirodkar cross. Sporting are getting closer in each move they are making forward
  • 17'
    Sporting are beginning to build some momentum with Kalu, Rowllin and Devrani joining in the attack as well
  • 15'
    CLOSE!!! Good clearance by Augustin Fernandes to avert a cross from the right by Rowllin Borges in front of the on-rushing Karpeh
  • 15'
    Derrick Pereira has made two changes to his starting eleven as Fulganco Cardozo and Brian Mascarenhas have been given the nudge while Clifton Dias starts on the bench and Claude Gnakpa has been dropped from the squad
  • 13'
    Suddenly you can see Wali joining in his sides attacks and quick to fall back in the defense too
  • 11'
    Yellow Card Arturo Navarro Garcia
  • 11'
    Apparently, the penalty was given after the ball seemed to have dropped on the hand of Salgaocar's Chika Wali in the box in the defender's attempt to ward off Karpeh
  • 10'
    Penalty save Karanjit Singh
    PENALTY SAVE!!! Karanjit Singh dives to his left to block Kalu's penalty take
  • 9'
    After a discussion with his assistant, referee B. Balasubramaniam has pointed to the spot
  • 7'
    Yellow Card Chika Wali
  • 7'
    PENALTY? The referees are still making up their mind here
  • 5'
    Salgaocar midfielder Foschini is trying to build the play forward in the center of the pitch
  • 3'
    WHAT A WASTE!!!! Boima Karpeh could have given Sporting the lead already but opened up his body only to shoot straight into the guard of rival goalkeeper Karanjit Singh after he was released by Mauvin Borges
  • 1'
  • Sporting Goa subs: Beevan, Victorino, Rojen, Cajetan, ROvan, Velito, Chakraborty (gk)
  • Sporting Clube de Goa: Ravi (gk), Mathew (c), Devrani, Keenan, Gonzalo, Kalu, Garcia, Shirodkar, Mauvin, Rowllin, Karpeh
  • Salgoacar subs: Milagres, Gagandeep, Tsewang, Costa, Felix (gk), Rahul, Clifton
  • Salgaocar FC: Karanjit (gk), Fulganco, Augustin, Wali, Duffy, Nicolau, Foschini, Lamare, Francis (c), Brian, Oliveira
  • I'm Anselm Noronha, reporting Live from the Duler stadium in Goa.
  • Interestingly, had Sporting won against Churchill Brothers on Thursday, they too would have joined the top three clubs with 18 points.
  • Meanwhile, Sporting Clube de Goa were edged out in a thrilling five-goal encounter in their last match by Churchill Brothers SC who got their first win in 10 matches, but not before coming back from their 1-3 loss to Mohammedan Sporting to hand Pune FC with their first defeat and hold the likes of East Bengal and Bengaluru FC to a draw each.
  • On the other hand, having scored at least four more goals than any other team, they are the highest goalscoring outfit with top scorer Darryl Duffy vying for his 100th career goal.
  • Salgaocar started off as one of the best defensive outfits but have conceded seven of their 11 goals in their last five encounters as compared to letting in only four goals in their first five games.
  • Three teams, namely Pune FC, Bengaluru FC and Salgaocar FC, are currently tied on 18 points ahead of round 12 fixtures.
  • Salgaocar FC also suffered a defeat in their last match, losing 1-2 to Bengaluru FC on Tuesday.
  • Hello and welcome to the pre-match of another Goan derby in four days after Churchill Brothers had beaten Sporting Clube de Goa on Thursday.