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  • 6 October 2013
  • • 15:30
  • • Duler Stadium, Mapusa

Live Commentary

  • Darryl Duffy is adjudged as the "most valuable player" of this match
  • FULL TIME: Salgaocar FC 3-0 Mohammedan Sporting
  • 90' + 4'
    New man on the pitch Jeevan Nalge shoots to the Mohammedan keeper
  • 90' + 2'
    SubstitutionGilbert Oliveira Jeevan Nalge
  • 90'
    Four minutes added time
  • 89'
    SubstitutionFrancis Fernandes Karma Tsewang
  • 89'
    Duffy shoots wide!
  • 87'
    SubstitutionClaude Gnakpa Brian Mascarenhas
  • 87'
    SAVE!!! Josimar passes to Ajay SIngh, who shoots...but Karanjit makes himself big to effect the save
  • 86'
    Mohammedan skipper Dharajan releases substitute Ajay Singh on the left who made some slick moves past two green shirts before Karanjit SIngh charged off his line to block the shot
  • 84'
    SAVE!!!! A one of the ordinary save by the Mohammedan keeper as Khara tipped Francis' tap off Gilbert's cross above his post
  • 81'
    CLOSE!!!! Mohammedan substitute Jerry Zirsangha completely missed a long cross on the far side of Collin Abranches' cross from the right
  • 80'
    Karanjit punches out Penn's floated delivery in the Salgaocar box
  • 79'
    Free-kick for Mohammedan
  • 78'
    If only Mohammedan Sporting could exchange their bookings for goals. They've earned FIVE yellow cards in this match so far
  • 77'
    Yellow Card Justine Stephen
  • 76'
    Today's official attendance is 1950
  • 75'
    A strange back-pass by Nicolau...made Karanjit to work hard to keep the ball in play
  • 72'
    Mohammedan Sporting are trying to make more runs around the flanks but not as effective as moving straight through the center of the midfield
  • 69'
    CLOSE!!! The Mohammedan goalkeeper yet again caught off his line but luck on his side this time as Duffy's overhead chip landed on top of the net
  • 68'
    SubstitutionTolgay Ozbey Ajay Singh
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Josimar
  • 66'
    Salgaocar keeper Karanjit Singh looks to have gotten Josimar's foot on the face the former lay down for treatment
  • 64'
    Goal Augustin Fernandes
    GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!! 3-0! Salgaocar defender nodded in a delightful Gilbert Oliveira cross from the left
  • 63'
    Yellow Card Jerry Zirsanga
  • 63'
    Gnakpa releases Clifton in the box...Collin Abranches clears the ball for a corner...nothin coming of it
  • 62'
    Dangerous play by the fresh man on the pitch
  • 60'
    SubstitutionAnthony Soren Jerry Zirsanga
  • 60'
    Duffy tries to flick the ball over the Mohammedan high and above!
  • 58'
    A good long cross by Francis from the right to Duffy on the far side but Mohammedan defender Sangha clears the ball
  • 57'
    Francis plays a one-two with Gnakpa but shoots straight into the hands of Khara
  • 52'
    GOOD DEFENDING!!! Josimar finds Ozbey in the Salgaocar box...Rahul Kumar alert to clear the danger
  • 51'
    Gnakpa shoots wide!
  • 49'
    Salgaocar now in a comfortable position but will definitely need another goal to safeguard their win from here
  • 48'
    Goal Claude Gnakpa
    GOAL!!!! Right off the counter, Nicolau Colaco sent a long ball to Gnakpa and with the Mohammedan keeper beaten to the flight of the ball, all that the Ivorian-born French striker had to do was shoot the ball into the open nets
  • 48'
    Israil Gurung finds Josimar en route the Salgaocar goal with keeper Karanjit Singh beaten to the delivery, but an alert Augustin Fernandes clears the danger
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Salgaocar FC 1-0 Mohammedan Sporting
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 43'
    Goal Darryl Duffy
    GOAL!!! Francis Fernandes does all the spadework and passes to Clifton Dias, who among a host of Black and White shirts manages to find Duffy at the right far post. With the Mohammedan keeper Somnath Khara misjudging his dive, the Scot was left with the easy job of slotting home
  • 39'
    Salgaocar's seventh corner wasted
  • 39'
    Juicy cross by Francis Fernandes...headed away swiftly by Collin Abranches ahead of Gnakpa
  • 38'
    A good combination between Penn, Josimar and Gurung releases Gagandeep....who shoots wide
  • 37'
    Salgaocar with another corner...unable to make much of all their six flag-kicks
  • 36'
    Gnakpa fouled by Sangha for a Salgaocar free-kick which Duffy blasts into the opponent's wall
  • 35'
    Salgaocar strikers Duffy and Gnakpa look tired under these harsh weather's too hot for them
  • 33'
    On the other side, Mohammedan earn a corner that is claimed by Karanjit after Clifton Dias blocked out a shot by Ozbey
  • 32'
    Gnakpa sends Duffy ahead on the left side, but the Scot's shot blocked out for a corner which doesn't cause a worry
  • 30'
    Gnakpa steals the ball in the midfield and makes a run on the right wing...passes to Francis, who finds Gilbert just outside the Mohammedan box but loses possession
  • 28'
    SAVE!!!! Josimar's release to Israil Gurung on the right sees the latter attempt to find the far post, but Salgoacar keeper Karanjit Singh pulled off a reflex finger-tip save and blocked Penn from the rebound as well
  • 26'
    Nicolau shoots the re-take straight in the Mohammedan wall
  • 25'
    Yellow Card Gagandeep Singh
  • 25'
    Nicolau's take...but Gagandeep Singh's premature charge means that Salgaocar can re-take the free-kick
  • 24'
    Yellow Card Sandeep Sangha
  • 23'
    Collin Abranches gives away the ball to Duffy, who passes and receives the ball back from Gnakpa. The Scot is however fouled outside the Mohammedan box by Sandeep Sangha for a Salgoacar free-kick
  • 20'
    Ozbey causing all sorts of problems in the midfield for Salgaocar, although Wali has been alert in the home side's defense
  • 18'
    Francis earns another Salgaocar corner...which is however lofted too far across
  • 18'
    Flag-kick averted by the away side
  • 17'
    Duffy earns a corner down the other end
  • 17'
    A good link-up play in the midfield by Mohammedan Sporting...Soren to Penn, who flicks the ball over, but too close to Karanjit
  • 15'
    A good run by Ozbey right from the half-line to surge into the Salgaocar box...should have passed to Israil as rival keeper Karanjit claims the ball
  • 14'
    It's Salgoacar who are doing more of the attacking for now
  • 13'
    Good through pass by Duffy, but Gilbert unable to reach the length of the cross as the ball rolls out of play
  • 12'
    Khara gets off his line to clear the ball ahead of onrushing Gnakpa
  • 11'
    Josimar shoots wide!
  • 9'
    Tolgay Ozbey crosses in from the left...attempted clearance by Rahul Kumar but falls to Mohammedan's Israil Gurung, whose shot comes off the body of Josimar. Unlucky
  • 7'
    It's a very hot sunny day today as compared to the heavy rainfall that we witnessed here yesterday
  • 5'
    CLOSE!!! Gnakpa moving swiftly along the right wing but hits the side netting with Duffy waiting at the Mohammedan goalmouth
  • 4'
    A long ball towards Duffy, but Mohammedan keeper Khara gets off his line to make the clearance
  • 3'
    Not too much of drilling going on so far with Salgaocar's Clifton Dias shooting the first attempt wide
  • 1'
    We're underway
  • Meanwhile, Mohammedan coach Bola A. Masood has made one change from his side that lost 1-3 to Pune FC in round one, also earning themselves rest due to their round two match against East Bengal getting postponed
  • Derrick Pereira has made no changes to his starting line-up that won against Churchill Brothers in round one, after which Salgaocar had 14 days of rest in between
  • Mohammedan subs - Ajay, Paite, Samson, Phool, Basanta, Jerry
  • MOHAMMEDAN SPORTING: Dhanarajan (c), Sangha, Soren, Penn, Josimar, Tolgay, Israel, Collin, Jastin, Gagandeep Singh, Khara (gk)
  • Salgaocar subs - Leny Pereira, Bali Gagandeep, Tsewang, Surjit, Jeevan, Felix (gk), Brian
  • SALGAOCAR FC: Karanjit (gk), Augustin, Wali, Duffy, Gnakpa, Nicolau, Rahul, Lamare, Clifton, Francis (c), Gilbert
  • We've got the line-ups
  • It's me Anselm Noronha sitting at my sweet spot at the Duler football stadium
  • Hello and welcome to the round three clash between Salgaocar FC and Mohammedan Sporting Club