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  • 15 December 2013
  • • 17:00
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya

Live Commentary

  • So its Rangdajied 1, Mumbai 1. This was Nabarun Goswami for in shillong
  • The second half was rather exciting, especially from the 65th minute onwards with more than a couple of chances going begging. First it was Edmar's header hit the bar and then Pradeep did the same for Mumbai in the 69th minute with his strong right footer hitting the far post. thereon both sides did well till the final whistle to entertain the crowd
  • Nidhin lal has been named as the most valuable player of the match
  • The whistle is blown and the match ends in a 1-1 draw.
  • 90' + 4'
    Last ditch attempt by Rangdajied, tussle for the ball inside the box but Nidhin in control
  • 90' + 3'
    Driven to safety by rival defenders
  • 90' + 2'
    SubstitutionNicholas Rodrigues Kamaljeet Kumar
  • 90' + 2'
    And corner for Rangdajied
  • 90' + 1'
    The magic they created against Pune FC
  • 90'
    Four minutes added time, can Rangdajied repeat the magic again
  • 89'
    Rangdajied press forward Lalnunpuia on the right flank and hits it straight to the goalie
  • 88'
    Mumbai reduced to 10-men after Jhingan was shown the red card for elbowing an opposition player
  • 85'
    SubstitutionManandeep Singh Sandesh Gadkari
  • 85'
    Two clear chances went down one for Rangdajied and one for Mumbai as Edmar and Pradeep almost converted chnages being made as sandesh comes in for manandeep Anwar comes for Pradeep
  • 84'
    Yellow/Red Sandesh Jhingan
  • 84'
    SubstitutionP. Pradeep Anwar Ali
  • 75'
    Action intensifies as both sides look to create chances
  • 73'
    SubstitutionMunmun Lugun T Lalnunpuia
  • 73'
    Now a Rafi shot on target, well collected by Subrata
  • 70'
    Unlucky for Mumbai FC who were certain to take the lead
  • 69'
    CHANCE! Praddep on the run fires one in from outside the box , ball hits the far post
  • 66'
    Eugene with the corner kick in, brilliantly done, OH! Chance gone down! Edmar heads it straight to the top of the bar
  • 65'
    Yong and Edmar work in tandem, Yong crosses one to Edmar on the left flank, as the latter runs in but his take at the nets is rebounded of a rival defender to hand over a corner to the blues
  • 62'
    Action intensifies on the midfield with Yong, Lugun, Lawrence all doing their bit
  • 60'
    Meitei and company however squander possession as Iwasaki finds himself with the ball again, the Japanese negotiates Ashutosh but could not get past Nidhin
  • 58'
    Yong from the centre spots Iwasaki on the left flank with a brilliant cross, Iwasaki's shot at the goal is well intercepted by Meitei
  • 55'
    SubstitutionTomba Singh David K C Ngaihte
  • 55'
    Action back to the midfield, Edmar makes a good run spots Eugene on the right. Eugene makes a brilliant cross in anattempt to mark Lugun inside the box but an advancing rival goalie takes possession
  • 55'
    Action back to the midfield, Edmar makes a good run spots Eugene on the right. Eugene makes a brilliant cross in anattempt to mark Lugun inside the box but an advancing rival goalie takes possession
  • 54'
    Yet another corner for Mumbai
  • 53'
    With Md Sporting going down to Churchill, a victory will do a world of good to Rangdajied today
  • 52'
    Action back to the midfield
  • 50'
    Rodrigues with the kick in, finds Yakubu inside the box who is unable to control the ball, the Blues' defenders tap the ball to safety but not before a gruelling tussle inside the box
  • 50'
    Now a corner kick for Mumbai
  • 49'
    Edmar takes the ball from the midfield, does well despite being marked but unable to spot Manandeep inside the box
  • 48'
    Another corner, and this time the Mumbai defenders take the play back to the midfield
  • 47'
    And corner straight away for Rangdajied, Eugene with the kick in, headed out of play by rival defender
  • 46'
    Second half action starts here in Shillong as both sides are levelled at 1-1
  • 46'
    Second half action starts here in Shillong as both sides are levelled at 1-1
  • An eventful first half with both the sides equally dominating the proceedings. The Yakubu goal was particularly brilliant. The Mumbai striker kept both Manandeep and Gouramangi at bay before finally getting through Subrata's safe hands
  • The scores are Rangdajied 1 Mumbai 1 at the end of first half
  • 45' + 3'
    And a corner for Mumbai after a Rafi long distance shot is brilliantly saved by Subrata Paul
  • 45' + 2'
    Action in the midfield as an eventful first half closes to an end
  • 45'
    Brilliant! Iwasaki takes a surprise long distance kick from more than 30 yards away, it takes a full stretch jump from Nidhin lal to deny Rangdajied another goal
  • 43'
    Just minutes away from thr end of first half now and another free kick for rangdajied in the Mumbai FC half
  • 41'
    CHANCE! Long ball into the box, Edmar gets to it but a weak header allows Nidhin to take control
  • 40'
    That was almost against the run of play for Mumbai FC but nevertheless brought them back into the game straight away
  • 37'
    The Mumbai FC no 10 ran in from the left and brilliantly put it in as a diving Subrata could only be a spectator
  • 36'
    Goal Yusif Yakubu
    GOAL! Brilliant Yakubu paces in from the left flank negotiating two defenders and ultimately the goalie to net one for his side
  • 35'
    Mumbai's defence meanwhile looks wanting today
  • 34'
    Rangdajied could have made it 2-0 if Kim's header would have been on target, not an easy chance though that one
  • 33'
    Action back to the midfield now,
  • 31'
    Rangdajied have certainly been the more dominant side in the last 10 minutes or so
  • 29'
    Another corner for Rangdajied, Lugun with the kick in, Yong's header goes wide
  • 25'
    CHANCE! Edmar on the right flank slips while trying to negotiate a rival defender buta poor clearance gives an advancing Manandeep a chance to reach the ball. Manandeep, marked by a defender, shoots it in but brilliant save by Nidhin lal
  • 22'
    Yellow Card Poibang Pohshna
  • 22'
    CHANCE! Nicholas takes a fre kick from just outside the box, the strong left footer goes just over thebar
  • 19'
    Goal Yohei Iwasaki
    GOAL! A brilliant kick and Iwasaki heads it in to give Rangdajied the lead
  • 19'
    Mumun with the corner kick,
  • 18'
    Lugun crosses one from the far right to spot Edmar on the left side of the box, Edmar shot is brilliantly saved by a rival defender who gets a foot to it to hand over a corner to Rangdajied
  • 17'
    rangdajied look to press forward now but Mumbai up to the mark
  • 15'
    Edmar makes a brilliant run from the midfield breezing past two defenders to spot Manandeep inside the box, but a well marked Manandeep is not able to take possession as Nidhin Lal advances to seep the ball
  • 14'
    Not an intense session of play so far as both sides ready to deal in volleys
  • 13'
    Yong to Tomba in the midfield, spots Iwasaki on the right, ambitious Iwasaki gives it away to rival goalie
  • 12'
    Mumbai take possession only to squander it as Eugene and Iwasaki make their presence felt on the centre park
  • 10'
    Iwasaki fromthe left spots Lugun on the far left, Lugun crosses one inside the box only for the rival defender to shoot it to safety
  • 8'
    Yong on the run form the right flank, offside called
  • 7'
    Yellow Card Sandesh Jhingan
  • 7'
    Eugene with the kick, straight to the wall, action back to the midfield
  • 7'
    Free kick for rangdajied from outside the box,
  • 5'
    Action back tomid field now
  • 2'
    And corner for Mumbai FC, wasted, Rodrigues hits it way over the bar after receiving the kick in
  • 1'
    And start of play here in Shillong
  • All this promises an exciting encounter for the football loving crowd at the JN Stadium Shillong today. It is pretty cold outb here with the temperatures dropping as the evening progresses and the Mumbai players might just struggle a bit with that
  • Rangdajied is on a high after a dramatic win against Pune in the last encounter but they have to be on their toes against Khalid Jamil's boys who have not lost a match for some time now
  • Mumbai: 2 Arash Hatife, 3 Haroon Amir, 6 Ashutosh Mehta, 7 Nicholas Rodrigues, 8 Climax Lawrence (C), 10 Yousif Yakubu, 13 Nidhin lal (G), 14 Md Rafi, 22 NP Pradeep, 24 Sandesh Jihngan, 25 K Meitei, Subs: 1 Kunal Sawant (G), 4 Peter Costa, 5 Anwar Ali, 9 Sandjhar Md Ahmadi, 12 rohit Mirza, 17 Kamaljeet Kumar, 21 manuel D'souza
  • The squadsRangdajied: 3 , Poibiang Pohshna, 10 Eugeneson Lyngdoh (C), 11 Edmar Figuera, 21 Kim Yong, 22 Munmun Lugun, 23 Restom Khriam, 33 Tomba Singh, 34 Yohei Iwasaki, 36 Manandeep Singh, 39 Gouramangi Singh 41 Subrata PaulSubs: 1 Surjat pariyar 4 Pratik Chowdhury, 7 David Ngaithe, 9 Abocha Singh, 13 T Lalnunpuia, 14 Sandesh Gadkari, 15 Thomas Saikhom
  • Santosh Kashyap and company would like to settle for nothing less than a win today as the Blues are second last in the standings ahead only to Churhill. 
  • Welcome to's live coverage of the Round 15 I-League match between Mumbai FC and hosts Rangdajied United FC at the JN Stadium, Shillong.