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  • 7 December 2013
  • • 17:00
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 3'
    SubstitutionC. Lobo Arnab Mondal
  • 90' + 3'
    Yellow Card Saumik Dey
  • 90' + 3'
    It's East Bengal 2 Rangdajied 1, the Kolkatans emerge victorious at the JN Stadium Shillong. This was Nabarun Goswami bringing you the live coverage for
  • 90' + 2'
    EB win
  • 90' + 1'
    Yellow Card Yohei Iwasaki
  • 90' + 1'
    Yong paces from the left flank tries to spot Sunn outside the box but ball intercepted by EB defenders
  • 90'
    the 6000 strong crowd getting restless at the JN Stadium here as the match fast approaches the final minute
  • 89'
    Rabgdajied desperately looking for a turnaround now
  • 87'
    SubstitutionTomba Singh David K C Ngaihte
  • 86'
    chidi;s shot from outside the box was brilliantly blocked by subrata but his heroics were not enough to stop a well palced Shylo Tlunga who took the ball from almost the goalmouth
  • 84'
    Goal Shylo Malswamtulunga
    GOAL! EB take the lead
  • 84'
    Chidi takes a cross outside the box and shoots it firmly but a diving Subrata rebounds the ball which then finds Shylo Tlunga who taps it in at the far left corner of the nets
  • 82'
    SubstitutionU. Okpara Raju Gaikwad
  • 82'
    Okpara replaced by Raju Gaikwad, EB making some changes now
  • 81'
    And action back to midfield
  • 80'
    Another corner for rangdajied
  • 79'
    And Rangdajied give possession away yet again, Pratik paces from the right flank, Lugun, tamba hold the fort for the hosts
  • 79'
    EB showing that urgency even as rangdajied are up to the mark, action on in the midfield
  • 76'
    Yellow Card Harmanjot Singh Khabra
  • 76'
    yellow card for EB captain Khabra for a bad tackle
  • 75'
    Action back to the midfield as rangdajied squander possession yet again
  • 74'
    it's amazing how teams have been scoring against the run of play many a time in the I-League so far
  • 73'
    Eugene was spotted at 20 yards before he hit it over the bar
  • 73'
    It would have been a stunner of a goal if converted.
  • 72'
    Eugene hits a stunner from outside the box, shot goes just over the bar
  • 70'
    EB have stepped attack in the last few minutes and are testing the rangdajied backline
  • 69'
    Excellent work by Iwasaki who blocked the shot from Doungel who was well placed to find the nets
  • 67'
    Doungel spotted on the right flank and he makes a good run inside the box but his right footer aiming for the nets is well intercepted by Iwasaki
  • 66'
    Lobo chases the ball from the centre with Tamba keeping him company, the Rangdajied back liner shoots the ball out of play
  • 65'
    Play back on rangdajied half of the pitch
  • 63'
    Chance goes down for EB, Doungel on the run from outside the box, with only an advancing Subrata Paul to beat the EB player hits it wide on the left
  • 62'
    Subrata Paul has been instrumental in rangdajied's better performances in the last couple of matches
  • 60'
    Chidi lurks in dangerously inside the box as Iwasaki looks to thwart his advance, Chidi taps one to Lobo on the right who tries to locate the EB no 10 at goalmouth but Subrata steps in
  • 59'
    Rangdajied brought in Sunn for Manandeep in the 56 th minute
  • 58'
    Corner for EB, Lobo with the kick in, Rangdajied defenders upto the mark
  • 56'
    SubstitutionManandeep Singh Bansharai Sunn
  • 55'
    Eugene with the kick in, well negotiated by the rivals
  • 54'
    corner for rangdajied as ralte who was marking an advancing Yong taps the ball out of play
  • 53'
    EB looking more determined and agile early into the second half
  • 52'
    EB making dangerous advances, Lobo takes the ball on the right inside the box, shoots it wide of the nets on the left
  • 51'
    Ralte with the kick in, play back to midfield
  • 50'
    Corner for EB
  • 48'
    east bengal maintain possession , Lobo marked at the right flank by Lugun and Iwasaki
  • 47'
    Both teams start on a steady note
  • 46'
    Play begins after the break
  • 8'
    Thokchom curls one from the far right, Tamba falters but an alert Subrata kicks the ball out of play from the goalmouth
  • Eugene who took the ball from the right flank found Yong with a low cross. The latter then made no mistake to find the nets with a header. The last moment score renders the second half wide open
  • 45' + 2'
    Eugene advances fromthe right flank makes an excellent cross to spot Kim Yong inside the box who heads it in to restore parity for the hosts
  • 45' + 1'
    Goal Seong-Yong Kim
    GOAL! Rangdajied make a great comeback
  • 45' + 1'
    It's East bengal 1, Rangdajied 0
  • 45'
    It was also sloppy work by Rangdajied defenders at the back who sort allowed EB the free kick which was eventually converted courtesy Gurwinder
  • 44'
    Subrata was coming forward just when Gurwinder tapped it over
  • 43'
    east bengal had earned a free kick on the right flank. A perfevtly takem free kick allowed Gurwinder to neatly head it over Subrata paul from almost goalmouth
  • 41'
    Goal Gurwinder Singh
    GOAL! Gurwinder heads one of a free kick to give East Bengal the lead
  • 39'
    Lugun races in from the right flank and gets a left footer inside the box, excellent work by Okpara who makes a sliding interception
  • 37'
    Lugun chips one to yong who is spotted inside the box but an alert Gurpreet comes to EB;s rescue
  • 35'
    rangdajied keep building up towards the opposition half, frequent passing only helps their cause with Yong, saikhom, Tomba all in the thick of action
  • 34'
    the corner kick well negotiated this time by EB defenders
  • 33'
    in an almost funny incident, okpara tries to clear the ball from the front of the goal but miss-hits to send the ball sailing over his own nets to hand over the corner
  • 32'
    another corner for rangadajied
  • 32'
    The tall Gurpreet would have been in no position to block the point blank header had it been on target
  • 31'
    This was the first real chance that went begging for the hosts
  • 30'
    Lugun's kick in finds Manadeep at the goalmouth. manandeep heads one firmly just wide of the nets on the right
  • 29'
    Lugun with the kick, WHAT A MISS!
  • 27'
    Saikhom makes a good run from the centre spots eugene on the right flank, eugene shoots but Okapara intercepts to hand over a corner to rangdajied
  • 26'
    These are half chances that Rangdajied need to convert. Both Manandeep and Yong were well placed outside the box when the former squandered possession
  • 25'
    Manandeep with the ball outside the opposition box, taps the ball to Thokcham instead of Kim Yong who was lurking dangerously nearby
  • 23'
    Good job at the back by Iwasaki who thwarts Ralte and company advancing steadily from the right flank
  • 22'
    action back to the midfield
  • 21'
    Eugene who took the ball from the centre almost ran into Shaumik Dey to give away possession, Okpara then did the needful
  • 19'
    Eugene makes a good run again from the midfield but squanders possession trying to do it all by himself
  • 18'
    well intercepted by rangdajied's Tamba
  • 17'
    First corner for east bengal, Ralte to kick in
  • 16'
    east Bengal looking slightly more agile at the moment as they continually make raids in the opposition half
  • 16'
    Play back to the midfield as east bengal maintain possession
  • 15'
    Yellow Card Lamine Tamba
  • 15'
    Yellow card for Tamba for a bad tackle
  • 13'
    Ralte with a good free kick from 10 yards outside the box but subrata easily negotiates it
  • 12'
    East Bengal look to make advances keeping the rangdajied defense on its toes
  • 10'
    It was a good run by eugene who kept Okpara at bay but could not convert as a sliding Yong could not reach the ball
  • 9'
    later East Bengal defenders take control
  • 8'
    CHANCE! Eugene on the run from the right flank, gets a right footer into the goalmouth but before Kim Yong could get a touch to it, an alert gurpreet gets a touch to rebound it
  • 6'
    Tomba taps one bacck to Iwasaki fromthe midfield , the latter tries to locate Yong at 35 yards but the area is crowded by yellow and blacks who take possession
  • 5'
    east bengal look to counter attack now but an alert Iwasaki is upto the mark on the Rangdajied half
  • 4'
    Okpara stands like a fort as Rangdajied look to advance,
  • 3'
    Kim Yong makes a run from the left flank but parity restored by rival defenders
  • 2'
    Action in the midfield as both sides take and squander possession
  • 1'
    east bengal straight away looking for early inroads
  • 1'
    Play begins 
  • just minutes away from the start of play here in Shillong
  • The squads:Rangadajied: Pratik Chowdhary, Lamine Tamba, Eugene Lyngdoh (C), Kim Yong, Lugun, Tomba, Saikhom, Iwasaki, Manandeep, Gouramangi, Subrata (G)East Bengal: Okpara, Khabra (C), Thokchom, Edeh Chidi, Gurwinder, Ralte, Doungel, Lobo, Shylo Tlunga, Shaumik, Gurpreet (G) 
  • Fresh from their first victory of the maiden I-League season, hosts Rangdajied are raring to go against an East Bengal side which has had a mixed bag of fortune this season. While coach Colaco has cited the team's AFC stint and injury to key players as the reason for indifferent performances in certain matches, the Kolkatan side will be a tough nut crack as far as the hosts are concerned. 
  • Hello and welcome to's live coverage of the I-League math between East Bengal and Rangdajied United FC at the JN Stadium, Shillong. Match starts at 5 pm IST