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SAFF Championship

  • 3 September 2013
  • • 18:15
  • • Dashrath Rangasala, Kathmandu
  • Referee: Saleh Al Hathlool

Live Commentary

  • Thats all from me here today. This is Ayush Srivastava signing out. Join us for exciting Group B encounters tomorrow and tweet your thoughts about today's game to @ayush_sri. Ciao!
  • Pakistan players look distraught but it would be fair to say Nepal deserved atleast one point
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Saddam Jarrar
  • 90' + 4'
    And that's fulltime!!! A party in the stands as Nepal clinch a win from the game after it looked Pakistan would hold on for a vital win
  • 90' + 3'
    The stands have gone crazy! The place is shaking, as if its some sort of earthquake. Nepal going for the kill here. All of Pakistan's stubborn defending might come undone here!
  • 90' + 2'
    Yellow Card Bimal Magar
  • 90' + 2'
    Goal Bimal Magar
    GOAL!!!!! And its the young prodigy Magar of all people! Another long ball into the back by Sagar Thapa and the keeper flaps at it. the ball falls to Bimal Magar who rolls it home. If there was a roof, it would have been lifted here!!
  • 90'
    As we enter the last minute of regulation time, Paistan doing well to keep the ball on the other side. It's all about seeing off these last few injury time minutes.
  • 89'
    SubstitutionHassan Bashir Ahsan Ullah
  • 88'
    Some heroic defending by Zia Us Salam as Magar's flick on almost falls nicely for Jumanu Rai but Zia flings himself on the ball. The only player in Nepal's box is their keeper, and he too is midway up his half.
  • 86'
    Nepal win another freekick but this time Pakistan clear Sandip rai's delivery.the ball falls to Rabin Shrestha, who hits it out aimlessly
  • 83'
    A lull in Nepal's momentum as Pakistan manage to keep them away from their box for a while. Are the Gorkhalis losing steam?
  • 82'
    Yellow Card Muhammed Ahmed
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Muhammad Adil
  • 80'
    Bholanath Silwal again does well to cut past a couple of players on the line, however his final ball is blocked but it falls to Magar again who cracks a mean shot with his left, however this too is blocked. Last ditch defending by Pakistan.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionRaju Tamang Jagjit Shrestha
  • 76'
    Yellow Card Kaleem Ullah
  • 76'
    Pakistan finally manage to keep the ball up for a while. Giving their defense some much needed respite.
  • 73'
    And the fans are on the edge of their seat again! But this time it is Magar who blazes over! They keep getting closer!
  • 72'
    SubstitutionMuhammad Riaz Zia Us-Salam
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Muhammad Riaz
  • 70'
    Bharat Khawash adds to the numbers of poor headers by nepali players in the attacking third. A great ball floated into the box, but the striker connects poorly, even though he had plenty of time and space. Anil Katwal though has not lost hope. He tweets, "Great Football from Nepal, Enjoying the every second of this. Nepal is going to get a Goal Soon."
  • 67'
    SubstitutionTanka Basnet Bimal Magar
  • 67'
    A roar goes out in the crowd as 15 year old Bimal Magar enters the fray. The prodigy carries big hopes of the Gorkhalis. Can he deliver?
  • 65'
    Pakistan launch a rare attack forward, but lack men upfront. On the other end Zesh Rehman heads the ball wide for a corner, with Jumanu Rai lurking.
  • 62'
    This time a corner is met by Bholanath Silwal with full force, however Butt does well to tip it past the post. Pakistan playing way too deep here.
  • 62'
    This time a corner is met by Bholanath Silwal with full force, however Butt does well to tip it past the post. Pakistan playing way too deep here.
  • 60'
    Another free header put wide, this time by Khawas. Nepal need to make these headers count.
  • 58'
    The game yet again settling into that old rhythm. Nepal dominating the proceedings. Do you think they have a goal in them? Tweet to @ayush_sri
  • 58'
    The game yet again settling into that old rhythm. Nepal dominating the proceedings. Do you think they have a goal in them? Tweet to @ayush_sri
  • 55'
    Md. Ahmed with a foul on sub Tanka. Sandip Rai stands to deliver the ball, but his cross is too deep. Bholanath Silwal though retrieves the ball, and dances past a couple of players before cutting the ball back. However Zesh Rehman is there once again to clear the danger.
  • 50'
    What a match saving tackle by the Captain Ishaq there! Jumanu Rai seemed set to have a shot at goal, but the defender flew in with a tackle to deflect the ball for a corner. Pakistan were cut open there!
  • 49'
    Pakistan looking to be more positive on the ball now. Thats sound advise given by the coach at half-time. They ended the half playing too timidly
  • 46'
    And Nepal kick us off in the second half and immediately launch the ball forward. However the flickon is just a bit ahead of Jumanu Rai, and the keeper gathers.
  • Sravan quips, " Nepal and Pakistan will go from this group." Thats a big call indeed! Do you agree? Send in your views.
  • The break seems to have come at the right time for Pakistan, who were really under the cosh there. They hold the advantage here, and a win for them would really make this group interesting. Based on the action so far, which two teams do you think shall go ahead to the semis from Group A? you know where to tweet your views!
  • So that's half-time here. What did you make of that first half? Tweet your views to @ayush_sri
  • 45' + 3'
    Last chance of the half for Nepal, but the header from the freekick yet again lacked power and the referee blows the whistle for the break.
  • 45' + 2'
    Hassan Bashir gets barged off the ball there, but the referee says play on. Mohd. Adil then has a hopeful shot from distance which ends up nowhere close to goal.
  • 45'
    Meanwhile fan tweets flooding in. Gaurav opines, "as the game progresses nepal with get a good hold of the game and they will get back... go go nepal" Sharma Samyam also predicts, "nepal is going to win 3-1" Do you agree with them? Tweet your views to @ayush_sri
  • 43'
    Cross by Bholanath Silwal, and headed goalwards by Khawas. However a defender deflects it wide. Not sure howmuch longer they can continue like this.
  • 41'
    And Sandip Rai lets go of a golden opportunity there, as a Raju Tamang's freekick was directed towards him. The defender was unmarked, but didnt time his header properly, and headed wide. Should have atleast tested the keeper there.
  • 39'
    SubstitutionAnil Gurung Tanka Basnet
  • 39'
    Pakistan not helping themselves by hitting it long and losing the ball each time. Jumanu Rai wins a freekick from Rehman now.
  • 36'
    The Gorkhalis continue to dominate over here, but seem to lack that final touch. Khawash goes free on the right, but his cross is too close to Zesh Rehman, who clears well.
  • 33'
    Oh what a miss! A mix-up between keeper and defender sees the ball fall kindly to Hassan bashir, who had an entire empty goal to aim at, but instead loses his composure and fires over! Could prove to be costly!
  • 30'
    Some need build-up play by Nepal there, however it all goes to waste as Rabin Shrestha hits the ball over. Do you think Nepal will comeback and win over here, or will Pakistan register a vital win? Let us know by tweeting to @ayush_sri
  • 27'
    Well Nepal piling on the pressure here, Gurung's freekick takes a couple of deflections and needs to be tipped out by Butt in goal. CLOSE
  • 22'
    OUCH! Yousof Butt clashing into Anil Gurung as the latter was played into the Pakistan box...not intentional for sure
  • 19'
    The pave of the game has picked up a couple of notches, and why not - with the home side a goal down and the crowd backing them to get back in this game
  • 17'
    Yousof Butt not quite tested so far by the home team
  • 16'
    The Pakistani players are trying to use the physical advantage in the game, but the Nepalese players edge their counterparts as far as the required skills are concerned
  • 14'
    Goal Hassan Bashir
    GOOAALLL!!!! It comes from a set-piece itself...Hassan Bashir smacks the ball past Nepal goalkeeper Kiran Chemzong after Adnan Farooq Ahmed's free-kick was laid off in the path of the goalscorer
  • 12'
    The Green shirts are winning a couple of set-pieces, the last a long throw-in taken by Faisal Iqbal but cleared easily
  • 10'
    Pakistan is also trying their fair best to surge ahead to ease down the pressure on their backs
  • 8'
    Khawas brought down by Pakistani defender Faisal Iqbal...but the resultant free-kick taken by Sandip Rai not doing any harm
  • 5'
    Bharat Kawas tries a poor attempt at goal...wide!
  • 4'
    Crosses from both sides of the field comes in the box, but the Pakistani citadel is holding on neatly for now
  • 3'
    So far Nepal tries to pressure the Pakistan defense
  • 1'
    And we're underway here at the Dashrath Rangasala stadium
  • Just to let you know, that it's been raining at the venue, but nothing to worry as the pitch looks just fine
  • It's almost a jam-packed stadium and a turn-out of 22,000 people is expected for this kick-off that involves the home nation. That makes a spectacular sight for football. Absolutely amazing scenes
  • Nepal Subs: Ritesh Thapa, Bishal Shrestha, Sabindra Shrestha, Jagjit Shrestha, Bikram Lama, Prakash Budhathoki, Santosh Shahukhala, Bimal Magar, Tanka Basnet
  • NEPAL: Kiran Chemzong, Rabin Shrestha, Biraj Maharjan, Sagar Thapa, Sandip Rai, Raju Tamang, Bhola Nath Silwal, Rohit Chand, Anil Gurung, Jumanu Rai, Bharat Khawas
  • Pakistan Subs: Saqib Hanif, Muzammil Hussain, Kamran Khan, Ahsan Ullah, Muhammad Hameed, Yaqoob Ejaz Butt, Zia Us-Salam, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Mujahid
  • PAKISTAN: Yousof Butt, Muhammed Ahmed, Samar Ishaq, Faisal Iqbal, Zeshan Rehman, Adnan Farooq Ahmed, Muhammad Riaz, Muhammad Adil, Kaleem Ullah, Hassan Bashir, Saddam Jarrar
  • We've got the line-ups here...
  • The Shahins need a win today, while the Gorkhalis will be looking to keep up their momentum at home
  • Hello and welcome to the Live coverage of the second match of the day. It's Pakistan vs Nepal