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SAFF Championship

  • 8 September 2013
  • • 18:15
  • • Dashrath Rangasala, Kathmandu
  • Referee: Saleh Al Hathlool

Live Commentary

  • Afghanistan do their bit, can India fulfil their part of the bargain for a 2011 repeat> Join me tomorrow for the live commentary from Dashrath for the game between India and Maldives.Meanwhile do share your views on the game on @ayush_sri
  • But Nepal players are shattered here, all on the pitch lying down. But they are amde to pay for a poor piece of keeping by Kiran and then Rohit CHand failed ot equalise from a controversial penalty even though he got two tries.
  • 90' + 7'
    And that's fulltime and Afghanistan go dancing around the pitch, they have withstood the storm and gone on to win!
  • 90' + 6'
    Yellow Card Sandjar Ahmadi
  • 90' + 5'
    SubstitutionAmiruddin Mohammad Hashmatullah Barikzai
  • 90' + 5'
    A mobile meanwhile thrown at the Afghanistan bench, and the assistant coach registers a complain. Meanwhile a freekick to Nepal and its a header by Gurung and its goalwards but somehow the keeper saves! This is a all hands on pump showing
  • 90' + 4'
    Kiran jogs into the Afghanistan box and almost gets his head to a throw in, but its cleared out for a corner. Afghanistan trying to see this game out.
  • 90' + 1'
    OH MY GOD!! What a poor, poor header by Khawas. The ball goes to the far post where Bimal Magar heads it goalwards. Afghanistan defenders manage to clear it off the line but not too far. It falls delightfully for Khawas but he heads it well wide. That should have gone in! And we now have seven minutes of added time!
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Haroon Fakhruddin
  • 87'
    Both the times Rohit Chand went to the keeper's left and each time Fagiryar saved it.
  • 86'
    Penalty save Mansur Faqiryar
    And a strange penalty to Nepal!! Keeper grabs the ball and a player runs into him and falls down. The referee gives a pen which is saved from a Rohit Chand effort but he orders a re-take. Rohit Chand takes it again and again the keeper saves! Great drama here!
  • 85'
    Yellow Card Mansur Faqiryar
  • 84'
    GURUNG HAS A GREAT CHANCE!! Good freekick by Sandip Rai again, above Amiri's head, and Gurung at the back post tries to be too cute with his header, when a firmer contact would have done. It goes wide.
  • 82'
    Deep cross by Sandip Rai headed towards goal by Gurung, but no Nepali player made a run and the keeper gathers.
  • 80'
    Afghanistan almost geta  second!!! Some great link-up play between Arezou and Azadzoy ends with the winger going towards the line and then crossing for the forward who dives to head it ahead of the keeper, but cant direct it on target.
  • 78'
    Another offside call with Jumanu Rai clean through. Has happened a few times here! The Nepalese forwards need to hold their run here!
  • 75'
    The ball breaks to Nepal after Arezou's flick on is well read by Thapa. He passes it on to Bimal Magar, who brilliantly dribbles past challenge after challenge but is eventually closed down.
  • 71'
    Ali Ahmad replaces the centreback, lets hope this does not affect Afghanistan's concentration there as they are at the moment stuck in their box, with shots and crosses being peppered around them.
  • 70'
    SubstitutionFarzad Ataee Ali Ahmad Yarzada
  • 69'
    Some troubling moments there as Farzad Muhaiuddin is taken off by an ambulance as his teammates seem very concerned. Lets hope its nothing serious, but fans boo over the delay, oblivious to what's happened on the pitch.
  • 67'
    Nepal have a freekick and Bholanath SIlwal delivers a good ball which Bharat Khawas heads just over
  • 65'
    And Bimal Magar goes close! The ball breaks to him, he takes a touch settles himself and unleashes a vicious left footed shot, which goes just over.
  • 63'
    The crowd getting restless and now hurling profanities at the Afghan players. Bimal Magar has come on now. Can e rescue the side, like he did against Pakistan?
  • 61'
    SubstitutionRaju Tamang Bimal Magar
  • 59'
    Azadzoy and Arezou link up really well there on the counter, but the winger's shot is well wide there, though he was under pressure.
  • 57'
    Nepal putting real pressure on the Afghan backline, but till now it has held out firmly
  • 56'
    SubstitutionYusef Mashriqi Ahmad Hatifie
  • 53'
    Some slick passing moves by Nepal there and Bholanath Silwal with the shot at the end of it, but the keeper manages to keep it out. From the corner Sagar Thapa rises the highest, but he fails to direct his header on goal.
  • 51'
    A penalty appeal by Afghanistan as Azadzoy goes down under a tackle, but the referee waves play on. Nepal go on the other side and Jumanu Rai tests his luck with a shot from distance, but the keeper had no trouble there.
  • 51'
    A penalty appeal by Afghanistan as Azadzoy goes down under a tackle, but the referee waves play on. Nepal go on the other side and Jumanu Rai tests his luck with a shot from distance, but the keeper had no trouble there.
  • 49'
    The ball breaks kindly for Bharat Khawas there, but the attacker loses composure and gives it away, when his teammates were in good position
  • 46'
    And we are underway in the second half. Lets see if Nepal can fightback or will Afghanistan get another chance to take that elusive International crown back, this SAFF final.
  • So do you think any changes are needed? personally I felt Nepal need to keep playing the way that is natural to them. Hoof balls were not working in the first half.
  • And its half-time at Dashrath stadium. Afghanistan leads thanks to a Sanjar Ahmadi goal, which was gifted to them by the keeper. Can Nepal get back? Tweet your views to @ayush_sri
  • 45' + 1'
    Mohd. Anwar now with some beautiful skill to cut in from the left, and then he unleashes a great shot which goes just over.
  • 43'
    And a Biraj Mahajan cross falls to Gurung, who fails to control the ball properly and the keeper collects it. Bholanath Silwal then has a shot at goal which Fagiryar collects on his second attempt. They are getting incredibly close.
  • 40'
    Some terrific last ditch defending and keeping saves Afghanistan from being pegged back. First a poor Amiri clearance is teed to the back post by Khawas with Gurung and Jumanu Rai waiting, but the keeper somehow tips it over them both for a corner. Then Khawash gets the ball in the box and two challenges are made on him to prevent him from taking a shot before it opens up for Biraj Mahajan, whose shot is punched out by the keeper.
  • 38'
    Nepal win a corner which is taken by Raju Tamang and directed well towards Gurung, whose header is just the other side of the post. On the other end Azadzoy drives forward and unleashes a terrific shot which is just above the bar
  • 36'
    Some good build-up play there by Nepal but the eventual ball is missing. Eventually it is kicked towards Jumanu Rai but he can't get much power on it and is gathered by the keeper.
  • 33'
    Arezou had more time than he thought there! A tame shot by Rafu from a throw-n comes his way, but he fails to sort his feet out in time and is not able to direct the ball goalwards. COuld have taken a touch
  • 31'
    The trio of Arezou, Sandjar Ahmadi and Mashriqi have linked up brilliantly so far. Keeping possession there in tight spaces with good passes. Gives their defense some valuable breathing space.
  • 29'
    Nepal now going a bit desperate with long balls towards Khawash and Gurung. it shall never work against Afghanistan
  • 26'
    The tempo slackening down a bit now. The fans egging Nepal on, but Afghanistan so far have dominated physically.
  • 22'
    Gurung almost puts Khawash through with a great ball but the keeper anticipates the danger well and comes out to claim the ball.
  • 18'
    Sagar Thapa with a team shot at the end of some sustained action in Afghanistan's box. First Amiri conceded a corner after some mis-communication between him and the keeper. Then they failed to clear their lines before the ball fell to the Nepali Captain, whose shot lacked punch
  • 15'
    The stadium a bit quieter now. The opposition scoring can have that affect on you! Khawash tries to get his side back in the game with some impressive dribbling, but it has no end product to it.Do you think the Lions of Khorasan deserve their lead? Tweet your views to @ayush_sri
  • 11'
    Goal Sandjar Ahmadi
    AND AFGHANISTAN GO AHEAD!! Sanjar Ahmadi taps the ball home after Kiran Kumar makes a huge howler in goal, letting a regulation cross out of his grip, and it fell in the Germany based forward's path, who made no mistake!
  • 9'
    And Sandip Rai almost catches out the keeper!! He sees the keeper off his line and tries to chip him from the half-line. The keeper somehow manages to scramble back and tips it over for a corner.
  • 6'
    Afghanistan have started the game in good spirits, they dont seem to be in awe of the crowd. Arezou has looked sharp so far, but no chance has really fallen his way yet.
  • 3'
    Afghanistan gets a freekick and Amiri sees the keeper off his near post and tries to catch him out. However the shot lacked power and the keeper gathers easily
  • 1'
    On the pitch Nepal kick us off and instantly Khawash has a shot which is tipped wide by the keeper for a corner. As always, a noisy crowd over here, lets see what part they play in the game today
  • And this time an interruption during the national anthem of Afghanistan as the music stops suddenly. This is not good during an International tournament. The organisation has been poor throughout the competition.However they play it again and lets hope thats the last hick up before and during the game.
  • Here are the line-ups :
    AFGHANISTAN LINE UP: 6. Mohammad Rafi, 9. Mohammad Yusuf Mashrigi, 7. Mustafa Azadzoy, 24. Amiruddin Mohammad Anwar, 14. Farzad Ghulam Muhaiddin, 25. Mustafa Hadid, 3. Haroon Fakhruddin (C), 1. Mansur Fagiryar (GK) 11. Sanjar M. Ahmadi, 10. Belal Arezou, 27. Mujtab Faiz
    NEPAL LINE UP: 16. Kiran Kumar Limbu (GK), 19. Sagaar Thapa (C), 13. Sandip Rai, 2. Rabin Shrestha, 3. Biraj Maharjan, 32. Rohit Chand, 17. Bhola Nath Silwal, 15. Raju Tamang, 21. Bharat Khawash, 10. Anil Gurung, 11. Jumanu Rai
  • Hello and welcome to Goal's LIVE coverage of the game between Nepal and Afghanistan. This is your correspondent Ayush Srivastava, reporting for the Dashrath stadium. You can direct all your queries, and views to my twitter account @ayush_sri and I shall try including as many as possible during the live commentary!