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Federation Cup

  • 18 January 2014
  • • 19:00
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kochi, Kerala

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME: Mumbai FC 1-2 Salgaocar FC. Group C remains open
  • 90' + 4'
    Final minute or so. Can anything happen now?
  • 90' + 3'
    Both sides now with 10 men each
  • 90' + 2'
    Second yellow for Clifton Dias of Salgaocar too, for a foul on Pradeep
  • 90' + 1'
    SubstitutionBikash Jairu Freiman Mauricio Peixoto
  • 90' + 1'
    Yellow/Red Clifton Dias
  • 90' + 1'
    We're in the four minutes of added time as Mumbai FC have to play with 10 men
  • 90'
    Yellow/Red Rohit Mirza
  • 90'
    Game over for Mirza! He picks his second yellow card, once again for a high foot against Lamare
  • 88'
    He tries to go for a volley after the rebound falls back for his team-mate, but shoots wide
  • 88'
    WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?! Yakubu hits the woodwork!!!
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Chika Wali
  • 87'
    PENALTY!!! On the other side now. Wali brings down Ezeh in the box
  • 85'
    A couple of fouls to count for in the last few minutes
  • 81'
    SubstitutionRahul Kumar Nicolau Colaco
  • 81'
    SAVE!!! Karanjit Singh dives to his left to send the ball over his post as an Anwar Ali header from Nicholas Rodrigues' free-kick
  • 79'
    Yellow Card Rohit Mirza
  • 79'
    Mirza with a high foot against Lamare
  • 77'
    Darryl Duffy with space around the Mumbai box but not able to do anything with that
  • 75'
    With that now, Salgaocar have completely opened up the group
  • 74'
    Penalty Goal Gilbert Oliveira
    GOOALLL!!! Oliveira converts it
  • 74'
    PENALTY!!! Handball for Mumbai FC substitute Rohit Mirza inside the box
  • 73'
    Nicholas Rodrigues' attempt goes above the target
  • 73'
    Mumbai with a free-kick at the edge of the box
  • 72'
    The flag is up, but not for an off-side. Karanjit Singh is deemed to have crossed the line while throwing the ball for his team-mates
  • 70'
    SubstitutionSubhash Chakraborty Rohit Mirza
  • 70'
    Ezeh crosses in from the right but there is nobody to receive the ball on the other side
  • 69'
    Salgaocar attack but Jairu is stopped in his tracks in the Mumbai box
  • 67'
    Rahul Kumar down with an injury
  • 65'
    In comes the free-kick and Clifton Dias eventually shoots wide
  • 64'
    Duffy and his coach Derrick Pereira not happy with Ali's foul
  • 64'
    Mumbai on the counter. Pradeep shoots, but Karanjit is in the path of that one.
  • 63'
    Salgaocar have a couple of setpieces at their disposal, but not able to make much of it
  • 62'
    Anwar Ali concedes a corner and Jairu's setpiece is averted
  • 60'
    We have reached the hour mark and the scoresheet reads 1-1
  • 58'
    The corner is cleared to safety
  • 58'
    Nicholas Rodrigues crosses from the left for Ezeh and Augustin sends it out for a corner after the Nigerian missed it
  • 56'
    Francis Fernandes looks very disappointed with himself as his touch let him down on the right wing. The ball rolls over the touchline while the Salgaocar skipper did have a couple of options in the box
  • 54'
    Subhash Chakraborty's free-kick is cleared away
  • 54'
    Rahul Kumar fouls Ezeh at the edge of the box on the right side and Mumbai have a free-kick at a very good position
  • 53'
    Duffy heads Foschini's free-kick towards Chika Wali, but the referee calls for a foul against the latter on Nidhinlal
  • 52'
    Jairu is down after Meitei trips him from behind. Salgaocar free-kick
  • 50'
    So the only way for this group to remain open is a Salgaocar win, which will also keep Lajong's hopes alive
  • 49'
    If Mumbai win this game, then also it will be Bagan who make it to the semis on account of a better head-to-head record against Jamil's side
  • 47'
    Yellow Card Clifton Dias
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJames Singh Sainath Singh
  • 46'
    Goal P. Pradeep
  • 46'
    GOALL!!! Henry Ezeh kept the defenders with him and laid the ball on the platter for NP Pradeep whose rasping shot from around the edge of the box left Karanjit Singh with no chance as Mumbai FC have their equaliser
  • 46'
    Second half resumes. Remember that a draw over here would mean that Mohun Bagan makes it through to the semis from group C
  • HALF-TIME: Mumbai FC 0-1 Salgacar FC
  • 45' + 2'
    CLOSE!!! Sainaj shoots wide after receiving a pass by Haitifie
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 45'
    CLOSE!!!! Francis did all the spadework on the right wing to send in a cross toward Jairu, whose header on target comes off the body of Peter Costa
  • 44'
    Salgaocar try to take advantage of a 10-man opposition, but Mumbai come away with it
  • 42'
    James Singh is meanwhile down on the sidelines with an ice pack on the outside of his right knee or maybe his hamstring
  • 41'
    Too far wide by Rahul Kumar
  • 40'
    Salgaocar have a free-kick while Ezeh tries a bycicle kick the moment the referee blew his whistle for a foul
  • 39'
    Yellow Card Ahmad Hatifie
  • 39'
    Hatifie is the first man to get in the books of the referee in this match for his foul on Lamare
  • 37'
    Jairu finds the side netting from his corner kick
  • 36'
    Duffy tries to find Oliveira in the box, but not a good enough cross. Corner
  • 35'
    Salgaocar sportingly gives the possession back to Mumbai FC as Yakubu had put it out of play when Oliveira was down
  • 34'
    Oliveira is back on his feet and play resumes
  • 33'
    A clash of bodies between Ezeh and Oliveira, while the latter goes down in pain
  • 32'
    The third off-side against Duffy
  • 31'
    Foschini clears the ball well and Nicholas Rodrigues' eventual cross lands in the hands of Karanjit Singh
  • 30'
    A couple of half chances by Jamil's side now, but neither of Yakubu nor Pradeep quite able to hit the target
  • 29'
    Jairu now claims for a penalty, but the referee gives it in favour of the Mumbai FC player, James Singh, who got a fair share of the ball
  • 27'
    CHANCE!!! Nidhinlal palms away a shot by Oliveira and the Mumbai FC goalkeeper rushes out to make it in time to claim the ball in front of an onrushing Clifton Dias
  • 27'
    The off-side flag goes up against Yakubu
  • 25'
    James Singh puts a through ball to Yakubu, who combines with Ezeh, but there are too many green shirts in the way as the Mumbai attack breaks down
  • 23'
    Oliveira's cross for Duffy, but the latter didn't really react as he stood still as the ball came in
  • 22'
    Peter Costa tries to find Pradeep at the edge of the box, but the latter wasn't able to control the ball on his chest
  • 21'
    Chika Wali this time gets the better of Yusif Yakubu but could have been punished in the very first minute for allowing space in the box
  • 20'
    There are a couple of players already warming up on the sidelines. Will there be an early substitution in this match?
  • 18'
    Henry Ezeh on the right, trying to find Yakubu inside the Salgaocar box, but the cross was a bit out of reach for the Ghanian
  • 16'
    Duffy complains of a kick in the throat while Meitei was attempting to clear the ball away
  • 15'
    Mumbai FC now have the task of coming from behind and score more than their opponents in order to keep their hopes alive
  • 13'
    That free-kick reminds you of the one Shabana scored against Eagles FC last night
  • 12'
    Goal Matthew Foschini
    GOOAAALL!!! Matthew Foshini whips in a direct free-kick which lands past Mumbai keeper Nidhinlal and at the back of the net
  • 11'
    Francis Fernandes and Foschini attempt to set up Duffy ahead, but the Scot runs straight into Mumbai defender Anwar Ali. They have a free-kick
  • 9'
    CLOSE!!! A cross from the left by Oliveira and Augustin sends his header wide
  • 7'
    Two quick moves by Salgaocar but the final touches not good enough
  • 5'
    If the result of this match is a draw, then Bagan will move through as the winners of the group
  • 4'
    Darryl Duffy puts it in the back of the net, but the off-side flag was yet again raised against the run of the Salgaocar striker
  • 2'
    Duffy is flagged off-side on the other side
  • 1'
    SAVE!!! Yakubu releases Hatifie and the Afghan forces a save from Salgaocar goalkeeper Karanjit Singh in the very first minute
  • 1'
    Salgaocar, from left to right in green, kick us off in the match that can pretty much define group C's winner
  • A. Rowan is the referee and we are almost underway
  • I'm Anselm Noronha. You may interact with me via Twitter @apnoronha or send your reactions to @Goal_India
  • The teams are out
  • Meanwhile, Salgaocar FC were thrashed by four goals to nil by Shillong Lajong FC
  • Khalid Jamil’s side didn’t have a poor outing against Bagan as things could have turned out differently for them had Yusif Yakubu, Henry Ezeh and Ahmad Hatifie been more clinical.
  • Mumbai FC went down by a solitary goal defeat to Mohun Bagan in their first group C match, while a win on Saturday will keep them in contention to progress to the semi-finals
  • The two teams have lost their opening games and would be keen to amends here now
  • Good evening and welcome to our play-by-play between Mumbai FC and Salgaocar FC in another group C encounter of the Federation Cup 2014