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  • 25 November 2012
  • • 19:00
  • • Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune, Mahārāṣṭra

Live Commentary

  • Meanwhile, Karim Bencherifa has a lot of work to do. Second for almost the whole of 90 minutes it was only a stroke of luck that got him a point in his first match back.
  • Khalid Jamil should be happy with the way his wards have played and they should have easily got all three points today.
  • Both the goalkeeping coaches will certainly get a salary cut after this..
  • Full Time: Mumbai FC 1-1 Mohun Bagan
  • 90' + 4'
    And again we have a man on the floor. Amiri is the one this time...
  • 90' + 3'
    Now both teams are looking equally aimless as wayward long balls seem to be the order of the day!
  • 90' + 2'
    SubstitutionGabriel Fernandes Jayesh Rane
  • 90' + 1'
    STAT: The number of times the game has been stopped due to a player lying on the ground is more than the number of combined chances created by both teams.. OH wait I just made that up!
  • 90'
    3 minutes of added time as this time its Denson Devadas who has hurt himself trying to dispossess Opara
  • 88'
    STAT Mohun Bagan have committed 23 fouls to Mumbai FC's 4. Talk about the Mariners kicking the men more than the ball.
  • 88'
    Amiri hits another ball into the box..this time Shilton rises and collects cleanly. Opara was lurking..
  • 87'
    SubstitutionSnehasish Chakrabarty C S Sabeeth
  • 86'
    Shouts of hand ball from the Mumbai FC players as James shoots. Did that strike Aibor's hands?
  • 84'
    Nicholas swings it in...Pinball in the box before Stanley finally smashes it clear.
  • 83'
    And MB concede ANOTHER corner.
  • 81'
    What the HELL was Nirmal thinking as he tries to be cute with the ball. Opara pounces on the ball but he makes amends by blocking the shot for a corner.
  • 80'
    HIGH AND DISAPPOINTING this time as the big man fails to replicate his earlier kick.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionYusif Yakubu ND Opara
  • 79'
    Another freekick to Mohun Bagan but at a further distance this time. Odafa to take it.
  • 77'
    Oooh! Yak tries to spin on the ball down the left but does not come off.
  • 75'
    Oh Odafa does take out Faizal Rehman in the process who is down on the ground.
  • 75'
    This is like listening to music on an infinite loop... Long ball to Odafa...No avail!
  • 74'
    Finally Mohun Bagan try to do something down the right flank as Fela tries to link up with Fanai...
  • 72'
    Dunno what Bagan are thinking. Concede another and score two more? Since they are under siege with wave after wave of Mumbai FC attacks..
  • 71'
    Now Gabriel gets into the act as he expertly dribbles past two players and shoots! Straight to Shilton though...
  • 70'
    Good tackle by Aibor as he denies Yadav from taking a shot.
  • 70'
    Dear GOD! MB are being torn apart. Yakubu breaks down the right, and smashes a ball across the face of the goal...strangely no Yellow shirts there.
  • 69'
    Corner to Mumbai FC! James swings in to Yadav obviously but heads it wide.
  • 68'
    And Amiri hoofs in another ball into the box, and Yadav again rises up but weak header this time around. Yadav really has made a difference since coming on.
  • 67'
    SubstitutionManish Bhargav Lalrin Fela
  • 66'
    The Bagan defense should realize that they have a you need not hoof the ball to the big man upfront EVERYTIME!
  • 66'
    Talk about individual performances! Two howlers from Shilton and Barreto , the goalkeepers have given the sides the goal each!
  • 63'
    CHANCE! Odafa heads it just over...Makes Stephen look like invisible..
  • 62'
    Goal Abhishek Yadav
  • 62'
    Amiri plays a long ball from his own half in the box. Shilton Paul comes out and gets nothing on the ball. Yadav just flicks in the ball to the empty net.
  • 62'
    Anyone want to taste Evans sandwich? Odafa and Stanley cooked it up there!
  • 61'
    CHANCE!! Yadav smashes it but wide...Shilton had it covered if it was on target in any case.
  • 61'
    James swings it in...Shilton punches it before Stanley can clear the ball!
  • 60'
    Freekick to Mumbai FC down the left side. Good opportunity to swing one in!
  • 59'
    Finally Mohun Bagan try to do something near the Mumbai box. But the crosses are well dealt with Stephen and Amiri.
  • 58'
    And Long ball from James Singh! Yakubu flicks it on outside for a goalkick !
  • 55'
    SubstitutionSubhash Chakraborty Abhishek Yadav
  • 55'
    Big man Abhisek Yadav is brought on.What will he bring to the plate?
  • 53'
    Slack passing from Bagan! As they give the ball away in midfield YET AGAIN!
  • 52'
    Good game in the middle of the park Evans Quo is having! He wins the ball and passes it to Yak..but he is crowded out by Nirmal and Aibor. Wasted opportunity.
  • 51'
    Well Khalid has asked his side to keep it down a bit more as Mumbai FC try to work the ball down the right flank!
  • 50'
    Yellow Card Aibor Khongjee
  • 49'
    Subhash tries to swing a ball to the far post from the right flank but cleared easily by Aibor.
  • 48'
    Freekick by Nicholas Rodrigues...directed towards the YAK! But too much on the ball as the ref says the ball has gone out of play
  • 47'
    Mumbai FC are sticking to their long ball strategy it seems..which did work for them to be honest
  • 46'
    Kickoff. We are underway in the second half!
  • Meanwhile, Karim will obviously need to borrow SAF's hairdryer as Mohun Bagan have just not been there! Strangely they have the LEAD!
  • A couple of half chances and Gabriel's glaring miss will not please Khalid but if the home team continue, they are sure to get a goal!
  • Although Mohun Bagan began the match better, Mumbai FC have really grown into the game and have been the far better side in all respects.
  • HT: Mumbai FC 0-1 Mohun Bagan
  • 45' + 2'
    CLOSE! Evans Quo almost does an ODAFA! That freekick is just over the bar..
  • 45' + 2'
    Last chance of the match as Mumbai FC have a freekick from dangerous range! Can Mumbai reply to Odafa
  • 45' + 1'
    CHANCE! Dear God! Out of nowhere Manish Bhargav drifts on the left, cuts in and lets loose an absolute belter..SIDE NETTING! That would have gone through the net!
  • 45'
    CORNER to Mohun Bagan! But wasted
  • 43'
    Good shielding play by Faizal as he sees the ball through hounded by Odafa and makes him commit a foul
  • 41'
    So Mohun Bagan after beginning the match positively have just gone to SLEEP! Karim is sure to wake them up in the half time.
  • 41'
    Crunching tackle from Biswajit Saha on the left as he takes the ball away from Subash who was going to shoot as he received the ball from the YAK
  • 40'
    Prajesh Gupta on twitter says: MB should learn from #MFC on how to pass d ball. #MB r jst lucky 2 lead 1-0 Do you agree? Tweet to us @Goal_India
  • 40'
    Oh Manish! What did you do! The youngster breaks down the right but fails to find either of Odafa or Stanley with his cross! And he just smiles when Odafa shows his disgust
  • 39'
    CHANCE! MB are really living dangerously. A peach of a cross from Nicholas from the right and Yakubu rises to smash a header but JUST WIDE!
  • 38'
    Nicholas Rodrigues with a swerving freekick but Chhetri clears easily!
  • 37'
    So Mohun Bagan are leading without creating a proper chance from Open Play yet!! Aah Karim LUCKY BOY!
  • 35'
    James crosses! Evans coming in...but scuffed out and then James with a wayward shot...aaah Subash was ready to shoot but the ball never came!
  • 34'
    And Gabriel breaks for Mumbai FC. Aibor tackles. PLAY ON says the ref again! Fair man this ref!!!
  • 34'
    Sneshish dashes and dashes and dashes...but brought down near the box...PLAY ON says the referee!
  • 33'
    Yellow Card Denson Devadas
  • 33'
    However Justine and Amiri have diffused the Nigerian not allowing him a good chance
  • 33'
    So I was blaming Mumbai For their Long Ball strategy but Mohun Bagan, on the other hand have tried to exploit the flanks well and have also pumped the ball to Odafa when possible..
  • 31'
    What a poor end to a flowing move from Mumbai FC. Yakubu passes it to Nicholas on the left whose cross would make Sergio Ramos' penalty kick proud...
  • 29'
    It seems MFC's 'pump the ball long to Yakubu' is actually working...As the 36 year old is playing like a 16 year old
  • 28'
    OFFSIDE! Yakubu gets at the end of the ball and beats Shilton but Aibor comes up with a great block. But Yusuf was offside in any case
  • 26'
    CHANCE!! How did Gabriel Fernandes miss that? From Point Blank range smashes it high! Yakubu to James to Gabriel! And a MISS! Jamil will be cursing his luck
  • 23'
    And Manish Bhargav tries a long diagonal onto the opposite flank to find Stanley lurking! But just too much on the ball!
  • 21'
    Goal Odafa Onyeka Okolie
  • 21'
    That was some freekick from Odafa from the left of the box as he smashes it past Luis Barreto! But the goalkeeper should have done much much better! Beaten from that angle..
  • 21'
    Odafa receives the long ball and plays Snehasish down the left, but Faizal fouls him, and MB win a freekick from close range
  • 20'
    Yellow Card Haroon Fakhruddin
  • 20'
    There is hardly any kind of rhythm in the its just a game of Long balls and clearances
  • 19'
    SubstitutionSyed Rahim Nabi Lalrozama Fanai
  • 19'
    Amiri clatters Odafa! But the referee does not buy it!
  • 19'
    Massive BLOW for Mohun Bagan as Mr. Consistency, Nabi is off due to an injury. Former Arrows player, Fanai is on in his place...
  • 17'
    CORNER to Mumbai FC! Cleared by Bhargav who is the makeshift Right Back
  • 16'
    And LONG Ball played to Yakubu yet again who almost heads it back to the path of Gabriel.
  • 15'
    And Syed Rahim Nabi is DOWN! Will Karim have to make an early change?
  • 13'
    BOOM! Devdas smashes the ball straight to Evans' face!
  • 12'
    CHANCE! Yakubu out of nowhere shows that he still has IT left in him. Smashes a volley and almost catches Shilton unaware at the near post who saves somehow
  • 10'
    The hulking Nigerian was lurking behind..
  • 10'
    Ooooh Aaaah! ODAFA! Faizal Rehman somehow heads the ball back to his goalie!
  • 9'
    The young Ghanaian, Evans Quo tries a long range pop...Deflected wide for a CORNER!
  • 8'
    Again Mumbai play it LONG but this time Subash gets the ball on the right flank but good tackle by Saha
  • 7'
    Manish Bhargav almost gets at the end of the Jewel cross...but ref says it has gone out..
  • 7'
    Oh come on MUMBAI! Stop pumping long balls and giving away possession.
  • 6'
    And Saha slips on the left! Gabriel pounces! Oh wait he cannot control the ball too...THROW IN!
  • 5'
    Brilliant control of the ball by Yakubu but Jewel Raja comes back to help out Aibor in defense..
  • 3'
    Talk About Odafa and he slips still passes it to Denson! MB are trying to take an early control of the game...not letting the home team settle.
  • 3'
    Aaaah! IOdafa almost flicks the ball to Stanley as he makes an off the ball run.
  • 2'
    And the corner is wasted!
  • 2'
    CORNER For Mohun Bagan as they break down the left
  • 1'
    And we KICK OFF! MB in their customary maroon and green strip while Mumbai are in their yellow jersey
  • Both Mumbai FC and Mohun Bagan are in good form...but Mumbai will look for maximum points as its a home game for them... Karim will obviously look to start on a positive note.
  • Tweet to us @Goal_India with your questions and suggestions during the match...both Mohun Bagan and Mumbai FC fans...
  • And we are minutes away from kickoff as both teams are doing the customary handshakes before the match!
  • Mumbai FC: (4-4-2) Barreto; Nicholas.Stephen,Amiri, Faizal; Evans,Ashutosh,James,Subash; Yakubu,Gabriel
  • The lineups are in... MB: (4-5-1): Shilton; Nabi,Aibor,Nirmal,Biswajit; Manish B,Denson,Stanley,Jewel,Snehasish; Odafa
  • This is Kaustav Bera and I will be taking you through today's match where Kolkata bigwigs Mohun Bagan take on Mumbai FC in the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex — Pune, Mahārāṣṭra
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