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  • 27 November 2013
  • • 17:00
  • • Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium), Kalkātā (Kolkata), West Bengal

Live Commentary

  • With Mohun Bagan guilty of wasting so many chances yet again, they had to settle only for a point against a Mohammedan side who looked pretty uninspiring.
  • 90' + 1'
    WHAT A CHANCE WASTED! Josimar breaks at speed. Aibor's tackle puts it instead on the path of Ajay Singh who just had to chip it past an onrushing Sandip nandy but ends up shooting wide.
  • 90'
    Ram Mallik goes surging down the right and tries to step over Sobrosa. The burly Brazilian puts in a brilliant tackle in.
  • 88'
    Odafa tries to take on the whole Mohammedan defense yet again but shoots it wide!
  • 87'
    Ajay Singh with a wayward effort from the right! Thats what we are left with today it seems. However we cannot find today's Ralte yet.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionHarrison Muranda Shankar Oraon
  • 85'
    Well it seems we are going for another stalemate today as both teams have left their finishing boots at home.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionTolgay Ozbey Josimar
  • 84'
    Muranda with an effort from the edge of the box but like Bagan's luck today, nowhere near the goal.
  • 83'
    Yellow Card Penn Orji
  • 82'
    Penn Orji blatantly brings down Odafa on the right and gives Bagan a freekick which is wasted.
  • 79'
    Freekick to Mohammedan but Penn hits it over.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionManish Bhargav Ram Malik
  • 75'
    SubstitutionDenson Devadas C S Sabeeth
  • 74'
    The play is constrained to the midfield as both teams are slugging it out without creating any meaningful chance.
  • 72'
    Debnath with a brilliant sliding tackle in to block Penn who was lining up a shot. Brilliant play all around.
  • 70'
    CHANCE! Penn cuts in from the right but his left footed shot goes wide of Sandip and the post.
  • 69'
    CHANCE! Odafa and Yusa combine brilliantly but yet again the finishing lets them down. This time the Japanese is at fault after Odafa plays a lovely ball. Yusa turns but cannot control his shot.
  • 68'
    Abranches goes surging down the right and finds Tolgay who fails to control the ball and it comes back to Collin who then finds Penn. He tries to hit it on the run but goes wide. CHANCE WASTED
  • 66'
    CHANCE! In tradition with trying long rangers, Rakesh Masih too tries his luck but that has gone wide but was pretty close.
  • 65'
    Good bit of play by Bhargav as he releases Muranda down the right but his cross is poor as Odafa is at the far post unmarked and the ball evades him completely.
  • 63'
    Denson almost plays an inch perfect ball for Odafa but Hembram goes there first averting the danger.
  • 63'
    There is a clear lack of cohesion in play as neither team is creating chances after the break.
  • 62'
    Oh! Odafa! It seemed he was onside as he was clean through on goal but quite a way off there.
  • 61'
    Substitute Hembram goes into a reckless challenge on Katsumi Yusa. The Referee fails to award a foul STRANGE
  • 59'
    SubstitutionSyed Rahim Nabi Phoolchand Hembram
  • 59'
    Hembram comes in for Nabi as Mohammedan make a substitution.
  • 59'
    HARMLESS! Odafa's free-kick didn't dip and went over the bar instead.
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Luciano Sabrosa
  • 57'
    There is a scuffle as Odafa wins a free-kick
  • 53'
    Oh Ishfaq! The winger does all the hard work drifting in down the right but ends up passing only to Aibor.
  • 52'
    CHANCE! Rakesh Masih dispossesses katsumi and hits a long searching ball for Tolgay. He gets the ball but wastes too much time allowing Iche to get a tackle in.
  • 51'
    Yellow Card Tolgay Ozbey
  • 51'
    That was NASTY! Tolgay goes crashing into Bhargav off the ball. That could have been a red but he escapes with a yellow.
  • 50'
    Tolgay goes on the break beating Iche for pace but the Nigerian with a brilliant tackle in from behind. That was clean but Debnath ends up fouling allowing Mohammedan a freekick which is held easily by Sandip
  • 49'
    Mohun Bagan win a freekick from the edge of the box but fail to beat the wall.
  • 48'
    Bhargav tries to test Luis Barreto but his shot is easily held.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionJerry Zirsanga Ajay Singh
  • 46'
    WHAT A CHANCE! Odafa with a brilliant bit of play but he fails to finish. He receives the ball brilliantly beating Sobrosa in the air before cutting in and shooting. But that is straight to Luis Barreto.
  • 45' + 2'
    WHAT DO YOU KNOW! Muranda nutmegs Soren and then finds Kotal who has made an overlapping run down the right. His teasing cross too cannot be met by either of Muranda or Odafa.
  • 45' + 1'
    Pritam Kotal with a brilliant pass for Manish Bhargav who swings it in the box. Evades Odafa. Mohun Bagan are piling on the pressure.
  • 44'
    CHANCE! Odafa plays a beautiful reverse pass for Muranda but he tries to do a Penn as he tries an acute angle chip. Goes high and wide.
  • 44'
    Finally Mohammedan atleast get the ball inside the Mohun Bagan box as Collin swings one in but the Bagan defense has no problem dealing with it.
  • 42'
    Seems Mohammedan has faded as the half worn on, allowing Mohun Bagan to dominate
  • 40'
    CHANCE! Odafa misses yet another! Gilt edged chance as Manish with a brilliant cross down the right but Odafa's weak header is saved easily by Luis Barreto. Denson who was lurking nearby cannot utilize the rebound.
  • 39'
    CHANCE! Odafa gets a chance thanks to a great ball lifted in by Debnath from the right but Odafa's shot is again high
  • 37'
    Katsumi with a great ball down the left wing where Shouvik slides it to Odafa but great lunging tackle by Wadoo to get rid of the danger.
  • 36'
    Mohammedan with a patient build up play which ultimately leads to Anthony Soren shooting from just outside the box. But goes wide.
  • 34'
    Muranda tries to cross from the right but only finds Manish on the far left and the defenders can clear it out
  • 33'
    ALMOST DISASTER! Aibor with a woeful pass out of defence and Soren intercepts and passes it to Penn but he tries to chip it over Nandy from a bad angle. Goes wide.
  • 32'
    Tolgay goes down the right and dribbles past Aibor but his shot just goes wide of the right post.
  • 31'
    Penn tries to swing one in from the right but Aibor blocks it for a corner. Nabi tries a shot from just outside the box but woefully up.
  • 30'
    Pritam and Bhargav try to play an one two between them but Muranda unfortunately comes in between the pass.
  • 28'
    That was almost suicidal by Denson who tries to play it back to Sandip Nandy. It was almost there for Tolgay to pounce but Nandy is alert.
  • 26'
    Tolgay goes down the right and beats Shouvik for pace but his cross is nowhere instead allowing Nabi to collect on the fat side.
  • 24'
    Ishfaq with a long range shot. Nandy did not judge it before but tips it over.
  • 23'
    CHANCE! Katsumi with a brilliant surging run who finds Odafa even though Penn brings him down. But Odafa is crowded out and ends up fouling
  • 22'
    Masih with a freekick and straight to Sandip Nandy
  • 20'
    Aibor clashes with Zirsanga in order to win a header allowing Mohammedan a freekick.
  • 19'
    Manish Bhargav hits a beautiful ball with the outside of his foot for Katsumi Yusa but he cannot reach it. A little bit higher
  • 18'
    Zirsanga tries to swing in a cross for Ishfaq to attack but straight to Nandy
  • 17'
    Penn hits a long ball to Tolgay But Tolgay's first touch is horrible. Zirsanga tries a desperate lunge to get the ball back...but Mohun Bagan recover
  • 17'
    Shouvik tries to lob a pass to Muranda but that was badly hit...
  • 15'
    Penn trips over a defender just outside the box but the referee rightfully is not interested.
  • 14'
    Bhargav tries to lift one cross in from the right trying to find Muranda but cleared.
  • 13'
    CHANCE! ODAAAAAAAFA! He almost opens the scoring with a fierce effort but just over
  • 12'
    Odafa tries to place one shot at the far corner but that probably took a deflection but given as a throw in on the other side..
  • 11'
    Colin Abranches slides in a ball trying to find Zirsanga but great block by Debnath,,,
  • 10'
    Zirsanga tries to dribble past Aibor but Aibor sticks to him like a magnet
  • 8'
    Oooooh! Aibor tries to backflick the ball out of danger. Goes out for a throw in.
  • 6'
    Odafa holds the ball up brilliantly on the left and Muranda hits it on the run. It almost grazes the right corner. GREAT EFFORT
  • 5'
    Nabi tries to swing it in but Bagan reclaim it and go on the break...
  • 4'
    Mohun Bagan now try to build with Pritam Kotal going on the overlap. But the cross evades Muranda and Katsumi cannot get at the end of it too..
  • 2'
    Mohammedan with the early pressing as the match has started with Tolgay going down the left...
  • 1'
    And we have kicked off
  • From the derby Karim Bencherifa makes two changes with Iche having served his ban back in the squad and Manish Bhargav getting a nod above CS Sabeeth in midfield.
  • Syed Rahim Nabi finally gets a start in the I-League since last season when he elected to join the IMG-Reliance League...
  • Mohammedan: Luis; Collin, Rakesh, Sobrosa, Nabi; Wadoo, Zirsanga, Ishfaq, Soren; Penn, Tolgay
  • MB: Sandip; Pritam, Iche, Aiborlang, Shouvik; Bhargav, Denson, Kingshuk, Muranda; Yusa, Odafa 
  • I am Kaustav Bera and I am your host for the day as people are still flocking in even now...
  • Hello and Welcome to Goal's LIVE commentary from the Salt lake Stadium as we bring another derby encounter for you as Mohun Bagan take on Mohammedan SC...