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  • 23 November 2013
  • • 14:00
  • • Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium), Kalkātā (Kolkata), West Bengal

Live Commentary

  • This was Atanu Mitra live from the venue and thank you all for following Goal's live commentary. Until next time, goodbye!
  • Full Time Scoreline: Mohammedan 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
  • 90' + 1'
    Churchill have their chance here! But a powerful shot from distance was fisted away easily by Luis Barreto.
  • 90'
    CHANCE! PENN ORJI AGAIN! The Nigerian dribbles past a few Churchill defenders, and takes a powerful shot that went inches away from target. Good intent shown here.
  • 88'
    Only a few minutes of regulation time left now. Another Churchill player is down with a cramp here.
  • 86'
    PENN ORJI!! The playmaker pulls off a brilliant pass to Tolgay, but the striker's delivery was shamblic as he fails to find Israil Gurung inside the box.
  • 85'
    Yellow Card Rakesh Masih
  • 84'
    Masih goes into the referee's book after an ill-timed tactical foul. Nothing from the free-kick.
  • 82'
    And as the match is becoming more boring every moment, Mohammedan supporters have something to cheer against as Bottles are hurled to the veteran Subhash Bhowmick without any rhyme or reason, after the Technical Director comes out of the bench for the first time of the day. Very bad attitude this from the audience. 
  • 80'
    Crackers in the stadium! Again! We hope this is not a prelude to tomorrow's high-profile match.
  • 78'
    Another Churchill player is down with an injury here, and medical stuff entering the field for the umpteenth time today.
  • 76'
    SubstitutionAlesh Sawant Anthony Pereira
  • 76'
    Anthony Pereira, the man who was in the limelight over his saga with Mohun Bagan in the summer, comes in as a late substitute here, with Alesh Sawant making way for him.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionAjay Singh Anthony Soren
  • 74'
    The action in the middle of pitch has gone from bad to worse as both midfields have managed only a shoddy show.
  • 72'
    AND AJAY SINGH HAS INJURED HIMSELF HERE! And it looks a serious injury from here! Ambulance being called for! Bad luck for the hosts.
  • 70'
    Ajay makes an instant mark as he has good run down the right, but fails to create a clear cut chance.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionJosimar Ajay Singh
  • 69'
    A surprise move by Aziz here. Josimar is taken off, and Ajay Singh is the new man in.
  • 67'
    YASSER trying a Ibrahimovic here. Following a bad delivery, the striker tries to use his heel to pull off a shot at target, but it went much away from the target.
  • 65'
    First quality stuff from Tolgay, as he goes on a daunting run to unleash a powerful shot, but his effort was saved well by Arindam and the ball went out for a corner.
  • 62'
    Penn Orji has been as elegant as ever, but his teammates couldn't reach it most of the times. This time, Josimar fails to latch onto a good ground through ball.
  • 60'
    SubstitutionManish Maithani Rakesh Masih
  • 60'
    Churchill also had a good look at the targer, as Yumnam was in a good position to shoot but his procrastination was decisive in the end and Luciano clears it well.
  • 58'
    Once again Tolgay loses the ball as he opts to fight it out himself though a number of teammates were in better positions to shoot. Bad decision making from the striker.
  • 55'
    Tolgay Ozbey had a good run down the middle but instead of passing the ball to Josimar, plays it to the right flank and the essence of the move is lost. Churchill defense clears the move with ease.
  • 53'
    Mohammedan dominating the proceeding here after the break. Gagandepp Singh wins a good ball here but his blind passing only going against his team's cause.
  • 52'
    Penn Orji playing out all his tricks here, but the Red Machines backline has been resoulte enough to parry away the danger.
  • 50'
    CHANCE! Tolgay Ozbey was in a good position just outside the Churchill box and plays a good diagonal ball to Israil on the left edge, but the linesman raises his flag as the youngster was offside.
  • 48'
    Mohammedan trying to build up deep from their defense but Israil Gurung loses the ball under slight pressure.
  • 47'
    A halftime substitution for the Churchill side has seen Balwant Singh being injected into action in place of Micky Fernandes.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionMicky Fernandes Balwant Singh
  • 46'
    And the second half is underway here!
  • Karim Bencharifa and Ranjan Chowdhury (East Bengal's assistant coach) are also present in the stadium to watch the match. A candid chat between Ranjan and Sandip Nandi in the pressbox only helping them to fight the pre-derby stress 26 hours before the face-off.
  • OFF TOPIC: The Saltlake Stadium is getting ready for the football fest of tomorrow evening as the marquee clash of Indian football will see Mohun Bagan and East Bengal face each other in search of instant glory. Almost 50 construction workers are sweating it out in different parts of the venue to ensure a better organization of the derby. A few fixing the broken chairs of the VIP Gallery while lights of the stairs on the way to the gallery are also being repaired.
  • It has mostly been a drab encounter so far, with only a few chances being created. Both the teams will go for the kill in the next half, for sure! We take a 5-minute break here and will return before the action resumes once again.
  • Half Time Scoreline: Mohammedan Sporting 0-0 Churchill Brothers.
  • 45'
    CHANCE! GOOD LINK-UP BETWEEN THE 3 FOREIGNERS! After Tolgay Ozbey supplies the ball to Josimar, he plays a good pass to Penn , but Penn failed to reach the ball. That move looked good.
  • 43'
    Churchill has tried to build up through the middle but Luciano and Mehraj have marked Yasser brilliantly.
  • 42'
    Yasser Shahen shows glimpses of his class! The new inductee of the squad drops down to the centre line and wins a ball for his side, getting the better of Ishfaq and Gagandeep by two elegant touces.
  • 39'
    Josimar once again looking dangerous in the aerial balls, but the support has not been up to the mark, as the hosts have failed to win most of the second balls in the oppoent half.
  • 36'
    It has mostly been an even encounter so far with both the teams having their share of chances.This time Penn Orji with a run down the right, but his ground pass fails  meet the onrushing Mohammedan bodies in the area.
  • 33'
    Tolgay Ozbey looking sluggish here! The striker is clearly looking out of ideas here and now handles a ball in the opponent half to spoil a move in the bud.
  • 31'
    PENN ORJI! CHANCE! The midfield lynchpin of the side shows glimpses of his skill and takes a shot. But the shot was tame and Arindam was alert enough to hold it safely.
  • 29'
    Churchill trying to feed their new foreigner with a number of through balls, but their ambitious passing has not helped much in their cause.
  • 27'
    Mohammedan had another corner and a better delivery this time. However, Gagandeep Singh, who was almost unmarked inside the area, failed to connect a header and the ball goes out for a goalkick.
  • 25'
    Another good chance for the travellers, but Collin Abranches makes a goal-line save this time. Alesh Sawant took a shot from a melee, but Collin was aware and saves the citadel for his side.
  • 23'
    JOSIMAR! The Brazilian heads back a ball in the way of Tolgay Ozbey in the penalty box, but the Australian striker failed to get the better of a number of Churchill bodies present in the box and opts to pass it to the midfielders to build up the attack afresh.
  • 21'
    Mohammedan claiming another corner here, now in the left end. The deliveries from the corners have, however been shamblic till now.
  • 19'
    The right wing has been more creative for the Black and Whites in the fixture, but they have failed to offer the final threat.
  • 17'
    Lenny Rodrigues going on a darting run here, but there was no one present to support his cause. However, Luis Barreto fumbles a bit to hold on to a cross that was flown from the right end, but no danger done to the home side.
  • 15'
    Brilliant from Josimar! The forward drops down and plays an intelligent pass to Israil Gurung to get the better of an offside trap. But the midfielder failed to make anything out of it and it goes out for a corner.
  • 14'
    Both the teams playing out a number of misspasses here. This has been a drab encounter so far, leaving out a few audacious long balls played by the Mohammedan midfield.
  • 12'
    Yellow Card Micky Fernandes
  • 12'
    And now, Micky Fernandes becomes the first player to go into the referee's book after unleashing a rash challenge well inside their own half.
  • 10'
    SubstitutionSudhakaran Naveen Kumar Sanjay Balmuchu
  • 10'
    Subhash Bhowmick is forced to use his first substitution of the day as Naveen Sudhakaran comes off after suffering a knock here. Sanjay Balmuchu comes in for him.
  • 8'
    Mohammedan defense looks unsettled here, with Mehraj failing to keep up with Balan's pace. Penn Orji claims a coner kick, but to no result.
  • 6'
    WHAT A SAVE! LUIS BARRETO PULLS OFF A BRILLIANT STOP! Yasser Shahen, the new member of the Churchill side was ready to make an instant mark, after being fed by Balan in the penalty box, but a divine save from the veteran Luis saves the day for the hosts. Top stuff from both the sides. First real opening of the match.
  • 4'
    Josimar Martins looking the danger man here! The Nigerian tries to take a shar turn to put the traveling defense into trouble, but Denzil clears it well.
  • 2'
    Churchil trying to build up through the right flank, but an offside spoils their move.
  • 1'
    And we are off here! Churchill enjoying the early share of possession after Josimar casually loses the ball in the opponent half.
  • The players are going through the pre-match handshakes now. No Syed Rahim Nabi in the first 18, though it was a strong rumour that the versatile player will make his debut today.
  • I am Atanu Mitra, and I will be bringing you all the details straight from the venue as  two sides, who look pretty good on paper, are ready to lock horns for the bragging rights.
  • And like almost every other Mohammedan Sporting home match, the team-lists have yet not been distributed in the Pressbox. Very unprofessional practice this from the Kolkata side. By practice, I mean this is a day in day out thing.
  • No live telecast of the match and this remains your only way to get minute-by-minute details of the exciting clash. So, stay tuned to Goal as the action is ready to unfold in a few minutes.
  • Josimar Martins has been the star performer for the Kolkata club this season, already having 7 goals to his name. His partner is crime, Tolgay Ozbey however, has looked off-colour most of the time, showing only glimpses of his usual dynamic self. The Australian, however, looked lethal in the club’s 7-0 win in the midweek in the Calcutta Premier League and will try to repeat his performance against a struggling away side today.
  • Speaking of the visitors, nothing has worked in favour of the defending champions this season, as they still remain winless after playing out 8 fixtures in the campaign. Recently, they have released all their foreign players and it remains to be seen what their replacements add to their mission. Subhash Bhowmick, who guided the Red Machines to I-League glory last season, is back at the helm of the team after a short stint by Sukhwinder Singh and it will take a masterstroke from the shrewd tactician to turn the tide in Churchill’s favour.
  • After suffering a dismal start to the season, the century-old Kolkata club has recovered well of late, with the inclusion of a few experienced players from the IMG-Reliance League only supporting their cause. They have won 3 of their last 5 matches, and will try to continue their good show before their supporters today.
  • Hello and welcome to Goal’s live coverage of the I-League, as the premier competition of the nation is back after an International break. In the first match of the day, we have Mohammedan Sporting playing host to the defending champions Churchill Brothers in the Saltlake Stadium of Kolkata today.