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  • 27 November 2013
  • • 15:30
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium), Margao, Goa
  • Referee: A. Rowan

Live Commentary

  • BETO of Dempo!
  • And the "most valuable player" of the evening is....
  • FULL TIME: Dempo SC 1-1 Pune FC
  • 90' + 4'
    Good clearance by Edathodika to clear Jewel's cross that was heading towards Beto
  • 90' + 3'
    Dempo seriously have to much better with the amount of chances they have been creating, not only in this games but in their previous fixtures too. Just the finishing that's been a massive let-down for Papas' side
  • 90' + 2'
    PETER!!!!! Carvalho heads wide from right in front of the goal off a Beto corner from the left
  • 90'
    Four minutes added time
  • 89'
    Yellow Card Selwyn Fernandes
  • 89'
    CLOSE MIGHTY CLOSE!!! Beto showed some wonderful piece of skill to flick a pass by Gabriel, but miskicked the return and got dodged by the spin after the ball bounced as Ramu cleared away the remains
  • 88'
    Nikhil Kadam shoots wide at the other end off a rare attack managed by Pune FC after quite a while
  • 87'
    Edathodika with top defending in the box, this time with a timely tackle against the run of Alwyn George
  • 85'
    CLOSE!!! Beto stands over the ball...hits the wall, but manages to cross on the second attempt which Alwyn heads on the post on the far side. The rebound was sent wide by Peter Carvalho who attempted an overhead volley
  • 84'
    A free-kick for Dempo right outside the box on the right side
  • 83'
    GOOD DEFENDING!!! A brave sliding tackle put against the swinging right-footer of Beto after the cross was put in by Gabriel from the right
  • 82'
    Dempo are all over the Pune FC half and trying to create a good enough opportunity to score the winner
  • 80'
    Alwyn to Beto on the right wing. The Brazilian's cross headed away only as far as Peter Carvalho, who shoots, but fails to connect well enough to beat Amrinder who holds on to the ball on his second attempt after dealing with an awkward attempt the first time
  • 79'
    SAVE!!! Amrinder tips away a sure shot on goal by Beto who was setup by Gabriel
  • 76'
    Beto trying to work things on his own, but his shot takes a deflection and lands in the hands of Amrinder
  • 74'
    SubstitutionArata Izumi Anthony D’ Souza
  • 74'
    WHAT A MISS!!!! A few good exchanges between Gabriel Fernandes and Jewel Raja saw the latter put the ball in Alwyn George's path who was left with the easiest of jobs to tap home but instead shot wide from hand-shaking distance
  • 74'
    Beto tries to find Jewel Raja in the box and Gurjinder clears
  • 72'
    Yellow Card Gurjinder Kumar
  • 72'
    First booking of the game as Gurjinder gets booked for a rough tackle on Prabir Das
  • 71'
    Pune FC players are still trying their best in attack, especially with all passes going towards Riga who is struggling to find enough support
  • 68'
    Good movement in the box by Alwyn and Gabriel but an equally alert Anas Edathodika clears away the danger from the jaws of the two Dempo players
  • 66'
    Gabriel is trying to make his presence felt on the right wing, working the ball around well
  • 65'
    SubstitutionJoy Ferrao Gabriel Fernandes
  • 63'
    Beto tests Amrinder's alertness as he tries from afar, but the Pune FC custodian has it covered
  • 62'
    SubstitutionC. Miranda Alwyn George
  • 62'
    A number of quick subs by both teams' coaches. Which way will the game turn - in whose favour?
  • 61'
    SubstitutionHolicharan Narzary J. Raja
  • 59'
    SubstitutionJames Meyer Shanmugam Venkatesh
  • 58'
    Narzary also had an attempt that almost caught Amrinder off-guard as the ball lobbed close to the target on the right side of the post
  • 56'
    CLOSE!!! Prabir Das works his way around the right flank and picks out Beto, but the Brazilian's low diving header that was well on target was blocked by Pune FC defender Ramu
  • 52'
    Riga finally gets a goal that he can claim as if he deserves it
  • 51'
    Goal Mustapha Riga
    GOOOAALLL!!! And there comes the equaliser as a neatly squared pass by Pierre was burried at the back of the net by the Ghanian, although not before Kattimani got a hand to it
  • 50'
    Riga's shot on the volley blocked by Debabrata
  • 48'
    Is this a new Dempo that's playing in the second half, or just something that didn't work for them in the first half?
  • 47'
    Goal Roberto Mendes Da Silva
    GOAAALLL!!!! Beto pounced on the loose ball after Narzary's pass didn't see a quick enough reaction by the Pune FC defense
  • 46'
    SubstitutionMumtaz Akhtar Thongkhosiem Haokip
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Dempo SC 0-0 Pune FC
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 44'
    The only thing loud enough in this match is the drums being played in the stands as the fans are forced to sit quiet
  • 43'
    STAT: Pune FC medio Arata Izumi has scored seven times in six different matches against Dempo SC
  • 40'
    Amrinder has to do nothing other than watching Prabir's shot fly wide this time
  • 39'
    Joy Ferrao with a tame effort that's collected by Amrinder
  • 37'
    Not a very exciting match for the likes of today's fans as both sides are struggling to create enough clear cut chances
  • 34'
    STAT: Pune FC have always scored against Dempo SC and have logged a total of 19 goals in the previous ten games against the Goans
  • 32'
    Joy Ferrao tries to emulate John Menyongar's goal for Bengaluru FC against Salgaocar FC yesterday, but doesn't get a curl
  • 30'
    Beto tries a little bit of a trickery inside the Pune box to find Joy, with the cleared pass landing at Miranda's left foot as the latter blasts wide from outside the box
  • 28'
    Dempo now moving better in attack
  • 26'
    Angus gets a touch on the corner but the ball moves straight instead of goalwards as Dempo look to hit on the counter
  • 26'
    It's all happening here now with Riga's shot blocked by Selwyn for a Pune FC corner
  • 25'
    Beto turns well in the midfield but his cross to Miranda is disappointing
  • 24'
    Pune FC's Meyer tries a shot across from the right but fails to find the far post
  • 23'
    Joy and Miranda try to challenge the Pune defense, but Angus gets the ball with ease
  • 19'
    CLOSE!!! Beto heads wide from a Miranda corner kick
  • 18'
    Pronay Halder getting his cross wrong, or too far wide for a Pune FC goal-kick
  • 16'
    Miranda shoots wide!
  • 14'
    Narzary with a weak shot that's blocked easily by the rival defense
  • 13'
    OHH!!!! Could have been dangerous...after Callum Angus' shot was blocked by the Dempo wall and trickled towards Laxmikant Kattimani
  • 13'
    Pune FC have a free-kick about 30 yards out
  • 12'
    Pierre meanwhile is still trying to string some moves with Riga and Arata
  • 10'
    Pune FC right-back Srikanth Ramu fouls Beto with an awkward hug from behind
  • 9'
    Arata's shot blocked on the other side
  • 8'
    SAVE!!! Beto intercepts in a pass in the midfield and releases Holicharan Narzary who had Prabir Das on his right, but took a shot at goal that was parried away by Pune FC goalkeeper Amrinder Singh
  • 6'
    MEYER!!!! Shoots a loose ball high and wide from the edge of the box
  • 4'
    The ball possession is with the visitors for now
  • 3'
    Douhou Peirre now trying to push the ball forward in the opponent's half as Pune FC are slowly gaining momentum
  • 1'
    CHANCE!!! Joy Ferrao gets in the thick of the action and his shot that came off the keeper almost fell for Beto, but rolled out to a defender who cleared it1
  • 1'
    Dempo kick things off from right to left
  • Pune FC subs: Tabia, Venkatesh, Anthony, Debnath (gk), Ranjan, Lalrampuia, T Haokip
  • Dempo subs: Roychowdhury (gk), Jessel, Jeje, Gabriel, Jewel, Alwyn
  • Pune FC: Amrinder (gk), Angus, Gurjinder, Riga, Arata, Meyer, Pierre, Edathodika (c), Kadam, Akhtar, Ramu
  • Dempo SC: Debabrata, Selwyn, Carvalho, Beto, Miranda (c), Ferrao, Kattimani (gk), Prabir, Narzary, Narayan, Halder
  • We've got the line-ups for today's clash!
  • I am Anselm Noronha reporting Live from the Duler stadium in Goa
  • Pune FC, with 17 pointes from eight matches, will meanwhile want to make the best of their match in hand as compared to Salgaocar FC and Bengaluru FC who played their round 11 fixture on Tuesday and also have the opportunity to leapfrog the two teams who are on 18 points each with a win today.
  • The Golden Eagles are occupying a rather unfamiliar position on the table (10th) after playing nine matches from 10 rounds.
  • Arthur Papas' Dempo is still struggling to find their rhythm while the team from Pune will look to capitalise on the same in a round 11 fixture
  • A question: Can the Red Lizards reclaim the top spot?
  • Hello and welcome to Goal's Live updates of the match between Dempo SC and Pune FC