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  • 1 November 2013
  • • 15:30
  • • Duler Stadium, Mapusa

Live Commentary

  • Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Shilton Paul is adjudged as the "Most Valuable Player"
  • FULL TIME: Dempo SC 0-0 Mohun Bagan
  • 90' + 5'
    Good defending by Deba but gives it away to Adil Khan, but Bagan unable to make the best
  • 90' + 3'
    It's ending as a goalless affair
  • 90' + 1'
    BILLY MEHMET!!! Beto's header from a Miranda flag-kick was blocked by Shilton Paul and as usual, Mehmet was slow to react as he toed the ball wide
  • 90'
    Four minutes added time
  • 90'
    Narzary shoots high and wide
  • 89'
    Nobody seems to be coming close to finding the target, especially in the second half
  • 88'
    SubstitutionHarrison Muranda Rajib Ghorui
  • 87'
    Anyichie looks uncomfortable on the pitch
  • 85'
    High time Jeje comes in for Dempo while Bagan continue to miss Odafa
  • 84'
    Will there be a goal in this match?
  • 82'
    Poor vision or what do I call it? Linesman Anthony Abraham failed to spot that Shouvik Ghosh took the ball out the line. Should have been a Dempo corner
  • 80'
    Yellow Card Simon Colosimo
  • 80'
    Devadas sends his free-kick wide
  • 80'
    Colosimo gets himself booked for a clumsy tackle on Yusa
  • 79'
    Narzary sends a tame shot to the Bagan keeper
  • 78'
    Mehmet shoots into the Bagan defense!
  • 77'
    Could have been costly!!! Anyichie completely miskicked a clearance from a Debabrata cross, but luckily no Dempo man was lurking around and Shilton could claim it
  • 76'
    Mehmet shoots but straight to Shilton Paul
  • 74'
    The game is seemingly gone slow
  • 72'
    Wake up, Mehmet! The huge Dempo striker is slow to react to a pass played to him by Miranda
  • 71'
    A clear two-hand push by Beto on Muranda is overlooked by the ref
  • 69'
    Adil Khan outsmarted himself after winning the ball from Miranda...Dempo throw-in
  • 68'
    The game is getting a bit physical as the last couple of bookings could suggest
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Adil Ahmed Khan
  • 66'
    Yellow Card E. Anyichie
  • 66'
    Poor decision-making by the ref, who should have allowed Dempo the advantage instead of stopping the play for a foul
  • 65'
    CLOSE!!!! At the other end...Yusa's shot deflects off Honda and it takes a touch above the bar
  • 64'
    SubstitutionManish Bhargav Ram Malik
  • 64'
    CLOSE!!! Beto's shot from afar swirls wide of the right top corner
  • 63'
    SubstitutionZakeer Mundampara Adil Ahmed Khan
  • 60'
    We're at the hour goals as yet
  • 58'
    Mohun Bagan are looking like the better team in attack now
  • 55'
    SubstitutionMyron Fernandes Holicharan Narzary
  • 55'
    Dempo's fourth former Arrows man on-loan, Holicharan Narzary looks set for some playtime
  • 54'
    Roychowdhury claims Devadas' flag-kick
  • 53'
    Bagan win a corner on the right side now
  • 51'
    Beto looks tired and Colosimo is chewing a gum. Signs of the afternoon heat are beginning to show on the players
  • 50'
    Muranda heads wide from a Sabeeth free-kick
  • 49'
    So who will break the deadlock in this match?
  • 46'
    SubstitutionPeter Carvalho Alwyn George
  • 46'
    So another new man gets on the pitch as Alwyn George replaces Peter Carvalho
  • 46'
    We're underway with the second half now
  • Full Time Scoreline: East Bengal 2-3 Salgaocar FC - in the other match in Kolkata
  • It's East Bengal 2, Salgaocar FC 3 during the five minutes of stoppage time in Kalyani
  • HALF-TIME: Dempo SC 0-0 Mohun Bagan
  • 45' + 2'
    CLOSE!!! Beto's header from close range is blocked out by Shilton after a throw-in by Debabrata
  • 45' + 1'
    Claims of handball as Miranda's cross appeared to have hit the hand of Kotal in the Bagan box. No says the referee Rahul D'Sa
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 44'
    CLOSE!!! Much better showing by Mehmet as he managed to test the goalkeeper after receiving a quick one-two with Beto
  • 41'
    HALDER!!!! A powerful right-footer from about 35 yards out but just above the horizontal
  • 40'
    Halder makes his way past a few Maroon and Green shirts but falls too easily in the box
  • 39'
    Devadas play it close this time and sends his shot low but easy for Roychowdhury
  • 39'
    Devadas' flag-kick is sent out for another corner
  • 38'
    Bhargav's cross blocked by Narayan Das for a Bagan corner
  • 36'
    CLOSE!!!! Manish Bhargav shoots wide at the near post off a cross by Sabeeth from the left
  • 34'
    WHAT A WASTE!!! Miranda won stole the ball in the midfield and played Mehmet, who should have played the ball back to the Dempo captain but instead chose to play wide
  • 32'
    Bagan win a corner on the left but nothing coming off it
  • 30'
    It's been an uneventful first half, so to say, besides a few chances created at both sides
  • 29'
    Mehmet has scored only once for Dempo and that also from the penalty
  • 28'
    SAVE!!! Actually, I'm not sure what to call it - a save or a miss! Beto released Billy Mehmet past the last line of the Bagan defense, but the Irishman wasn't able to beat Shilton Paul in his goal
  • 27'
    Mohun bagan right back Pritam Kotal and Yusa take charge of the attack, but intercepted by the home side's defense
  • 25'
    Simon Colosimo looks like he's not going to play the ball unless challenged
  • 24'
    Dempo defender Honda is down clutching his right ankle now
  • 24'
    Beto cuts past a rival defender and shoots....blocked by Kingshuk Debnath
  • 23'
    Play is yet again restricted to the center of the park as both sides are looking to unlock each other's codes
  • 21'
    Dempo's Myron shoots wide
  • 20'
    Meanwhile, Salgaocar FC have attained a three-goal lead over East Bengal
  • 19'
  • 18'
    Bagan win a free-kick
  • 18'
    Muranda to Yusa...Yusa shoots and is blocked out by Shinnosuke Honda
  • 16'
    WIDE!!!! Beto heads wide off a Pronay Halder cross from the right
  • 16'
    Play resumes and Bagan look to prowl on the attack
  • 14'
    Dempo's Peter Carvalho stays down after receiving a knock
  • 13'
    SAVE!!! Zakeer Mundampara releases Eric Muranda...shoots, but straight at Roychowdhury who deflects the shot wide
  • 12'
    Yusa sends it straight to Dempo goalkeeper Subhasish Roychowdhury
  • 11'
    It's Katsumi Yusa making a dash on the left wing...tripped by Deba and a free-kick for Bagan
  • 10'
    ATTEMPT!!! The first attempt for Mohun Bagan as Manish Bhargav shoots wide
  • 9'
    Beto shoots the corner wide this time
  • 8'
    CLOSE!!! A header by Carvalho off a Beto corner takes a vital deflection off Shouvik for another Dempo flag-kick
  • 7'
    SHOT!!! A fierce shot by Myron Fernandes was blocked by Mohun Bagan defender Shouvik Ghosh
  • 6'
    A Dempo free-kick...defended by the visitors
  • 4'
    The battle is restricted to the midfield
  • 3'
    Sabeeth trying to make a run down the left wing, but the ball rolls over for a Dempo goal-kick
  • 2'
    Dempo's Peter Carvalho with the first attempt...wide of the right post
  • 1'
    The home team, Dempo SC in blue, get us underway at the Duler stadium. It's a sunny day today and I am Anselm Noronha
  • Mohun Bagan subs: Khongjee, Ravinder, Rowilson, Adil, Malik, Ghorui, Nandy (gk)
  • Mohun Bagan: Anyichie, Debnath, Devadas, Yusa, Muranda, Kotal, Sabeeth, Shilton (gk), Shouvik, Mundampara, Bhargav
  • Dempo subs: Jeje, Naik, Mandar, Kattimani (gk), Tavora, Alwyn, Narzary
  • Dempo: Roychowdhury (gk), Debabrata, Colosimo, Carvalho, Mehmet, Miranda (c), Honda, Myron, Narayan, Halder
  • Hello and welcome to the Live text commentary of the match between Dempo SC and Mohun Bagan