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  • 20 November 2013
  • • 06:30
  • • Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Referee: S. Petrescu
  • • Attendance: 53331

Live Commentary

  • That's my cue folks, it's been a pleasure See you next time.
  • What a game, what a finish, what a display of the very best of Brazil. 2-1 the final score, but with the way that the Selecao attacked relentlessly, it could easily have been triple or quadruple that. Chile tried valiantly, but were ultimately outclassed.
  • 90' + 5'
    ROBINHO! He slices a late shot just wide of the far post as the final whistle goes in a frenzy!
  • 90' + 4'
    Willian with a great run down the left. His low cross is just behind Ramires, but the Chelsea man still takes the shot on the turn, narrowly missing!
  • 90' + 3'
    SubstitutionNeymar Jr. Lucas Leiva
  • 90' + 3'
    BRAVO? What is he doing! Caught stranded off his line, and Hernanes nearly clips him neatly to wrap it up!
  • 90' + 2'
    Into the second of three added minutes. Chile pushing for a late leveler, but time is not on their side.
  • 90'
    MUNOZ! Narrowly offside the substitute, after a breathtaking pass from Sanchez found him in space inside the box!
  • 89'
    Willian, Robinho and Neymar are off the the races on the break, but the former cannot pick out either of the other two on that 3-on-3 break!
  • 87'
    Hard to begrudge Brazil a win here, but don't sleep on this Chile side for a second, they've shown some incredible passing and interplay.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionF. Gutiérrez C. Muñoz
  • 85'
    The Mexican wave makes its way around the Rogers centre, but unlike most times when that happens, the atmosphere is still electric and pulsating in the stands - and on the pitch for that matter. Unbelievably high octane.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionPaulinho Hernanes
  • 83'
    CHILE SURVIVE! Magestic counter attack at unbelievable pace from Brazil! Robinho leads the charge, and squares to Willian at the top of the box. The Chelsea man needs only one touch to tee up Neymar in the centre, but Bravo is off his line quickly to block the striker's finish!
  • 81'
    Neymar absolutely preening here! He carves through the defence once again right down the middle like a knife through butter. Options move off the ball either side of him, but his attempted thread to Ramires is read by the defence this time.
  • 79'
    Assist Maicon
  • 79'
    Goal Robinho
    What a scintillating, absolutely magnificent team goal! Neymar initially seemed to have dribbled his way out of contention, but he slips in a pinpoint diagonal to the overlapping Maicon. The fullback's cross is reminiscent of his Inter best, and it finds Robinho unmarked at the far post for the clean header!
  • 79'
  • 79'
    Neymar has ripped this Chilean defence to shreds almost at will. He weaves into space at breakneck pace down the left, and crosses it towards the far post, narrowly missing two teammates queuing up for the finish!
  • 77'
    Bravo was nearly EMASCULATED by Neymar there, seeing the ball lifted over his head by the mercurial forward twice in succession, before he eventually slams in a shot that's blocked!
  • 75'
    Yellow Card Carlos Carmona
  • 75'
    No rest for the wicked here. Both teams leaving it all out on the pitch, and it's getting a bit testy down there. Hard to call a winner at this stage, though I would got for Brazil if pushed.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionThiago Silva Dante
  • 73'
    BRAZIL BACK IN FRONT....BUT NO! A great run down the flanks from Maicon sees Robinho challenged by Bravo on the goal line from the cross. Neymar attacks the rebound, and slices it back into Robinho, who turns it home but from a slightly offside position!
  • 71'
    Assist Jean Beausejour
  • 71'
    Goal Edu Vargas
    Out of nowhere! The Napoli loanee throws Julio Cesar for a loop! A long goal kick is laid off by Beausejour, and Vargas collects it at the top of the box With Luiz shrinking away from contact, he takes full advantage, bending the ball into the back of the net!
  • 71'
  • 69'
    All the openness and expansion is happening in the Chile half whenever the Selecao break. Conversely, when la Roja are on the ball, play seems rather tight and congested in the attacking third
  • 68'
    Ramirez with a great diagonal towards Neymar, and the striker has the step on his marker. He is set to bend one into the far corner, but in comes Medel to make the block.
  • 67'
    Yellow Card Jean Beausejour
  • 67'
    Robinho booked after tussling with Gonzalez.
  • 66'
    Yellow Card Robinho
  • 65'
    Brazil taking their foot off the gas pedal, and allowing Chile to keep the ball, but la Roja are not getting it near the Brazil goal.
  • 64'
    SubstitutionHulk Ramires
  • 64'
    SubstitutionOscar Willian
  • 63'
    Some subs coming up for Brazil. Willian is one of those primed, and word is that Hulk will be one of those sacrificed.
  • 61'
    Chile still just down by one goal, after looking ripe for the taking in the last few minutes. But they've created precious little in front of goal all game despite some incisive buildup play, and need to step up their killer instinct if they're to get anything from this.
  • 59'
    SubstitutionJ. Valdivia Mati Fernández
  • 59'
    BRAVOOOO! Not stranded this time, the keeper, who stands tall to make an excellent close range block on Paulinho! Brazil pounding at the door at the moment!
  • 58'
    HULK NEARLY CRACKS THE POST IN TWO! Neymar's corner is cleared only to the Zenit powerhouse at the top of the box, and he smashes a brilliant half volley off the woodwork with Bravo absolutely stranded!
  • 57'
    BRAZIIIILLLL! Neymar with a storming run down the middle, from which he has tortured Chile all night long. He tees up Robinho on the diagonal run, but the Milan man just takes it too far off centre, and clips into the side netting!
  • 55'
    Gustavo weirdly tries to mount Vargas like a horse in a tussle for a ball, to which the midfielder responds by trying to lift the Wolfsburg man over his head. Strange one that.
  • 53'
    Some intense broadside pressure from Brazil, as they force Chile to defend deep and pile bodies into their own box. To their credit, la Roja stand tall to the test and eventually wrest the ball out of Brazil's hands.
  • 51'
    Substitution Robinho
  • 51'
    OVER THE BAR! Neymar with a scintillating run down the middle and he tees it wide to Hulk. After some work, he manages to square it across the goalline, but Gonzalez hacks it away incredibly!
  • 49'
    VARGAS! Great setup from Chile at the top of the box, and the midfielder bends it towards goal from 20 yards, but despite connecting cleanly, can't get his angles in order.
  • 47'
    Luiz needs to step to the touchline for a sec to adjust himself after taking a bit of a kick in a challenge
  • 46'
    Here we go again!
  • Hulk's excellent goal has given Brazil a narrow lead at the interval. It's been an enjoyable, carefree but still closely contested encounter, with some good football on show from both sides, as would be expected. Chile have impressed in fits and starts, but it's the Selecao with the deserved advantage as things stand. Stay tuned for the restart in just a bit.
  • 45' + 3'
    Half time folks.
  • 45' + 3'
    Bravo rushes off his line well to smother a long ball forward and that may just about do it.
  • 45' + 2'
    A quick, nifty combination from Chile down the left flank has Brazil reeling, but ultimately is halted when Vargas is called for an offside.
  • 45' + 1'
    Into the first of two added minutes as Oscar narrowly overplays a ball forward to Neymar in space.
  • 45'
    Some distress for Jo here, who is limping heavily, but walking under his own power at least. Scolari I think will want to wait until half time to assess the damage.
  • 43'
    Neymar good then bad in a flash. Capitalizing on a loose ball in midfield, he gets on his bike towards goal, completely out-pacing Gonzalez. But with Jo and others to pick out in the area, he instead goes it all alone, and is forced to the byeline by the recovered Gonzalez, snuffing out the chance.
  • 42'
    Julio Cesar with a badly hashed clearance, and David Luiz is nearly forced into a spot of bother under pressure from the attack. Brazil clear their lines though.
  • 41'
    Great atmosphere in Toronto, the fans clearly enjoying a rare treat to see their national heroes in the flesh.
  • 39'
    After briefly looking promising with the introduction of Valdiva, Chile have once again struggled to get their bearings on this one. Meanwhile, Paulinho has been booked for a late challenge.
  • 38'
    Yellow Card Paulinho
  • 38'
    Neymar busting out the party tricks to the delight of the fans, trying a rabona cross from the left. Fancy but not functional, as the defence easily cuts it out.
  • 36'
    Strange decision by the referee. making Jara exit and properly re-enter the field - even though he wasn't the one needing treatment. The players use the stoppage as an opportunity to rehydrate.
  • 34'
    Now David Luiz is penalized for charging into Valdiva as Chile try to advance out of their own half. The Roja contingent in the stand are furious at that.
  • 32'
    Neymar tries to pick out one of the bodies queuing up at the far post, but Medel makes some amends for his infraction by heading clear with the same brand pf physicality.
  • 31'
    Medel takes out Neymar on the left hand side, and is immediately pulled up by the referee. Free kick to come for the Selecao.
  • 30'
    Yellow Card Gary Medel
  • 29'
    The pressure slowly cranking up on Brazil as la Roja win a succession of corners, which have all been defended or thereabouts. More patient than Chile would have liked, but ultimately better output from them.
  • 27'
    Chile holding possession tenuously in the Brazil half, but the Selecao are working hard off the ball. They're happy to hold a deep line, clearly aware of the devastating potential of pace in behind in this Chile side.
  • 25'
    The game settling into a more measured tempo here. Not quite the same as the blustering opening exchanges. Chile want to get out and run, but so far, are not finding the channels of space that they usually exploit so gleefully.
  • 23'
    Another change for Chile, although suggestions that this might be more tactical. Valdiva, the central playmaker comes on for Fuenzalida, the left winger.
  • 22'
    SubstitutionJ. Fuenzalida J. Valdivia
  • 21'
    Maicon the STOPPER! A quick Chile attack at the top of the box sees three out of the back four taken out of the equation by a header from Fuenzalida into the mixer, but just when Sanchez is about to pull the trigger, out comes Maicon to make the tackle!
  • 19'
    Jo misses the target rather meekly after poor Chile defending set him up for a good shooting chance from the top of the box.
  • 18'
    Good test of Chile'e mettle here. Brazil have ruffled their feathers in the opening exchanges, and we need to see what this side are made of, see how they fight back!
  • 16'
    Hulk supplies a PEACH of a pass for Neymar from the left, and the Barca man seems set to take it in stride, but he just misses the ball! Neymar screams in frustration, he knows that should have been more than it was!
  • 14'
    Assist Oscar
  • 14'
    Goal Hulk
    Bad, bad giveaway from Chile at the back presents the ball to Oscar. The Chelsea prodigy angles in a great diagonal ball to Hulk, unmarked on the left, and with one swing of his tree trunk of a left leg, the Zenit forward drills in the first!
  • 14'
  • 11'
    Sanchez springs off on a barnstorming run, but just when he's about to burst into the danger zone, in steps Gustavo to rob him of the ball. Good awareness from the Wolfsburg man.
  • 9'
    Bad news for Diaz, who is forced out of the game early after failing to recover. On comes Beausejour in his place.
  • 8'
    SubstitutionMarcelo Díaz Jean Beausejour
  • 8'
    Trouble here for Diaz, who has gone down to the turf in some distress. Play stopped for a beat.
  • 7'
    Though the likes of Jo are always up for an aerial scrap, with the type of players on show, you would expect this one to be played at pace along the ground. It's looking promising already, as both sides look to stretch play at every opportunity.
  • 5'
    Neymar shows some incredible pace to latch onto a hopeful Jo knockdown, and in his stride, slashes the ball towards the far corner, but it fails to go on target. Still, an early warning of the trickiness and hustle of the Selecao star.
  • 3'
    Fuenzalida caught offside on the overlap after running onto Sanchez's pass down the right hand side. Bright, open start to the game.
  • 1'
    Here we go!
  • Here come the teams out onto the pitch on a chilly night in Toronto, averaging right around freezing. Big contingent for both sides in the stands.
  • It's always easy to pick Brazil as favourites, particularly against one of the lower-profile teams from their own region But Chile are not to be underestimated, and in Alexis Sanchez, have one of the world's most in-form players. The Barca man has 10 goals in his last 10 games for club and country, and five in his last three for the national side. He's finally beginning to live up to the promise that he showed all those years ago at Udinese.
  • Fans at the Rogers Centre could well be in for a rip roaring affair. The last eight meetings between these two have produced at least three goals per match, with Brazil alone grabbing three in all but one of those games.
  • Both teams are in fine form this international break. Brazil demolished Honduras 5-0 last week, with five different players getting on the scoresheet. Chile, meanwhile went into the Three Lions' den to splatter England 2-0 thanks to a double from the reborn Alexis Sanchez.
  • CHILE (4-5-1): Bravo; Jara, Gonzalez, Carmona, Mena; Medel, Diaz; Fuenzaldia, Guttierez, Vargas; A.Sanchez.
  • BRAZIL (4-2-3-1): J.Cesar; Maicon, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Maxwell; Paulinho, Luiz Gustavo; Hulk, Oscar, Neymar; Jo.
  • Greetings everyone, and welcome to live coverage of Brazil's friendly with Chile in Toronto. I'm Keeghann Sinanan, your guide for all the action.