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WC Qualification South America

  • 3 June 2012
  • • 04:00
  • • Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, Capital Federal, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Referee: V. Rivera
  • • Attendance: 50000

Live Commentary

  • Be sure to stick with and check out the match report from this on. Thanks for joining us, I'm Roger Gonzalez, and it has been a pleasure. Final from Buenos Aires, Argentina 4-0 Ecuador.
  • It was a convincing victory for Sabella's men. They were stellar on this night, punishing the visitors for 90 minutes.
  • That's it from Buenos Aires. Messi, Higuain, Di Maria and Aguero on target as Argentina jump to the top of the standings in qualifying.
  • 90' + 2'
    Game over. Argentina 4-0 Ecuador. What a thumping victory for the home side.
  • 90'
    Two added minutes, as Messi fires a shot that is a bit weak and saved by Dominguez in the middle of the goal.
  • 89'
    Lavezzi dances around defenders with quality touches as this one nears its end.
  • 88'
    Yellow card to Mascherano, who along with Aguero, misses the game with Paraguay in September. 4-0, why make such a tackle?
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Javier Mascherano
  • 87'
    Few minutes remaining here as screams of "Ole" rain down on the pitch. This one was over at the break.
  • 85'
    OOOOOH! Messi curls the shot over the wall. It was actually headed out, but the goalkeeper pushes it wide just in case. Corner.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionC. Benítez R. Ibarra
  • 83'
    SubstitutionÁngel Di María Matías Rodríguez
  • 83'
    Here comes the fifth potentially. Lavezzi is taken down at the top of the box. Lovely set piece.
  • 82'
    Di Maria comes off as another Rodriguez comes on. Maxi comes on to join Clemente, no relation.
  • 80'
    Montero does well to infiltrate the box and chip a ball to the back post that Garay heads out for a corner, eliminating the danger.
  • 78'
    Nearly the fifth! Lavezzi steals the ball and he and Messi attack the goal. The Napoli man plays the star on the left as he goes for a chip to the back post, but the poor state of the pitch saw the ball settle oddly, making the shot tough.
  • 76'
    Goal Ángel Di María
    GOAL ARGENTINA! GOLAZO! DI MARIA! Messi runs wild down the right and gets a shot on goal that is deflected wide. Sosa picks up the ball inside the box and chips it to Di Maria, who is 12 yards out. The midfielder volleys an effort into the far side for the 4-0 scoreline. Beautiful.
  • 76'
    Ecuador goes on the counter after Messi loses the ball after looking for Gago. The former Boca man sprints back and recovers the ball before losing it.
  • 75'
    A standing ovation for Higuain, who had a goal and an assist in this one. Fantastic performance from the former River Plate man, who is the leading scorer of the national team under Sabella.
  • 74'
    SubstitutionGonzalo Higuaín Ezequiel Lavezzi
  • 72'
    Messi stays on. Higuain is off for the former San Lorenzo star.
  • 71'
    A change is coming for Argentina. Messi off? Lavezzi, of Napoli, is coming on. The striker does look set to move to PSG, so be sure to stick with for all of the transfer updates.
  • 69'
    The fans are on their feet and screaming loud as can be, singing to their stars on the pitch.
  • 67'
    Nearly! Off a corner from the Messi shot, Fernandez gets his head on the ball and sends in a ball that is saved, though awkwardly, in the middle of the goal.
  • 66'
    Yellow Card Gonzalo Higuaín
  • 65'
    Oh! Nearly a goal from Messi! What a run from the Argentine. From the middle of the pitch, No. 10 sprinted all the way into the left side of the box before firing a powerful shot that was tipped just over the bar.
  • 63'
    SubstitutionSergio Agüero José Sosa
  • 63'
    The game has slowed down quite a bit, especially with the edition of Sosa. The Argentines are looking to place the ball around and eat up time with the big lead.
  • 61'
    Jose Sosa, who played under Sabella with Estudiantes and now plays for Metalist Kharkiv of Ukraine, will come on for Aguero.
  • 59'
    Argentina are touching the ball around now, looking to dominate. A change is coming for the home side.
  • 57'
    Well done by Valencia down the right, getting by Rodriguez before sending in a cross. Nobody gets a head on it though.
  • 56'
    Yellow Card J. Ayoví
  • 55'
    Argentina are dying for their fourth, going on the counter often. Ecuador are obviously pushing forward to try and get back into this game.
  • 53'
    A lovely ball from Messi send Aguero into the box, and the Manchester City star hit the ground. Looked like a penalty after the goalkeeper came out but it results in a yellow card for the striker. Aguero is now suspended for the next match in September against Paraguay.
  • 52'
    Yellow Card Sergio Agüero
  • 52'
    Penalty? Dive?
  • 51'
    Ayovi sends in a ball to the middle of the box but no danger there as Sabella's men mark well. Argentina now go on the counter.
  • 50'
    Set piece to Ecuador in attack. Too far out for a shot. A cross is coming in here. Nearly everyone back for the home team.
  • 49'
    Just poor from Ecuador, who can't even get the ball out of the back. Oh my. Ball to Argentina in attack.
  • 48'
    Argentina go on the attack and Aguero had a chance to fire on frame but tried to do too much with the ball.
  • 47'
    Three straight corners to Ecuador in one minute. The visitors are looking to place a fantastic ball in but Argentina are ready in defence.
  • 46'
    SubstitutionC. Suárez Jefferson Montero
  • 46'
    The second half has begun!
  • Pretty simple first half. Argentina great, Ecuador from it. This result lifts the two-time World Cup winners into first place in qualifying. Can they hold on or can the visitors stage a stunning comeback? The second half is set to begin.
  • Pretty simple first half. Argentina great, Ecuador from it. This result lifts the two-time World Cup winners into first place in qualifying. Can they hold on or can the visitors stage a stunning comeback? The second half is set to begin.
  • Thanks to Mario for the message. With Fernando Gago's future in the air, apparently not wanted in Rome nor Madrid, rumors have him possible returning to Boca Juniors. Could this performance change the mind of either capital club?
  • Several players have stuck out here. Messi, Higuain, many more. For Mario Fragueiro, one has in particular. On Twitter, he writes: Gago's passing is very accurate. Wondering if good games will interest Mourinho in keeping him.
  • 45'
    That is the end of the first half!
  • 44'
    Higuain and Aguero are both down on the ground. Neither tackle looked too vicious. Aguero is up, Higuain is taking a bit longer. He got sandwiched between to players and hurt his jaw, appears to be OK though.
  • 42'
    Pipita through on goal! No, wait, offside. Ball to Ecuador.
  • 40'
    SubstitutionL. Saritama J. Ayoví
  • 39'
    Sabella looking like Einstein on the side of the pitch with these strong winds. Will certainly see that image plenty on the tele down here.
  • 37'
    Jamie Ayovi is warming up and is set to go on. Ecuador needs something in attack.
  • 35'
    Dajan Situm on Twitter writes: What about Messi [on second goal] and 3-0, so amazing.
  • 33'
    Yellow Card Federico Fernández
  • 33'
    It is hard to describe how well Argentina are playing right now. Fans have been longing for a performance like this. Magical.
  • 32'
    Goal Lionel Messi
    Oh my goodness. It is 3-0 now! Messi! What a fantastic play! Unbelievable! On the counter, Messi sprints up the field, three on three with Kun and Pipita. The Barca man plays a ball to Higuain on the right, who one-times a pass back into the heart of the box, where Messi needs just one touch to knock a lovely effort high into the goal!
  • 30'
    Goal Gonzalo Higuaín
    GOAL ARGENTINA! 2-0! Higuain! Messi sprints up the middle of the pitch and plays a low ball through to Higuain, who takes a couple touches and finishes into the low, far side. Wonderful strike!
  • 28'
    Nearly a great chance! A ball is filtered into the box that find Higuain, who with two men on him, can't control it and get a shot off as the visitors clear.
  • 26'
    Ecuador look a bit confused with the ball, resorting to just long clearances. They are playing ultra defensive at the moment but must take chances if they hope to earn something here.
  • 24'
    Nearly 25 minutes in and Argentina have a corner kick off a shot from Aguero that was deflected.
  • 22'
    Nearly another! A similar play sees Messi play Di Maria, but the former Rosario Central man looks for his club mate Higuain, playing another skying ball that Pipita couldn't get a good touch on inside the box, sending it wide.
  • 20'
    Goal Sergio Agüero
    Goal Argentina! Aguero! 1-0 to the home side! What a fantastic play! The Manchester City man finishes from close! Messi played the ball to Di Maria at the top of the box, and the Real Madrid man, with one touch, chipped a perfect ball into the box over the back-line, allowing el Kun to finish easily from close with a right-footed effort effort settling the rainbow-like pass.
  • 18'
    A curling ball comes in that Garay heads out, but that isn't the end of the dangerous as Valencia recovers the ball, but a foul in attack gifts the ball to the Argentines.
  • 17'
    Free kick to Ecuador. Could be a dangerous one here. A cross is coming in from around 35 yards.
  • 14'
    Oh wow. Zabaleta slips down the right, allowing Suarez to enter the box. The attacker could not get a quality shot off, as he half-hits the ball, making it roll slowly to Romero.
  • 13'
    So far, it is all Argentina. Sabella has applauded his boys for their fine early effort.
  • 10'
    Great first chance for Argentina. A ball at the top of the box finds Aguero, who lays off a little ball to Messi, who one-times a bullet on frame, but Dominguez was there to handle the ball in the middle, albeit with a tad of trouble.
  • 8'
    Another corner on the right for Argentina as they continue to dominate possession. Aguero gets knocked down to the ground after a collision, but the ref calls nothing.
  • 6'
    The crowd are as loud as can be at the moment, cheering on Alejandro Sabella's men, who are possessing the ball well while attacking, winning a corner kick, which they ultimately do nothing with.
  • 4'
    Solid run up the middle of the pitch by Messi, who had seven guys on him all together. When approaching the box, the Barcelona star looked for Higuain but could not find the France-born striker.
  • 2'
    Nice start for Argentina, who are dominating possession. The fans love it, as Mascherano and Messi show their stuff on the ball with nice moves. Ecuador have yet to control the ball well.
  • 1'
    Here we go!
  • Remember, the last time these two teams played in Buenos Aires, the match finished 1-1 in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup. A goal from Rodrigo Palacio in extra time earned Argentina a draw. At that time, in 2008, Coco Basile was the coach and Roberto Abbondanzieri was in goal. Juan Roman Riquelme started in the middle.
  • The anthems have been played, and the players are ready to get this started. The match is just about to start!
  • For Argentina: Romero, Garay, C. Rodriguez, Fernandez, Mascherano, Gago, Di Maria, Aguero, Messi, Higuain.
  • For Ecuador: Dominguez, Guagua, W. Ayovi, Campos, Achiler, Saritama, Valencia, Quinonez, Noboa, Suarez, Benitez.
  • As always, be sure to send your thoughts on Twitter to @RCGonzalez10
  • The starting XI for each nation is just second away.
  • Two games have already been played today, with Uruguay and Venezuela tying 1-1, and Chile doubled up Bolivia 2-0.
  • This figures to be a very exciting contest in Conmebol play. At the moment, Argentina have seven points in qualifying from four matches and can take the lead in the standings with a victory. Ecuador have six points, and they can also take the lead with a win.
  • It's a chilly day down here in the capital, but the atmosphere in the stadium is surely electric! This figures to be a very tough match for the home side, who in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, only took one point from two matches against the visitors for today.
  • Welcome ladies and gentleman, damas y caballeros to's LIVE coverage of 2014 World Cup qualifying! I'm Roger Gonzalez here in Buenos Aires, ready to provide updates of the match between Argentina and Ecuador from El Monumental.