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  • 16 December 2012
  • • 14:00
  • • Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium), Kalkātā (Kolkata), West Bengal

Live Commentary

  • Oh wait! Unsavory scenes yet again as Uga Okpara and Bello Rasaq almost get into a scuffle.
  • And East Bengal's unbeaten run in the I-League is over. And Eelco Schattorie returns to winning ways.
  • 90' + 5'
    Last kick of the match. Chidi tries to rise and head the long ball but Bello is upto the task.
  • 90' + 4'
    SubstitutionThockchom Singh Alvito D'Cunha
  • 90' + 4'
    Prayag are playing in the EB box. EB clearly want the play on the other half but Ranti and co. are holding the ball on.
  • 90' + 3'
    Now Okpara comes driving forward and tries a long range effort but straight to the grateful hands of Paul.
  • 90' + 2'
    Ralte...he goes into the box but Gouramangi Singh stands strong.
  • 90' + 2'
    Great holding up play from Ranti as he chests it back to Ravinder and then he receives the return
  • 90'
    Oh wait! Prayag haven't done it yet. There is 5 minutes of added time. EB have enough time to come back.
  • 89'
    CHANCE! Ravinder Singh almost gets a shot out before Naoba closes him down for a corner. It was a great ball from Hernandez to set him up.
  • 88'
    Yellow Card U. Okpara
  • 87'
    Yellow Card Lalkamal Bhowmick
  • 87'
    CHANCE! Free header for Chidi as Ralte swings one in. But straight to Subrata Paul.
  • 85'
    Snapshot from Ralte outside the box, but gone wide that one.
  • 84'
    SubstitutionAsif Kottayil Anupam Sarkar
  • 84'
    Prayag are living dangerously but they clear their lines somehow as Ralte swings in a free kick from the right.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionShankar Oraon Mohammed Rafique
  • 81'
    EB are really going for it now. First it was Robin on the right as Mangi somehow cleared and then a long ball in the box from Ralte was held somehow by Subrata Paul.
  • 80'
    CHANCE! Long range pile driver from Ralte, as he saw Paul off the line but Subrata saves
  • 79'
    SubstitutionIshfaq Ahmed Lalrindika Ralte
  • 78'
    CHANCE! The goal has clearly shaken the EB defense as Ranti was again clean through after a mistake from Arnab but fortunately the defender had recovered in time to let it out for a corner.
  • 76'
    And again! Ranti goes firing down the right flank but his ball into the box is cleared by Arnab for a corner.
  • 75'
    Goal Ranti Martins
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Prayag have done it. A Lal kamal corner. Misread by Okpara and a free header from Ranti. He does not miss from that range.
  • 75'
    Assist Lalkamal Bhowmick
  • 74'
    Ranti almost got at the end of that, but Arnab Mondal clears
  • 73'
    Carlos shoots from outside the box..but well blocked by Okpara.
  • 71'
    GOAL! Oh wait no GOAL! Robin Singh had overshot his run as Penn Orji had tapped that in.
  • 70'
    Great turn from Carlos as he tries to hit a through ball for Ranti Martins but too much on the ball again!
  • 69'
    Good freekick from Ravinder who almost finds Gouramangi on the far post. Just inches wide off reaching that ball..
  • 67'
    CHANCE! Robin Singh was clean through as Chidi played a ball through. But good pressure from Bello Rasaq coupled with an alert Subrata Paul thwarts the danger.
  • 66'
    CHANCE! From the Ravinder corner Ranti's failed header falls to Bello who tries to half volley the shot to goal..but that has gone wide.
  • 65'
    Arnab almost put Gurpreet in a precarious position as he thought the long clearance was going to the keeper, but Ranti was there to pounce...Gurpreet came out of the line to head it out.
  • 64'
    Chidi tries to find Penn with a through ball but both seem to be on a different wavelength.
  • 63'
    SubstitutionManandeep Singh Robin Singh
  • 62'
    Great tackle by Arnab Mondal as Ranti was just about to shoot but a sliding clearance takes the ball away from him for a corner. Oraon's header off the Ravinder corner is wide.
  • 62'
    CHANCE! Carlos almost buried that. Deepak Mondal put in a great ball to his path but he miss kicks.
  • 61'
    Great tackle by Bello Rasaq! As Manandeep had the ball on his stride.
  • 60'
    Clumsy challenge by Mehtab on Oraon. He is treading a fine line here as he is already booked.
  • 59'
    CHANCE! Ishfaq was darting in the box and almost had a shot, but great clearance from Deepak Mondal who has stabilised the defense.
  • 58'
    SubstitutionC.K. Vineeth Ravinder Singh
  • 56'
    And Naoba again free down the right on an overlap but his cross into the box could not reach either of Chidi or Manandeep who both had run in the box.
  • 54'
    Naoba Singh is released down the right and his ball into the box could not be reached by any Red and Gold player. Good clearing by K Asif.
  • 53'
    Intricate passing from both teams as they want to build from the back but lack of incision in the final third is letting both teams down.
  • 51'
    East Bengal showing more resolve in the half as they are more hungry to get the ball.
  • 49'
    Mehtab's corner, headed out by Ranti who does his defensive duty well.
  • 48'
    And Bello is continuing his fine game from the half as he again sticks to Chidi but gives away a corner.
  • 47'
    Chidi gets in a ball to Penn but his header goes nowhere.
  • 47'
    Subrata Paul is alert as he collects the ball from Chidi down the left towards Manandeep.
  • 46'
    And we kick off.
  • Eelco Schattorie should be very happy with how his team have pressed the Red and Golds and especially how his defenders have stood strong.
  • 45' + 2'
    And there we have it. The match was as it started.
  • 45' + 1'
    As we are into added time of the first half, Vineeth tries to drift in a ball to Ranti, who cannot power his header to goal. Arnab Mondal miskicks the clearance but thankfully no Prayag players into the box.
  • 45'
    Prayag as usual are pressing really well. Bello again dispossesses Chidi before he could turn and shoot.
  • 44'
    Yellow Card Mehtab Hossain
  • 43'
    Dhanachandra's header is cleared to Carlos again whose shot is wide...
  • 42'
    Snapshot from Vineeth. But its gone wide taking a deflection and CORNER to EB.
  • 41'
    Oraon tries to fire in Carlos' corner but he cannot connect properly.
  • 40'
    Great dedication from the EB players. Manandeep Singh is defending just outside his own box. But gives away a foul against Ranti.
  • 38'
    Chidi wriggles out of his markers on the left side an finds Penn just outside the box, but his shot is hopelessly high.
  • 38'
    Lal kamal tries to slide in a ball to Ranti, but Uga Okpara slides in to intercepts.
  • 36'
    Chidi steals the ball from Lal kamal in the midfield and then tries to find Manandeep with a good ball but Subrata comes up and gathers.
  • 35'
    Long throw from Dhanachandra but Gurpreet can come out and collect.
  • 34'
    Another great tackle from Bello Rasaq as Naoba Singh had darted into the box.
  • 32'
    Aaah! We are so close to boiling point here! Naoba almost clashes with Carlos
  • 30'
    Yellow Card Ranti Martins
  • 30'
    Ranti goes down under Arnab Mondal's challenge..there was clear contact. But the ref books him for simulation. STRANGE!
  • 29'
    CHANCE! Bello misses a free header again as he heads it wide off the Carlos corner.
  • 29'
    Good pressing from Oraon as he forces Saumik to concede a corner.
  • 27'
    Now pinball in the EB box, as a great dribble from Carlos at the edge of the box where he finds space to release Vineeth down the left. But EB defense stand tall as Ranti's attempt to shoot after chesting the ball is foiled.
  • 26'
    Oraon drifts in a ball to the far post, where Vineeth makes a run but his header is straight to Gurpreet.
  • 25'
    CHANCE! Great ball control by Carlos as he plucks the ball from the air and plays a delightful through to Ranti who tries a booming shot from far and Gurpreet has to tip it over.
  • 24'
    CHANCE! Great corner from Carlos. Bello makes a great run on the far post after Gurpreet cannot get the ball. But he heads it OVER!
  • 23'
    CHANCE! Great move from Vineeth as he dances into the box, showing good feet but cannot get the shot out, Lalkamal too cannot put in the rebound.
  • 22'
    And Dhanachandra heads the ball again out of danger.
  • 21'
    Dhana Chandra tries to swing one in, as Sankar Oraon tries to make a run in behind, but too much weigh on the ball for him to chase.
  • 20'
    Dhanachandra again does his defensive work well, as he again shields the ball from Ishfaq..
  • 19'
    Lalkamal tries a lofted through ball, but Ranti is well covered by Okpara and Saumik and Gurpreet can grab it.
  • 17'
    A bit of pinball following the EB corner. Naoba tries a shot, blocked...followed up by Penn, similarly blocked.
  • 16'
    Whew! Dangerous situation averted as Vineeth was down in the EB penalty box, and the referee had waved play on. Prayag players were not happy when especially EB almost scored at the other end.
  • 15'
    Great through ball from Chidi to find Penn, but a desperate lunge from Dhana Chandra prevents the danger.
  • 13'
    Good exchange of passes between the Prayag team just outside the Red and Golds box, but they could not find a way through as they held firm.
  • 12'
    Finally Prayag can breathe a sigh of relief as its a goal kick after four corners in succession.
  • 12'
    Yet another corner to EB! Thats three in a row. Third time lucky...
  • 11'
    Short corner from East Bengal before Mehtab finally swings in a ball. Arnab Mondal almost got at the end of that, but Dhana Chandra clears fro another corner.
  • 11'
    Carlos tries to float in a ball expecting Ranti to make the forward run but the Nigerian does not read him...
  • 10'
    Penn tries to make a run down the right but well covered by Dhana Chandra..
  • 8'
    Good presence of mind from Ishfaq who tries to drift in a cross at the far post but no one has made the run unfortunately..
  • 7'
    Vineeth and Ranti exchange passes in the midfield, but ultimately a heavy touch from Oraon gives the ball away.
  • 6'
    It was Chidi who tried to hit in the rebound...but Bellow as alert and on the spot.
  • 5'
    CHANCE! Ishfaq Ahmed was clean through after a delightful through ball from the midfield but an alert Subrata Paul scuffs out the shot before Bello ultimately clears.
  • 3'
    The East Bengal defense try to pump long balls to Chidi but well marked by Bello Rasaq to not allow the Nigerian to have a sniff of goal yet.
  • 2'
    It seems Sankar Oraon is playing down the right, with Vineeth down the left and Carlos just behind Ranti.. Deepak Mondal back for a home game will provide a good boost.
  • 1'
    And we have kicked off.
  • So it seems impressive youngster Sankar Oraon gets a start today after impressing on coming on as a substitute. The Prayag formation is still up fro grabs..but Oraon is most likely to play down the right flank
  • Lineups: Prayag United: Subrata; Dhana,Bello, Mangi, Deepak; Lalkamal,Asif, Vineet; Oraon,Carlos, Ranti
  • Lineups East Bengal: Gurpreet; Naoba,Okpara,Arnab,Saumik; Khabra, Mehtab, Isfaq; Penn,Manandeep, Penn
  • This is Kaustav Bera and I will take you through today's events as East Bengal look to go top of the table with Pune thrashing Dempo yesterday...
  • Welcome to's LIVE match centre from Salt Lake Stadium