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Serie A

  • 13 May 2013
  • • 00:15
  • • Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano
  • Referee: G. Rocchi
  • • Attendance: 50000

Live Commentary

  • I've been Simon Harrison, and I hope to catch you all again next time! Tweet me @simonhfootball to share your post-match opinions with yours truly.
  • That's that then! Thanks for tuning into's LIVE coverage of Milan and Roma's goalless stalemate between Milan and Roma, with two red cards adding to final day selection concerns for both sides and racist chants towards Mario Balotelli marring the game.
  • Muntari received a first half red card, after manhandling the referee, before Totti joined the Ghanian in the referee's book for a stoppage time elbow on Mexes. Allegri may feel that a point is a good result, but the Rossoneri's Champions League hopes head into the last game.
  • That's it! The spoils are shared at San Siro, as both Milan and Roma finish the game with ten men!
  • 90' + 6'
    LAMELA! The Argentine pops up with a good strike, but it's straight at Abbiati! That was a good effort!
  • 90' + 5'
    Good save by Lobont! Mexes volleys directly at the Roma goalkeeper, but the play was already called back for a foul on a defender!
  • 90' + 4'
    Yellow Card Kevin Constant
  • 90' + 4'
    BURDISSO! Pjanic whips in a good free kick delivery, but Burdisso failed to direct his header toward goal, and Abbiati watches the ball bounce harmlessly wide.
  • 90' + 2'
    Red Card Francesco Totti
  • 90' + 2'
    RED CARD! Totti has been given his marching orders in stoppage time! The aging playmaker elbowed Mexes in the face, to mar what was a good performance from Totti. It was a definite red, but Mexes was frustratingly quick back on his feet after seeing Totti had received a red.
  • 90' + 1'
    CHANCE MILAN! Balotelli is fed the ball to his chest, but his attempted cross is deflected behind for a corner by Marquinhos. The corner is once again punched away well by Lobont.
  • 90'
    Yellow Card Francesco Totti
  • 90'
    Totti is booked for robbing the ball from Abbiati, even though the Milan goalkeeper had released the ball from his grasp to kick the ball from his hands, that looked fair to me! Destro is then put through on goal, but Abbiati smothers the ball well.
  • 89'
    DODO! The full back pressed forward before letting fly with his left foot, forcing Abbiati to palm the ball behind for a corner! The resultant corner proved fruitless, however.
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Nicolas Burdisso
  • 88'
    BALOTELLI! Pazzini is brought down about 30 yards from goal, allowing Balotelli to try again with a free kick. However, Lobont allows the effort to fly wide.
  • 87'
    Lamela has gone down easily, in the hope of conning the referee into giving a penalty. Constant made a sliding challenge, which didn't quite dispossess Lamela, but the Argentine didn't help his cause by flopping onto the ground dramatically.
  • 86'
    Good save Abbiati! Pjanic tries a long range effort, but the Milan goalkeeper is quick down to his right to make a decent save. Milan are really, really tiring now, as the physical side of the game has definitely taken it's toll.
  • 84'
    Good delivery from a Roma corner, but the majority of the players in white were present at the front post, and it overshot them! Constant manages to clear well, with a searching cross-field ball to Balotelli, but his teammate plays a terrible cross.
  • 82'
    SubstitutionD. Osvaldo Mattia Destro
  • 82'
    OOH! Good ball from Robinho! The Brazilian tried to slip the ball through to Pazzini, but he put slightly too much power on his pass! Lobont collects instead.
  • 81'
    SubstitutionMathieu Flamini Giampaolo Pazzini
  • 81'
    Roma are just beginning to leave a couple more men forward than they have previously. Destro beats his man fantastically with his first involvement in the game, but his cross fails to reach Totti, instead striking an unaware Mexes.
  • 79'
    Dodo attempts another lofted ball forward, looking to play Florenzi in behind the Milan defence, but it's cleared easily. The full-back's balls have been hit and miss to say the least.
  • 78'
    SubstitutionKevin-Prince Boateng Antonio Nocerino
  • 78'
    Yellow Card Massimo Ambrosini
  • 77'
    Important punch from Lobont! Robinho's corner delivery is dangerous, but the Roma goalkeeper is quick off his line to send the ball from danger. Milan are by no means out of this game despite the numerical disadvantage.
  • 76'
    FLAMINI! The French midfielder drives into the penalty area, before attempting to beat Lobont at his front post! The Roma keeper parries his effort straight back out to Flamini again, but the Milan midfielder can't turn the rebound goalward!
  • 74'
    SubstitutionMarquinho Alessandro Florenzi
  • 74'
    Yellow Card Dodô
  • 74'
    Milan have got some fresh legs on the pitch, but Roma are monopolising possession at the moment, this last twenty minutes could be a bit of a siege. Milan's back four are very deep indeed. Allegri is allowing his forward trio to do all of the offensive running.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionStephan El Shaarawy Robinho
  • 72'
    Mexes clears again! De Sciglio is robbed of the ball needlessly by Marquinho, before whipped in a powerful cross. Milan's Frenchman is up to win the header yet again though!
  • 71'
    Chance for Osvaldo! Totti finds his teammate with a great lofted ball towards the back post. Osvaldo takes the ball on his chest, before trying to cut inside Zapata, but the Colombian reads the play well and steps in to dispossess his marker.
  • 70'
    SubstitutionSimone Perrotta Miralem Pjanic
  • 70'
    Milan are looking very tired at the moment, but Roma make the first substitution, adding a midfielder with a touch more flair than the industrious Perrotta.
  • 69'
    Half chance for Roma again! Dodo hangs up a ball from the left hand side, once again looking for Osvaldo, but Mexes manages to win the header. The Frenchman has been solid at the heart of the Milan defence tonight, but it's doubtful whether they can hold out much longer.
  • 67'
    Important interception from Bradley! De Sciglio whips in a ball from the byline, it skids off the turf and to Balotelli's feet, but the American midfielder manages to get a toe in to dispossess Balotelli as he shaped to shoot.
  • 65'
    Roma are just starting to box Milan in a little, and their share of possession is creeping up. The visitors are quick to close down their adversaries, and Totti is continuing to distribute the ball well. Lamela has gone missing in this second half, however.
  • 64'
    Mexes makes another important interception! Dodo chips the ball into the middle of the Milan penalty area, in search of Osvaldo, but the Frenchman manages to improvise a clearance to put the ball out of the danger zone.
  • 63'
    Balotelli tries an ambitious free kick from 35 yards out, but balloons his effort over the bar. That was disappointed, the Milan forward has been capable of testing goalkeepers from all over the pitch this season from free kicks.
  • 61'
    Marquinhos goes down awkwardly after being caught on the inside of his groin by El Shaarawy. Substitutes are warming up for the away side, it seems as though the visitors might be inclined to go for the three points tonight.
  • 60'
    MARQUINHO! Mexes manages to head the ball away from danger, after Roma's Brazilian midfielder managed to lift the ball over Abbiati! A fantastic ball from Totti to set Marquinhos away on goal beforehand, the veteran just scooped the ball over his marker.
  • 58'
    Considering their numerical advantage, Roma are yet to exert their dominance on this game. Balotelli is continuing to cause some problems when he receives the ball, but the hosts are yet to have a good chance in the second half.
  • 57'
    BALOTELLI! Balotelli is brought down on the edge of the penalty area by Perrotta, before dusting himself off to take the kick himself. He keeps his effort low, but Lobont is able to get his body behind the ball and then smother it.
  • 55'
    Totti misplaces an important pass, which looked to set Lamela through on the Milan defence, after great work from Bradley to win the ball in the centre of midfield. Aside from that, the Roma playmaker has been fantastic this evening.
  • 54'
    A good spell of possession for Milan results in Ambrosini giving the ball away needlessly. The referee stops play for Balotelli to get treatment, as the Milan striker unwittingly ran into Marquinhos, not realising that his marker was behind him.
  • 52'
    OOH! CHANCE FOR ROMA! Osvaldo wriggles free of three Milan defenders, before testing his luck with a strike towards Abbiati's near post! Close yet again.
  • 50'
    MARQUINHO! Totti's cross is flicked on toward goal by Marquinho, but Abbiati catches the ball easily. Roma have had all of the ball in this second half, as can be expected from the team with eleven men!
  • 49'
    Play is back underway! A brief stoppage in play has disrupted this second half, but we're back on course. This is a real shame.
  • 48'
    Play is suspended! Chants and jeers have plagued this game, with Mario Balotelli the victim of continued abuse from the fans. The plays all stand inside the centre circle, while more messages from the tannoy warns fans to be quiet.
  • 47'
    Marquinhos plays the ball off El Shaarawy for a corner kick, early in this second half, Lamela gets under the flight of the ball, but his header ends up going away from goal rather than towards it.
  • 46'
    And we are back underway for the second half! Milan have a great deal to do with only ten men, but need three points to cement themselves in third place. This is a great opportunity for Roma to push themselves up the Serie A table.
  • The scenes involving Muntari's red card are still hard to fathom. To give a more detailed description, the Milan midfielder grabbed the referee in an attempt to make it physically impossible for the referee to produce a card of any colour. Crazy decision.
  • The stadium announcer inside San Siro asks for fans to stop chanting towards Mario Balotelli, under threat of the game being suspended. It's possible that Muntari's outburst was a result of frustration regarding these chants, although it's hard to say definitely.
  • There's the half time whistle! The ten men of Milan have a lot of work to do in the second half, against a Roma team more than capable of creating many chances on the break. Boateng has gone closest for the hosts, but the game remains goalless.
  • 45' + 1'
    We're in the solitary minute of stoppage time, and Milan aren't quite managing to convert their possession. Roma have been fantastic on the break, and Marquinho is beaten to the ball by Abbiati with the last kick of the first half!
  • 44'
    EL SHAARAWY! Constant cross is directed toward goal by an El Shaarawy header, but Burdisso gets an important touch in to deflect the ball behind for a corner!
  • 43'
    TOTTI! The Roma star man attempts a dipping 30 yard effort, but it whistles just over the bar. Abbiati was worried there, backpedalling furiously, but thankfully for him, Totti just about got his angles wrong.
  • 41'
    Yellow Card Sulley Muntari
  • 41'
    Red Card Sulley Muntari
  • 41'
    Muntari has seemingly really let his side down. Who knows what affected him there, as he seemed to be angered by something. Balotelli was urging the crowd to silence their boos earlier in the game, so it could have something to do with that incident.
  • 40'
    Yellow Card Mario Balotelli
  • 40'
    RED CARD! Unbelievable! Balotelli has been given a yellow card for a late challenge, but Muntari's complaints earn him a red card, despite Muntari grabbing the referee's pocket to not allow the official to produce the card!
  • 39'
    Constant shifts the ball inside toward Boateng, who finds himself in acres of space, but isn't aware of it. Inside the midfielder turns back into trouble and allow Roma to work hard and fill in the space. This game is hanging on a knife edge.
  • 38'
    Balotelli is muscled off the ball unfairly by a combination of Castan and Marquinho, resulting in a free-kick being awarded from around 25 yards out. Lobont beats the effort away, punching the ball into touch.
  • 36'
    Oh, Abbiati! The Milan goalkeeper drops a cross under no pressure, but is fortunate to not have any Roma players within close proximity! He almost ruined all of his good first half work there.
  • 35'
    Great play by Roma! Totti picks up the ball on the halfway line, playing the ball into Osvaldo, who attempts to set Lamela on his way with a cheeky back heel. Even if they're to lose a game, you know Roma will do it stylishly.
  • 33'
    Half chance for Roma! Lamela spreads play wide to Marquinhos, and the Brazilian's cross forces Zapata to play the ball behind for a corner. Abbiati still remains untested from crosses however, as Balotelli volleys away the set piece.
  • 32'
    LAMELA! The Argentine weaves past two defenders, before unleashing a testing shot toward's Abbiati's goal, but the Italian shot stopper puts out a strong right hand to beat away Lamela's effort.
  • 31'
    BOATENG! Muntari spreads play wide on the right, finding De Sciglio, and the youngster plays in a dangerous cross across the six yard box! Boateng meets the cross, but shoots straight at Lobont!
  • 30'
    BALOTELLI! The striker manages to drive his way down the right flank and into the penalty area, but his control lets him down and the ball runs out of play at the byline. With men spare in the centre, that was a chance for Balotelli to find a good cross, if only he'd kept the ball in!
  • 29'
    Roma win a free-kick on the edge of the area, as Ambrosini snaps at the heels of Totti, but the visitors waste their opportunity by fluffing a quick free kick. That really is a shame, that was a chance to really press men forward.
  • 27'
    Osvaldo goes down holding his face after challenging with Zapata, but there was no real contact between the two players. Thankfully, the referee doesn't buy Osvaldo's claims.
  • 26'
    MUNTARI! El Shaarawy runs at Marquinhos, before switching the ball inside to Muntari, and the Ghanian tries a trademark long range effort, which whistled over Lobont's crossbar.
  • 25'
    OSVALDO! The Roma forward is slipped in behind the Milan defence via a channel ball, and tries his luck with a first time near post effort. Abbiati is alive to the danger however, and gets down well to make the save with his midriff.
  • 24'
    A Roma corner is worked well between Totti and Perrotta, but the latter fails to put in a challenging ball, and Abbiati claims yet again. The service from both sides has been poor thus far, crosses really haven't been finding their intended targets.
  • 23'
    Boateng tries another cross from the right hand side, but he can't quite get the delivery he desires. El Shaarawy is being given plenty of balls to challenge for at the back post, but he's been unable to win an aerial battle so far.
  • 21'
    OSVALDO! De Sciglio gives the ball away for Milan, allowing Dodo to bomb forward, and he lofts a ball towards the penalty spot in search of Osvaldo. The Roma striker takes a good touch with his chest to set himself, but fails to find the second touch to direct the ball toward goal, whilst under pressure from Mexes.
  • 20'
    Both sides have moved the ball well so far, the fearless nature of the full-backs on show tonight really is making the transition from midfield to attack an interesting one. De Sciglio is essentially hugging the right touchline, giving Milan some real width.
  • 19'
    Ooh! El Shaarawy miscontrols a cross terribly! Constant marauds forward, whipping a ball in from the left hand side, but the young Italian just lets the ball escape his touch. These little errors could prove costly.
  • 18'
    Mistakes are starting to creep in for both sides, with Constant giving the ball away twice for the hosts, while the visitors have just slipped from their composed frame of mind. A very interesting spectacle so far, it's end to end stuff.
  • 17'
    BALOTELLI! Great play from El Shaarawy feeds Balotelli on the edge of the area, but a great sliding tackle blocks his effort! Muntari then gets in Balotelli's way, and the two exchange some presumably choice words.
  • 16'
    Ooh! Half chance for El Shaarawy! Flamini spreads play wide to the advancing De Sciglio and the youngster flights a ball towards the back post. El Shaarawy half-heartedly tries a volley but it goes wide.
  • 15'
    TOTTI! Constant gives the ball away terribly, straight to the feet of the man who you don't want to give a chance to! Totti drives forward, but his strike aimed towards the near post swerves wide - the Roma man voices his frustration.
  • 14'
    Good interplay from Roma comes to nothing, as Dodo plays the ball out of play for a goal kick. The young Brazilian full-back has got forward well so far, offering width on his flank.
  • 13'
    BALOTELLI! Muntari's flick on finds its way to Balotelli on the edge of the Roma penalty area, but the former Man City striker gets it all wrong! His effort balloons wildly over the bar, he won't want to see a replay of that.
  • 12'
    CHANCE! MILAN! Muntari and then Boateng are denied by blocks on the edge of the Roma box, as the visitors are forced into their first true defensive action of the game. Positive signs at last for the hosts.
  • 11'
    Ooh! Totti again whips in a ball from the right hand side, looking for Osvaldo, but the ball is slightly inaccurate and Abbiati is allowed to claim on the edge of his six yard box.
  • 10'
    Milan are just struggling to get going, El Shaarawy and Balotelli are yet to really threaten their opponents. Roma on the other hand, have been moving the ball well, with their passes almost telegraphed. They've opened the play out well too.
  • 8'
    Good play again for Totti, as the Italian drifts inbetween the Milan lines to receive the ball and keep play moving. The veteran finds himself wide on the right, before beating Constant to whip a cross in. Abbiati claims.
  • 7'
    Totti takes a Roma free-kick, after Lamela was fouled by Flamini. The aging playmaker lines up his effort, but it strikes the wall and goes behind for a corner! Marquinho then finds the ball at his feet again on the right, but fails to test Abbiati at his near post.
  • 6'
    Roma have had the better of possession in these opening stages, with Totti already drifting wide to the right and picking up the ball well. Roma certainly have the technical ability to cause some problems for the visitors.
  • 4'
    OOOH! MARQUINHO! Totti drives forward through the Milan midfield, before laying the ball ahead of his Brazilian teammate. Marquinhos smashes a dipping, left-footed drive from 30 yards, and Abbiati had to parry it away!
  • 2'
    Roma have the best of the opening two minutes, managing to release Lamela down the left, but Abbiati is quick to smother the cross. Milan whip a dangerous ball of their own into the Roma area, but Lobont hesitantly punches clear.
  • 1'
    And we are underway! Milan are wearing a flashy golden strip, with Roma in white.
  • The teams are making their way out onto the field now, as we are extremely close to kick-off. Both sides are looking for a valuable three points to try and cement themselves in a favourable league finish.
  • Mario Balotelli will be hoping to net his twelfth goal of the season this evening, and alongside his compatriot El Shaarawy, the young duo will provide the main attacking threat for their side. Roma, on the other hand, have the veteran maestro Francesco Totti, who has 12 assists.
  • Milan head into this game with good momentum, winning their last three games, and haven't conceded in their previous two. Roma's loss to Chievo last time out has been their only defeat in their own last five games.
  • Roma starting line-up: Lobont, Marquinhos, Burdisso, Leandro Castan, Dodo, Lamela, Bradley, Perrotta, Marquinho, Totti, Osvaldo.
  • Milan starting line-up: Abbiati, Constant, Mexes, Zapata, De Sciglio, Muntari, Ambrosini, Flamini, Boateng, El Shaarawy, Balotelli.
  • I'm Simon Harrison, and I will be keeping you up to date with all of the action in Milan tonight, in what promises to be an interesting game. The home side need three points to extend their lead over fourth-placed Fiorentina.
  • Hello and welcome to's LIVE coverage of Serie A's evening fixture between Milan and Roma at San Siro. Both sides boast great talent and have similarly won three of their last five games - this should be a scintillating affair!