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Serie A

  • 18 September 2011
  • • 00:15
  • • Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milano
  • Referee: P. Mazzoleni
  • • Attendance: 47944

Live Commentary

  • 90' + 6'
    Thanks for joining me, Owen Neilson, if you're watching Atalanta - Palermo tomorrow, 12.30 kick off Italian time, you can hear me commentating the match live. Good night
  • 90' + 5'
    Petering out, half chance at the back post for Inter, then a driven shot by Sneijder and a frustrated spit toward the referee. Lucio on the edge of the box dispossessed and that's all folks. Not good for either side this, probably the worst result in terms on the pressure that's going to be turned up. Final score Inter Milan 0 - 0 Roma.
  • 90' + 2'
    4 minutes of added time at the San Siro, perhaps the magic will come .De Rossi unintentionally stamped on by Sneijder who was mid-air during the tackle. Both coaches cross-armed thinking about how to defend themselves in the press conference. Looks like De Rossi took one in the special area. Ouch!
  • 89'
    Both sides happy with a point by the looks of it but La Gazzetta will tear a pound of flesh off both managers for this performance. Average
  • 86'
    Great chance for Sneijder at the back post, deflected toward the Dutch star but a superb block
  • 85'
    Heard Robbie Savage talking on Football Focus on the BBC today, he said Torres needs a run of games, "back him, show him you have confidence, and see what he produces" Now i'm not keen on Robbie Savage, bu there's something in that for Enrique and Gasperini
  • 83'
    Yellow Card S. Kjær
  • 83'
    Yellow Card for Kjaer tackle on Sneijder
  • 82'
    Moratti comes into shot there for those of you watching around the world; looked lonely I thought. Don't underestimate the sharpness of the dagger
  • 79'
    SubstitutionDiego Forlán Sulley Muntari
  • 79'
    Forlan off, Sulley Muntati on
  • 78'
    SubstitutionFabio Borini Marco Borriello
  • 78'
    Frustration from Inter and if you know Italian football, there's no way this will stand for long. And that goes two ways, Roma miraculously have been worse. I'll go out on a limb and predict a short life for Enrique and Gasperini
  • 75'
    You've got to worry about either sides' title/European credentials after 2 games of Serie A, very average and unimpressive stuff from the 2009-10 Champions League champions particularly. Zarate tries to score a wonder goal on his right from the left of the box; over.
  • 74'
    Sneijder found in space cutting in from the left, but instead of going for a shot the Dutch star tried to play in Zarate then has a shot of his own but well over
  • 72'
    Totti curls a 40 yard free-kick toward the Inter six yard but Cesar is out to claim. Quick counter from the home side; out for a goal-kick
  • 70'
    Roma taking a nice period of possession, moving the ball left to right without much progress, forced to pass back to the half-way line. I'm feeling for the hardy thousands who travelled up from Rome for this.Mission
  • 68'
    Sneijder snap shot straight at Stekelenburg, sort of chested away by the sub keeper. The game hasn't exactly come to life but a little warmer. Disappointing to see many quality players crammed into a creaking formation
  • 65'
    Great chance!!! Zarate with the best of the shot of the match , little shimmy shimmy shake shake, made space for himself and you couldn't get a porcini mushroom between the post and the ball on that one
  • 62'
    SubstitutionJ. Obi Jonathan
  • 62'
    Johnathan on for Obi
  • 61'
    Not sure anyone wants to win this. Roma kick the ball away, Inter kick the ball away. Free-kick Roma this time, 35 yards to the left of the box
  • 59'
    SubstitutionDavid Pizarro Fernando Gago
  • 59'
    SubstitutionDiego Milito Mauro Zárate
  • 59'
    meanwhile, Gago on for Pizarro, interesting change for Roma
  • 58'
    Nagatomo has got some after-burners, when those legs get going the Roma defence know about it. Milito makes way for Zarate
  • 56'
    Totti took a 30 metre run up for the kick which was of course a dummy for Pjanic to hit a metre over the bar
  • 55'
    Pizarro, probably Roma's best player so far steps past a challenge then is felled 25 yards out, free-kick Roma
  • 54'
    Pjanic making a nuisance of himself in the box and Inter are on the back foot, but manage to deal with it
  • 52'
    Sliding challenge from Lucio decks Osvaldo, free-kick, apologies all around, good start from Roma but still looking for that gilt-edged chance
  • 50'
    Free header for Milito after a free-kick from the right, flashed wide, and that was a good chance
  • 48'
    Borini had the volley set for him after a cross from the right but hamered into Lucio; Roma keep possession
  • 47'
    Osvaldo put clean through , left foot shot blocked by Cesar; corner for Roma
  • 45' + 3'
    Stern words from Enrique and Gasperini, Inter desperately need a win tonight, as do Roma. Roma free-kick 35 yards out, last kick of the half, and Totti blasts over. It can only get better
  • 45' + 1'
    Seconds to go until half-time, this is still anyone's, though it doesn't look Roma are too interested in winning it. Disappointing opening. 3 minutes of added time
  • 44'
    Both sides exhibiting some ring-rust.Inter have had the best of the possession and Nagatomo's chance, but nothing special and Milan won't be worried. Borini went for a shot, well blocked and a corner for Roma
  • 42'
    Nagatomo again on the right flank, but possession wasted in the Inter thrid. Roma are too quick in using the ball and gifting it back to the home side
  • 41'
    Gasperini is sporting a lovely orange tan, beating Luis Enrique's dusky hue of brown
  • 40'
    It might sound like I've been biased to Inter, but Roma not having much say in the match so far in any attacking sense.Pizarro tries a drive into the box but dispossessed by Cambiasso then customary theatrics from the felled man
  • 38'
    Inter using the width provided by Nagatomo well, but still look a man short in defence. When is Gasperini going to realize 3-4-3 is doomed
  • 36'
    Lovely triangles from Inter to make space, pass and move. Sneijder ultimately finding Nagatomo who's having a decent effort tonight, flashes his shot wide of the far post
  • 35'
    Pass from Sneijder dummied by Milito looking for Nagatomo as he burst into the box, but free-kick goes against for a challenge on Taddei
  • 33'
    Forlan with a difficult chance on the volley, trying something spectacular but mishits for a goal-kick
  • 32'
    Slight miscommunication between De Rossi and Bogdan Lobonţ, ball passing across the six-yard box. No striker lurking luckily for Inter
  • 30'
    Borini found at the back post, found by Totti and the volley from the striker is side footed wide
  • 29'
    Long ball punted up the field by Cambiasso, too long and slightly impatient tactic from Inter.Neither side producing any quality with almost 30 minutes gone
  • 27'
    First meaningful touch for Totti in a long while, tries to hit the cross into the middle but spoons it over the bar. Still on his summer holidays?
  • 26'
    Late challenge by Pjanic and free-kcik to Inter taken short into midfield. Obu tries to work something on the left wing but Sneijder hits his pass long
  • 24'
    Luis Enrique happy to get his suit wet, out in the technical area for a cool down
  • 23'
    Good defence from Inter as the game settles, but Inter are controlling things after 23minutes
  • 23'
    Milito with the drive from the right of the box, comfortable save, Inter using possession well in the last few minutes
  • 22'
    Nagatomo played in by Zanetti, low cross from the Japanese star, corner kick
  • 21'
    Diego Forlan with a 30 yard effort, no worry for the substitute keeper
  • 20'
    that is of course Borini, one 'r'
  • 18'
    SubstitutionMaarten Stekelenburg Bogdan Lobonţ
  • 18'
    Borrini with a volley off a corner, hit it well but top block from Cesar
  • 16'
    Yellow Card Lúcio
  • 16'
    concerned faces from Lucio most of all, lengthy stoppage and Bogdan Lobont from Steaua Bucherest on for the injured keeper, let's hope nothing serious
  • 14'
    CK easily dealt with, Roma break but lose possession and Cambiasso puts the ball over the top for Lucio, but great save by Stekelenburg who takes a knee to the temple and is knocked clean out!! taking medical attention now, play stopped
  • 14'
    FK takes a deflection for a first corner, not much danger there
  • 14'
    Nagatomo steals possession on the half way line and gallops toward Inter's box, Sneijder wins a FK on the edge of the area. The Dutch star will fancy this
  • 12'
    Osvaldo with the first real chance of the game, played in on the left of the box, but Cesar makes a simple enough save
  • 12'
    It is absolutely belting down in Milan, surprised to see Gasperini's grey bouffant make its way out of the dugout
  • 11'
    Roma with a lot of men in midfiled, trying to take advantage, but Inter on 3-4-3 have plenty numbers and Milito dispossessed before the final ball
  • 9'
    Nagatomo found himself in space but De Rossi slammed the door and Roma take possession
  • 9'
    A similar look to Inter's approach from Wednesday, sitting back and allowing Roma to control possession, waiting for the final ball. But looking solid enough at the moment
  • 7'
    Long ball from Sneijder to Obi, good pressure in defence from Roma, but possession controlled by Inter in the opening stages
  • 6'
    Greasy surface at the San Siro thanks to the early September rain.Pretty sure the ESPN commentators aren't in Milan, but you're getting reliable info on
  • 5'
    Inter certainly had their confidence knocked with that shocker v Trabzonspor, expect them to start slowly tonight against a Roma side under pressure, or shoudl I say, an Enrique under pressure
  • 3'
    Ranocchia takes a nocchia, getting his first app in SerieA this season, just knocking the ball about early on
  • 3'
    Not packed at the San Siro, can't think the rain kept the fans away, maybe the bad start to the season
  • 2'
    Inter gone with a 3-4-3 again, big test for Inter on that count.
  • 1'
    Roma kicking off, trying to recover from 2-1 defeat at home to Cagliari last weekend
  • Pouring down in Milan,post thunder and lightning. Is it an omen for the match.Is Gasperini going to get hit by a bolt of something, we'll see
  • Hello and welcome, we're getting ready for Inter v Roma at the San Siro with me your wordsmith in Milan Owen Neilson