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  • 10 March 2012
  • • 23:00
  • • SGL arena, Augsburg
  • Referee: K. Kircher
  • • Attendance: 30660

Live Commentary

  • That's all from here - I hope you enjoyed tonight's coverage. Until next time, all the best.
  • Dortmund will be bitterly disappointed to have had their eight-game winning streak end against one of the league's most desperate sides, especially after Bayern won earlier. Their lead in the Bundesliga standings is still a considerable five points, but the defending champions cannot afford to slip up again
  • A heroic performance from Augsburg, who deservedly climb out of the relegation zone having fought tooth-and-nail to the very end. They earn a deserved point.
  • 90' + 2'
    Augsburg in full control here as the final whistle approaches. Hopeless long balls are all Dortmund can manage for now.
  • 90'
    Two minutes to be added...
  • 89'
    SubstitutionAxel Bellinghausen Andrew Sinkala
  • 89'
    After a lengthy delay, Andrew Sinkala comes in to replace Bellinghausen, who also has run himself into the ground.
  • 87'
    A poor delivery from Gundogan goes far too short, and after, Leitner over-hits the ball safely into Jentzsch's arms. Shortly thereafter, Verhaegh tackles Leitner on the flank and wins a throw-in, but goes down injured.
  • 86'
    SubstitutionJakub Blaszczykowski Ilkay Gündogan
  • 86'
    A final roll of the dice from Klopp as Kuba, who has run his socks off, is replaced by Ilkay Gundogan. He'll take a free-kick with his first touch, the set-piece having been won by Kehl on the left flank.
  • 84'
    It is worth mentioning that a few of the Augsburg players appear visibly fatigued. Bellinghausen, for example, appears to have lost the burst of pace he had earlier in the match, and it's affected his judgment in making moves in attack. But Augsburg will be content with a point, surely.
  • 82'
    Another instance of poor judgment in Dortmund's attack: Leitner has the chance perhaps to spread the ball wide for a cross, but instead shoots from long range and strikes a wall of white shirts
  • 80'
    Poor from Lewandowski, who had done very well to win the ball, but aimlessly fired wide
  • 79'
    SubstitutionKoo Ja-Cheol Marcel Ndjeng
  • 79'
    Here's a second substitution for FCA: Marcel Ndjeng replaces Koo for the final 10 minutes.
  • 78'
    Horrible pass from Kehl to Bellinghausen, and Augsburg break! But the winger foolishly fails to take on his marker, who is on a yellow card, and Dortmudn flood back to snuff out the danger.
  • 77'
    Nice move from Molders, but Piszczek gets between him and the ball and clears. Surely this game has a goal in it.
  • 76'
    Schmelzer is first to a long ball over the top, but his first-touch volleyed cross goes out of play. Just a quarter-hour left now for the visitors to find the target and extend their winning run. Or for Augsburg to end their unbeaten run...
  • 75'
    SubstitutionStephan Hain Sascha Mölders
  • 75'
    Here's a first substitution for FCA: Sascha Molders comes in for Hain
  • 72'
    Kehl commits a foul in the centre circle, and receives his final warning from Kircher. Surely, the BVB captain is on the verge of being sent off...
  • 70'
    SubstitutionShinji Kagawa Moritz Leitner
  • 70'
    SubstitutionSven Bender Ivan Perisic
  • 70'
    Reinforcements come on for Dortmund: Ivan Perisic is in as an attacking midfielder, replacing Kagawa while Moritz Leitner comes on for Bender
  • 66'
    Unbelievable! Augsburg have a free-kick on the edge of the the right of the box, and Kagawa, PIszczek, and more quite clearly encroach on the 9.5-metre radius that should be allotted for the kick to be taken, but Kircher allows it, and there is no re-take. Needless to say, the resulting shot is blocked.
  • 65'
    What a counter! Hain leads the break and has a good numerical advantage, but the Dortmund defenders are quick to rush back and concede a corner. Very unfortunate for the hosts, who really looked sure to have a better chance.
  • 63'
    Poor from Piszczek, who is free with space on the right, but woefully over-hits his cross out of play.
  • 62'
    At the other end, Hain has twice been onside and out-run his markers, but on each occasion the ball has been intercepted by Hummels.
  • 60'
    WHAT A SAVE BY JENTZSCH! Kuba crosses to Grosskruetz, who has barely had a touch all game, but heads the ball brilliantly towards the inside of the right post! Jentzsch dives and with his fingertips manages to put the ball out for a corner!
  • 57'
    Penalty? Dive? Neither! Kehl is played into the box and powers past Oehrl before cutting to the inside. He loses the ball to Sankoh and goes down, but neither a penalty nor a dive is given. It looks like he went down without contact, but in fairness, he never made an appeal for a penalty after hitting the ground. Silly nonetheless from the captain.
  • 55'
    Ooh, Schmelzer was nearly in! Hummels plays a fantastic through-pass to the full-back, who is clear of his marker, but Jentzsch is quick off his line to claim.
  • 54'
    Hummels steps up to win the ball near midfield and Dortmund look to counter, but Kuba's cross is easily cleared. Still no cutting edge from the hosts. Klopp surely must be considering substitutions...
  • 51'
    Suffice to say, things have really heated up since the break...
  • 49'
    And now Lewandowski has a chance! A glorious through-ball from Kagawa, but the striker is chased down, and dispossessed from behind. Great defending...
  • 48'
    Much, much worse from Weidenfeller for the resulting corner as he flaps at a corner, but Sankoh heads over! Chance missed!
  • 47'
    BELLINGHAUSEN! Pheneomenal stop by Weidenfeller!!! BVB commit a bit too much to the attack and Baier breaks out of his own half, leading the counter-attack. The playmaker then plays wide to the advancing winger, who is a step ahead of Piszczek and fires on goal, but has his shot knocked out for a corner!
  • 46'
  • No changes at half-time it appears - the players are back and we're about to kick-off...
  • HALF-TIME! It's been a rather dull 45 minutes as neither Dortmund nor Augsburg have come up with much at all , and bad fouls have been far more prevalent than opportunities on goal. As it stands, BVB see their lead in the Bundesliga standings diminished to five points, while FCA climb into 15th place. That all could change after the break, though - I'll be back in 15 minutes to keep you up-to-date...
  • 45'
    Yellow Card Sebastian Kehl
  • 45'
    This is starting to get ugly. Now Kehl sees yellow for running into Baier..
  • 43'
    Yellow Card Neven Subotic
  • 43'
    And now Subotic goes into the book! He and Bellinghausen run towards the ball, and neither connects - but both collide with one another, and the Augsburg man wins a free-kick.
  • 42'
    Yellow Card Gibril Sankoh
  • 42'
    A second booking for Augsburg now, as Sankoh is late to the ball and commits a foul against Lewandowski.
  • 40'
    OFF THE LINE! After a few headers in the box, Lewandowski nods the ball past Jentzsch and towards the far post! Langkamp does very, very well to put the ball out of play...
  • 39'
    Yellow Card Koo Ja-Cheol
  • 39'
    Finally a first booking of the game: Koo clatters into Schmelzer on the wing, and BVB have a free-kick on the left wing.
  • 37'
    Poor foul from Kagawa on Hosogai. The Dortmund man catches the ball, but his challenge is high, and he goes through his opponent on the follow-through. Still no booking from Kircher, however.
  • 35'
    Subotic passes the ball out of play near his coach, Klopp,and the trainer is livid! And in fairness, his attitude is thoroughly justified - there simply has not been enough precision from the visitors.
  • 33'
    Hummels plays the ball ahead towards Piszczek, but even with all his pace, the right-back cannot track down the ball before it rolls out of play.
  • 31'
    Now Kagawa is taken down on the right. Augsburg are pushing their luck here, both with the risk of bookings and conceding from set plays.
  • 30'
    Lewandowski is felled by Sankoh, and referee Knut Kircher has some harsh words for the Augsburg defender, who appears to be on his final warning.
  • 28'
    Curious from Subotic there - Kagawa is run down in his own half and the ball pings around. The defender opts to hoof the ball well out of play when he appeared to have enough room to safely take a touch before passing.
  • 26'
    Ah, nice chance for Lewandowski is the ball is nodded on towards him, but the striker cannot get enough power on his header to beat Jentzsch, who catches with no trouble.
  • 25'
    Kuba finds his way past Hosogai and is pulled down - very nice skill from the Dortmund man. Free-kick on the right...
  • 23'
    Oh, that could easily have been the opener! As the hosts scramble to clear from their own box, Bender slams the ball off Hummels, and narrowly wide of the goal! What a shocker that would have been had it gone in!
  • 22'
    Silly foul from Subotic on Hain - free-kick to the hosts on the left flank...
  • 19'
    No real bite in attack from either side right now, . Augsburg would be glad to accept the result as it stands - they would climb clear of the relegation zone. The impetus is on Dortmund now, after Bayern's 7-1 win over Hoffenheim earlier...
  • 17'
    So nearly a chance for the visitors! Kehl does very well to link a few passes together, and track the ball down at the end-line. He has Kagawa available in the centre, but his final ball across is a bit too heavy, and the chance goes begging. Still not very much in the attacking third from the leaders...
  • 16'
    Blaszczykowski (a.k.a. Kuba) jinks between a pair of defenders, but lets the ball run too far ahead and has the ball cleared out ahead of his run into the box.
  • 13'
    OEHRL! SAVED! Verhaegh plays a fine cross, and the striker nods on towards goal. Weidenfeller dives to make a fine catch-save!
  • 12'
    Oh, SO CLOSE! Hain and Subotic both attempt to reach a ball in the air, but the defender slips. The ball takes a fortunate bounce for Dortmund, towards Weidenfeller who is quick to pounce and claim possession.
  • 11'
    Oh, a clever bit of running from Ostrzolek as the full-back continues his run up the left, receiving a back-heel. Subotic, for not the first time, is forced to come out to the flank to stop an attack, and does so with a good tackle.
  • 8'
    A nice extended spell of possession for Augsburg in the attacking half ends with no shot, and no real threat overall. Hain is whistled for a foul against Hummels, who had won a header.
  • 6'
    Lewandowski! Nearly a chance out of thin air for the visitors as Subotic spots the striker's run and plays a long ball. The Poland international easily outpaces Langkamp, but when he cuts the ball across the face of goal, no player is available to tap in at the far post.
  • 4'
    Oehrl goes down now and appears to have taken a knock to the head. After some treatment he takes to his feet and goes to the sideline for further checks from the medical staff.
  • 2'
    Ooh, dangerous move there from Augsburg! Bellinghausen twists and turns to make space from Subotic on the left flank and plays a cross that bends away from Weidenfeller, but the goalkeeper is nonetheless first to the ball and catches. Hain clatters into the goalkeeper, and is whistled for a foul.
  • 1'
    AND THE MATCH BEGINS! FCA kick-off and Oehrl receives the ball on the left wing, but Piszczek knocks the ball off him for a throw-in.
  • The players are on the pitch and we're about to get started...
  • Subs: Amsif, De Roeck, Ndjeng, Werner, Davids, Sinkala, Molders
  • Augsburg (4-4-2) Jentzsch; Sankoh, Langkamp, Verhaegh, Ostrzolek; Hosogai, Baier, Bellinghausen, Koo; Grove, Oehrl
  • Subs: Leitner, Gundogan, Perisic, Lowe, Owomoyela, Felipe Santana, Langerak
  • Dortmund (4-2-3-1): Weidenfeller; Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer; Bender, Kehl; Blaszczykowski, Kagawa, Grosskreutz; Lewandowski
  • The teams are in...
  • Dortmund are in imperious form, having racked up eight straight league wins and going without defeat for 18. Augsburg themselves have hit a decent patch of form at home, winning three and drawing two of their last five matches.
  • Hello, and welcome to's live coverage of Augsburg v Dortmund! I'm Clark Whitney, and I'll be keeping you company over the next two hours or so...