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Federation Cup

  • 14 January 2014
  • • 16:00
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, Kochi, Kerala

Live Commentary

  • FULL TIME: Churchill Brothers SC 2-1 United Sports Club. Although Balwant Singh and Ranti Martins scored three goals in two matches against each other, it was the Goan side who got the better of the final score-line this time. United SC had won the previous tie 3-2 in the I-League
  • 90' + 4'
    Rajinder with a cross inside the box, trying to find Martins, but Thapa gets to the ball first
  • 90' + 3'
    RAFIQUE!!!! Instead of taking a volley at the near post on the right, he taps the ball in the hands of Thapa
  • 90' + 3'
    A cross from the left flank by Brown. Thapa takes care of it
  • 90' + 2'
    The stretcher comes on this time to take off Raju Yumnam off the pitch, which means that Churchill Brothers will have to play with 10 men until then
  • 90'
    Four minutes to be added on and just a few minutes earlier I heard Schattorie screaming to his players that 'it's not finished yet'
  • 89'
    MARTINS!!!! He misses again. The Nigerian heads wide a cross from the right by Deepak
  • 88'
    WHAT A MISS!!! Lalkamal releases Rafique on the right flank, while Martins fails to trap the cross towards him with the Nigerian standing in an unmarked position in front of goal
  • 87'
    CLOSE!!! Brown does all the spadework on the left and lobs in a cross for Martins, whose header comes off Yumnam en route goal
  • 84'
    SubstitutionAbdelhamid Shabana Micky Fernandes
  • 84'
    Balwant and Lenny on the counter after defending a corner, but the former takes too long on the ball and thus allowing the United SC defenders to fall back in numbers and break the attack
  • 83'
    SAVE!!! A direct shot from the left by Brown but Thapa manages to thwart out the powerfully struck attempt from well outside the box
  • 80'
    SAVE!!! United SC goalkeeper Jayanta Paul deflects a shot by Wolfe from the right away from his near post
  • 79'
    So till here it really doesn't look as if there is going to be another goal, or, will either or both teams prove me wrong?
  • 77'
    Schattorie now urging his side to step forward in attack
  • 76'
    Lalkamal Bhowmick pretty much at the end of everything played in the center by United SC, finds Brown, but Balwant takes the ball away
  • 75'
    SubstitutionAnupam Sarkar Asif Kottayil
  • 74'
    Sort of running out of time now, the United SC players are looking to play in longer passes as compared to the shorter ones
  • 72'
    Martins shields the ball in the Churchill box this time, but Ravanan quick to get it away to safety
  • 71'
    CLOSE!!! United SC substitute Rajinder Kumar, who came in place of C.K.Vineeth, almost puts the ball through for Martins but well shileded by Churchill's Bineesh Balan
  • 70'
    Signs os some bleeding from his knee, too, as physio Shona Miranda has a look at the Churchill player
  • 69'
    Churchill left back Raju Yumnam seems to be suffering from cramps, possibly, to his right leg
  • 67'
    Brown has quite a wall in front of him and hits the same, with his shot off the rebound once again blocked by the Churchill defense
  • 66'
    The referee however got it wrong, but United SC have a free-kick either ways
  • 65'
    The assistant referee raises his flag against Churchill goalkeeper for stepping out of his area before throwing the ball away
  • 64'
    Martins and Brown once again combining in attack but the latter's cross falls straight for Thapa
  • 63'
    SubstitutionC.K. Vineeth Rajinder Kumar
  • 62'
    Deepak Mandal and Raju Yumnam with quite a battle with the former getting the better of the Churchill player
  • 61'
    Anthony Wolfe!!! With no other option, he shoots straight in the hands of Paul
  • 60'
    Balan brought down by Deepak Mandal for a Churchill free-kick from far out which doesn't convert to much
  • 59'
    It's quite a relaxed showing by both teams in this session of play
  • 58'
    The play in the second half so far is quite different from what we saw in the first half, where we saw both teams trying to drop the ball in the opponents half as soon as possible
  • 56'
    Wolfe, with support from Balwant and Shabana, makes two attempts to move into a scoring position but the rival defense stands strong on both occasions
  • 55'
    United SC are however are still content on holding on to the ball despite trailing but a goal, in search for an occasional counter
  • 53'
    Churchill Brothers now slowly attempt to build up play
  • 51'
    United SC skipper Deepak Mondal very calmly heads the ball back to his keeper as Denzil Franco tries to find a red shirt in the box
  • 50'
    Quite strangely, the referee gives nothing as Dhanachandra brings down Balwant
  • 49'
    Ranti Martins tries to lead the counter attack now and finds Vineeth on the right, who tries to twist and turn, but doesn't get past Churchill defender Sanjay Balmuchu
  • 47'
    Mariano Dias has meanwhile made his first change, and an attacking one, as Alesh Sawant makes way for local lad Bineesh Balan
  • 46'
    We're back in action as the second half gets underway
  • 45'
    SubstitutionAlesh Sawant Bineesh Balan
  • United SC have shown pockets of brilliance and scored a goal through Martins from their only shot on target in the first session of play after Shabana and Balwant had given Churchill a two-goal advantage
  • HALF-TIME: Churchill Brothers SC 2-1 United Sports Club
  • 45'
    Two minutes to be added on to the first half
  • 44'
    Quite a shot there by Martins as Thapa could do nothing about that
  • 43'
    Goal Ranti Martins
    GOAAALLL!!! Finally! Ranti turns his defender succesfully after receiving a pass by Brown as the former blasts a right footer past Churchill goalkeeper Lalit Thapa
  • 41'
    CLOSE!!!! Eric Brown takes everyone by surprise as he gets on the end of a good pass by Martins but shoots wide of the far post from the left. United SC yet to find a shot on target
  • 40'
    Balwant Singh now goes down and holds on to his right knee
  • 39'
    Play resumes and we're just over five minutes away from half-time
  • 38'
    Churchill defender Ravanan Dharmaraj clutches on to his right foot after a clash with Brown, now receives some medical attention on the pitch
  • 36'
    So far we have seen United SC attacking in numbers but face a resolute Churchill defense while the Red Machines have often forced the Kolkata outfit on the backfoot
  • 34'
    SubstitutionSouvik Chakraborty Mohammed Rafique
  • 34'
    An early substitution by the trailing team as Rafique makes his way in place of Souvik Chakraborty. Must be a tactical change by Schattorie
  • 33'
    Eric Brown lines up a shot and let go of a left footer but blocked at close range by the Churchill defense
  • 30'
    A beautiful exchange of passes before Souvik Chakraborty does very well to turn his defender and set up Martins in the box but the Nigerian heads wide
  • 29'
    We're closing in on the half-hour mark and United SC is still unable to get a shot on target
  • 27'
    Balwant SIngh with a touch on the ball in the opponent's box, but his touch is too heavy as the rival defenders effect the clearance
  • 24'
    On the other end now, Vineeth heads wide for the second time a cross by Brown
  • 23'
    CLOSE!!! That could have spelled disaster for Eelco Schattorie's side as a heavy touch by Jayanta almost saw the ball fall for Churchill striker Anthony Wolfe, but the goalkeeper reacted in time to effect the clearance
  • 21'
    The Purple Brigade have patches of the ball possession and try to attack in numbers this time. Brown and Souvik trying to work their way in, but unable to break through
  • 18'
    A beatifully worked goal there by the Indian striker who has scored his third goal in two games against United SC with this match yet to conclude
  • 17'
    Goal Balwant Singh
    GOAAAALLL!!! Another counter-attack by the Red Machines with Balwant put through by Lenny Rodrigues before the latter rounded off Paul to find the back of the net on the left
  • 16'
    SAVE!!! Balwant Singh making his way down the left flank and shoots, but blocked by United SC goalkeeper Jayanta Paul at his near post
  • 14'
    Wolfe is off-side this time
  • 13'
    CLOSE!!! Shabana sights Wolfe in the middle but the 2006 World Cupper of Trinidad & Tobago is unable to stretch to the length of the pass
  • 12'
    United SC on the counter with Ranti on the right and Brown asking for the ball in the center, but the latter is tightly marked
  • 11'
    Churchill on the breakthough in the center with Lenny Rodrigues and Shabana passing among themselves before losing out in the attempt to find Wolfe
  • 9'
    Dhanachandra's long throw-in is headed away
  • 8'
    Churchill have got the early lead but United SC still intend to attack the way they started in this match with Brown moving the ball forward and winning a throw-in
  • 6'
    Yellow Card D. Singh
  • 6'
    Dhanachandra gets booked for a harsh tackle on the goalscorer
  • 5'
    Goal Abdelhamid Shabana
    GOAALLL!!! Abdelhamid Shabana with the ball at his feet from outside the box. He tries to trick the rival keeper but Jayanta Paul blocks it, although the Egyptian midfielder gets on the ball on the second attempt to find the back of the net
  • 2'
    Churchill Brothers have gotten the early warning here as United SC looked to surprise their opponents
  • 1'
    CLOSE!!! First attack and almost a goal there but Vineeth heads a well worked cross by Eric Brown from the left over the horizontal
  • 1'
    And we have the Federation Cup kicked off as referee Santhosh Kumar blows the whistle
  • United SC XI: Jayanta, Deepak, Sarkar, Azim, Dhanachandra, Maity, Souvik, Lalkamal, Ranti, Brown, Vineeth
  • Chuchill Brothers XI: Thapa, Balmuchu, Denzil, Ravanan, Shabana, Balwant, Thangjam, Alesh, Lenny, Yumnam, Wolfe
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  • I'm Anselm Noronha and you may follow me on Twitter @apnoronha
  • There are a few people in the stadium today as the two teams walk out from the tunnel
  • On the other hand, United Sports Club do not have much expectations given that their players lack motivation with them being financially insecure.
  • Churchill Brothers SC have had a forgetful season so far as they trail the rest of the 12 teams on the I-League table and will look to set things right this year, starting with the Federation Cup.
  • Churchill Brothers SC vs United Sports Club: The bottom placed I-League side is set to come face-to-face against the cash-stripped team from Kolkata
  • Hello and welcome to the opener of the 35th Federation Cup at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium — Kochi, Kerala