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  • 11 December 2013
  • • 17:00
  • • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya

Live Commentary

  • Its Rangdajied 3 Pune FC 2 at the JN Stadiun here, this was nabarun Goswami for's live coverage.
  • Then it was Lalnunpuia's who shot in a strong right footer from 30 yards to net it to the delight of the home fans
  • Th North Korean happened to be at the right place as the ball popped up at waist level for him to hammer it in
  • Kim it can be said equalised after a massive scramble for the box inside the Pune penalty box
  • As rangdajied and Pune FC players tussled with the ball inside the box Kim got a touch to equalise for the hosts
  • 90' + 5'
    Goal T Lalnunpuia
  • 90' + 5'
    The match truly went down to the wire with some serious action as rangdajied snacthed victory from the jaws of defeat
  • 90' + 5'
    Lalnunpuia's strong right footer left no chance for the rival goalie as rangdajied rose to fame
  • 90' + 5'
    Rangdajied have pulled off a stunner here, first it was Kim Yong who scored from inside the box hen it was Lalnunpuia it a stunner from outside the box
  • 90' + 3'
    Goal Seong-Yong Kim
  • 90' + 3'
    And listen to the crowd, Rangdajied are back
  • 90' + 3'
    GOAL! Kim Yong does it for Rangdajied
  • 90' + 1'
    Now Ngaithe on the run from the right flank paces in alone, curls one over the post again
  • 90' + 1'
    Chance gone down for Rangdajied
  • 90'
    Coner for rangdajied, Lyngdoh takes the kick and feeds it for a header which goes just over the bar
  • 89'
    Dying minutes of the game as rangdajied look desperate, Yong with a header backwards inside the box lobs it to Eugene who takes a shot at the post but cant get through the wall
  • 88'
    SubstitutionThongkhosiem Haokip Prakash Thorat
  • 87'
    Mustapha takes the ball from the centre and teams up with haokip who races inside the Rangdajied box, but the latter cant control the ball as Subrata sweeps it
  • 86'
    SubstitutionDhanpal Ganeshan Othallo Tabia
  • 86'
    Rangdajied pcrowd around the box but rival defenders and Mustapha thwart the challenge
  • 85'
    Rangdajied continues to attack Ngaithe crosses one in the box but does not find company as corner awarded to the Blues
  • 84'
    Iwasaki from the almost centre left lobs one on the far right trying to mark Ngaithe but rival defender steps in
  • 82'
    A lot of Pune FC players going done to unknown injuries to the boos of the crowd
  • 81'
    Yellow Card Figueira
  • 81'
    SubstitutionMunmun Lugun T Lalnunpuia
  • 80'
    Lugun comes off as Rangdajied look to go all out for attack
  • 79'
    Lalnunpuia getting ready to come in for Rangdajied now
  • 78'
    SubstitutionFanai Lalrempuia Shanmugam Venkatesh
  • 78'
    Yellow Card Arata Izumi
  • 76'
    Pune look tocounter attack Mustapha and Haokip work in tandem, but rival defenders drive the ball to safety
  • 75'
    Action back to midfield
  • 73'
    Eugene with a free kick, ball goes out of play after a header from one of the defenders
  • 71'
    Rangdajied have started dominating the possession once again
  • 70'
    Yellow card for Gurjinder the goal scorer for pushing the ball forward for the free kick
  • 69'
    Yellow Card Gurjinder Kumar
  • 68'
    Restom, Eugene, Ngaithe, Yong all doing their bit on the midfield
  • 67'
    Yong to Iwasaki then to restom at the far right, Restom lobs one to land it straight on the hands of Amrinder who someone latches on to it
  • 66'
    The goal by the home side has brought the crowd alive as chants of Rangdajied Rangdajied do the rounds
  • 65'
    ngaithe in the thick of action again
  • 65'
    Rangdajied step up attack all of a sudden
  • 63'
    Amrinder dived to the left but to no avail
  • 62'
    Goal Figueira
  • 62'
    Edmar reduces the margin with a powerful left footer from well outside the box making a spectator out of the diving Pune goalie
  • 61'
    GOAL! Edmar pulls off a stunner for Rangdajied
  • 58'
    SubstitutionTomba Singh Manandeep Singh
  • 58'
    Ngaithe making his presence felt as he advances from the right to lob one to Yong inside the box, Yong misses the header as ball goes out of play
  • 57'
    Restom on the right taps it back to Eugene, then Edmar, back to Restom who crosses one to Yong, rival defenders take control
  • 55'
    rangdajied continue to attack, action now on midfield
  • 52'
    Amrinder advances again to thwart the Blues attack at almost 12 yards.. good work by the Pune goalie
  • 51'
    Eugene with a well crafted kick at the goalmouth, Amrinder gets a hand to it
  • 50'
    Corner for Rangdajied now
  • 49'
    Ngaithe on the run from the centre left spots Yong on the left flank, the latter makes good progress only to curl it well over the post from the left
  • 48'
    Rangdajied start on an attacking note making as many as three raids into the opposition box in a span of two minutes
  • 47'
    It would be a make or break 45 minutes of play for the hosts who are trailing by 2 goals to none
  • 46'
    SubstitutionPoibang Pohshna David K C Ngaihte
  • 46'
    Rangdajied have brought in Ngaithe in place of Poshna
  • 46'
    Start of play in the second half
  • 45' + 2'
    Mustapha in the thick of action again, runs in from the right wing but Tamba gets a tap as an advancing Subrata sweeps the ball
  • 45' + 1'
    CHANCE! Yong inside the box,marks Restom at the back , the latter shoots but the ball out of play for a corner
  • 45'
    2 mins added time
  • 44'
    Rangdajied have been guilty of undercooking their run ins to the opposition half with most of their trying to do it all by themselves
  • 42'
    Just minutes away from the end of first half and Pune have undoubtedly dominated in the last 20 minutes or so
  • 40'
    Izumi had crossed the ball from deep right as Poshna got the ball but could not clear it...Mustapha charged in creating trouble for the rangdajied side back who squandered possession to give Gurjinder the chance to score
  • 39'
    Gurjinder rushes in and chips the ball over Subrata to double the lead
  • 35'
    Izumin and Mustapha in action again, as Izumi crosses from the right as a sloppy side back Poshna and Musthapa vie to take control
  • 34'
    Goal Gurjinder Kumar
    GOAL! Gurjinder doubles it for Pune
  • 32'
    Kim does well to pace in from the left flank as he is closely marked by as many as three rival defenders, Kim races inside the box but hits it wide over the post wasting the chance
  • 31'
    Santosh kashyap must be a worried man at the moment for his team can't afford to lose points here
  • 31'
    At the half hour mark its Pune 1 Rangdajied 0
  • 30'
    Pune defenders do well to thwart the attack
  • 29'
    Action in the Pune half now as Rangdajied desperately look for the equaliser
  • 27'
    Yellow Card Eugeneson Lyngdoh
  • 27'
    Mustapha had fired it in from just outside the box
  • 26'
    The ball hits the lower part of the cross bar and traverses in to give Pune the lead
  • 24'
    Izumi was out on the right cuts the ball sharply, beats two Pune players and Rangdajied defenders to find Mustapha who rockets it in
  • 23'
    Goal Mustapha Riga
    GOAL! Pune FC go ahead via a brilliant Mustapha shot
  • 22'
    CHANCE! restom crosses one to Edmar from the left, the latter shoots from almost 20 yards as the rival goalie dives to the left to deny Rangdajied
  • 21'
    Pune FC are especially marking comeback man Edmar who is yet to find his footing
  • 20'
    Rangdajied again press for inroads, Iwasaki, Yong, Lugun all in the thick of action
  • 19'
    A thin crowd turnout today, unusual for the matches in Shillong.
  • 17'
    Rangdajied have looked the more dominant side so far keeping the Pune defenders on their toes,
  • 15'
    Action onto the midfield now as Pune look to make inroads
  • 13'
    Tomba takes a long range shot from outside the box but goes way over the bar
  • 13'
    Rangdajied prowl at the opposition half dominating the possession
  • 11'
    Kick in by Eugene who shoots it beautifully at the goalmouth but Amrinder punches it away to safety
  • 9'
    Action back in the Pune half and corner for Rangdajied
  • 8'
    Yellow Card Lamine Tamba
  • 8'
    Yellow card for Lamine Tamba for a bad tackle
  • 5'
    Yong was closely marked by defender when he tapped the header but could not mark an advancing Edmar
  • 4'
    CHANCE! free kick forward for rangdajied, Yong gets his head to the ball as edmar runs inside the box but cant reach for it at the goaalmouth
  • 3'
    Angus with the free kick from the right, his shot easily intercepted by rival defenders
  • 2'
    Action in the midfield as both sides fight forpossession
  • 1'
    Play underway in Shillong as Yong and Edmar start it for the hosts
  • moments away form the start of play at the JN Stadium, Shillong. A cruial tie this one between Rangdajied United FC and Pune FC 
  • It would be interesting to see how Santosh Kashyap manoeuvres his boys in the 'must win' game today
  • While Edmar is back in the Rangdajied ranks, Othallo Tabia would sit on the bench when the match commences
  • The squads:Rangdajied: Pohsna, Tamba, Eugene, Edmar, Yong, Lugun, Restom, Tomba, Iwasaki, Gouramangi, SubrataPune: Amrinder, Angus, Gurjinder, Mustapha, Izumi, Pierre, Anas, ganesh, Salam Singh, Fanai, Haokip
  • Both Pune and Rangdajied lost their last encounter and for the hosts who are fighting it out at the bottom of the table with Churchill Brothers, every match from here is a sort of must win
  • Hello and welcome to the Round 14 I-League encounter between Pune FC and hosts Rangdajied United FC at the JN Stadium Shillong. As expected temperatures are dipping fast in the hill station stadium but I am certain its going to definitely heat up with the start of play here.