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  • 27 October 2013
  • • 18:30
  • • Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune, Mahārāṣṭra
  • Referee: P. Singh

Live Commentary

  • Goodnight and thanks for tuning in folks!
  • They go joint top of the table with Salgaocar FC
  • A tight match throughout but PFC just about deserved to edge it.
  • 90' + 3'
    Another loss for Santosh Kashyap as bottom of the heap Rangdajied as certified the losers of the match by the final whistle of the referee bringing proceedings to a close.
  • 90' + 3'
    Another loss for Santosh Kashyap as bottom of the heap Rangdajied as certified the losers of the match by the final whistle of the referee bringing proceedings to a close.
  • 90' + 2'
    Ngaite shoots over from a promising attack that was building for Rangdajied as his fellow attackers look at him in despair at the death.
  • 90' + 1'
    Pune FC going deepas an over the top ball by Mistry sets Figueira free. The forward is tracked by Angus who wins his team a free kick due to a high boot.
  • 90'
    3 minutes added on here folks.
  • 88'
    How the hell did that chance get away! Pune FC's Kadam a livewire throughout sets up the ball for Arata with a low cross along the ground but Arata misses the speed of the ball and his dive to get a toe to the ball comes undone as RUFC have the Goalkick.
  • 86'
    Lalrempuia shoots wide from a corner that was taken.
  • 84'
    Calum Angus sprays a ball to Kadam who gives it to Douhou who is in turn closed dwon by a group of RUFC players on the edge of the box. The ball finds its way to Arata who shoots wide haphazardly.
  • 82'
    Douhou passes the ball down to KAdam on the left in clear air as he squares the ball up into the Ragdajied box as Dohshna get it away for a corner before Arata could apply the finishing touches. He looks frustrated, he does Arata.
  • 80'
    A superb ball put in by Edmar Figuera sees Sandesh Gadkari rise to meet it yet again the header is mistimed as it is dealt with by the PFC defense.
  • 79'
    SubstitutionAnthony D’ Souza Velington Rocha
  • 77'
    Angus and Gadkari Square up on the issue of a free kick.
  • 76'
    SubstitutionT Lalnunpuia Sandesh Gadkari
  • 76'
    Douhou closes down the ball on the Rangdajied defender but the ball bounces happily away to the Keeper.
  • 75'
    SubstitutionMumtaz Akhtar Fanai Lalrempuia
  • 74'
    Angus penalized for a jump over Figueira. The freekick launched in by Prasad, cleared by the PFC defense.
  • 72'
    SubstitutionAbocha Singh Bhola Prasad
  • 71'
    Douhou a massive presence tonight as he spreads a crossfield pass for D'souza in open space to run on to only for him to be judged offside much to PFC's bench's chagrin
  • 69'
    Tamba puts in a good freekick which was won by Abocha Singh close to the halfway line and Tamang get up only to mistime his header as PFC thump it away from danger.
  • 69'
    Douhou gets away from his marker on the right and put is a deft pass to Kadam but the keeper is alert and gathers it safely.
  • 66'
    SubstitutionThongkhosiem Haokip Shanmugam Venkatesh
  • 63'
    SubstitutionBansharai Sunn Nagen Tamang
  • 63'
    A dangerous cross put in by the Rangdajied attacker from a freekick but the PFC defense deals with it.
  • 59'
    Pune FC Set up a chance at the opposite end as Anthony D'souza's low cross creates a flutter in the Rangajied box before it is put high and wide by the defender behind his own goal.
  • 58'
    RUFC almost go close as the whites one touch, wuick play get the ball into a shooting position , but unluckily a foul is conceded by the attacker in the PFC box
  • 57'
    Elam Singh is fouled on the right and he wins a free kick for Rangdajied, The ball is dangerously put in at the near post by Hojun. which Douhou puts out for a corner.
  • 54'
    Douhou sets D'souza off again as the winger cross is turned away for a corner. The resulting corner is a short one which Calum puts in and the resulting header is a dangerous one, though it springs wide.
  • 52'
    Yellow Card Anas Edathodika
  • 52'
    A great cross in Douhou whose cross is just about met by the keeper before it reaches Arata, as the midfielder nearly buillets in the ball with a header. Great Keeping,
  • 50'
    Rangadjied's first chance of the half as Figueira shoots right at Amrinder after being set on goal by the Rangdajied attackers from the right
  • 49'
    Rangdajied win a corner as a resultant of that counter, swung in by Ngaite but his ball is cleared.
  • 48'
    Corner for PFC, swung in by Angus and cleared by the RUFC defense as they try to counter through Puia.
  • 47'
    D'souzaset frww down Pune's left flank as his ballinto the D is cleared by a diving header from Sun.
  • 46'
    Rangdajied get an early FK on the left of Pune as Hojun delivers the ball. Douhou clears it away.
  • It'll be the all whites to get this half on.
  • Both teams out as the second half is about to get under way. RUFC on a rescue mission of sorts.
  • At this rate PFC will have matched Bengaluru at the top of the table, as the South Indian lost in their last encounter agianst East Bengal.
  • Santosh Kashyap will be relatively pleased with the chances his side have created though, will lament those missed ones.
  • Everything going according to paln so far for Snoei, the PFC boss, who'll be worried, though about the defensive frailties.
  • 45' + 1'
    Pune FC passing the ball within themselves to bring the half to a close as the referee blows his whistle.
  • 45'
    One minute of time added on here.
  • 43'
    Edmar Figueira is let loose on the left by a Puia through ball and he runs down the channel and dazzles Anas with a few step-overs before hitting a shot that nestles in the top left of the side netting.
  • 42'
    Arata lays off a beautiful cut back from the right back that Haokip just can't get his toe to to double the lead. Rangdajied live to fight another day, as Izumi curses the missed chance.
  • 41'
    Rangdajied go close again as Puia, as he's affectionately called, flashes one over the bar as Amrinder was rooted.
  • 39'
    Nikhil Kadam has been excellent doen the RIGHT for PFC today as his low cross is mishit by the defender for a corner. The corner is well drifted in but Mistry punches it away.
  • 36'
    Ouch. Rangdajied almost equalize as a great freekick is floated in from the halfway towards the centre of the goal. Amrinder Singh doesn't come out and get it and Edmar Figueira almost capitalizes. His touch though, loops over the keeper and the post.
  • 35'
    Great play by the Shillonger Lalnunpuia as he weaves his way past the Pune FC defense only for Gurjinder Kumar to hat him somehow.
  • 33'
    Anthony D'souza on fire on the left wing but his shooting has been astray, firing yet another chance high and wide when he could have squared up his mates in front of goal for an easy tap in from the left
  • 31'
    Arata caught offside as PFC try to setup another attack.
  • 30'
    Nothing Mistry could've done about such an accurately placed ball.
  • 30'
    A quickly taken corner results in the ball heading to Douhou on the rightern edge of the D, who sets up Angus with a lovely ball as the Brtion calmly slots the ball from outside the D into the Bottom right corner of the RUFC keeper.
  • 29'
    Goal Calum Angus
    GOAL GOAL GOAL! And its that man again. Calum Angus.
  • 29'
    Douhou tries to setup an attack but her is lynched of the ball Ngaite and goes down injured.
  • 28'
    Lalnunpuia is on the receiving on a high tackle by Anas. Lucky to get away it as no card shown
  • 27'
    A wayward shot high and wide by the PFC front man.
  • 26'
    Amrinder Singh alert as a dangerous backpass is almost capitalized on by the RUFC attacker Lalnunpuia
  • 25'
    Rangdajied now live on a thread as the ball from the freekick is cleared but put back ito the box by D'Souza. Hakip puts the ball into the back of the net but its flagged offside.
  • 24'
    Nikhil Kadam was fouled on the right as RUFC concede a dangerous Freekick.
  • 22'
    Anthony D'spuza lays the ball in from the left but its harmlessly dealt with by the RUFC defense who set up a counter.
  • 20'
    T. Lalnunpuia goes free on goal but a last ditch tackle by Calum Angus results in the PFC fans breathing again as the resulting corner goes out harmlessly.
  • 17'
    A ball into the RUFC bix after the initial corner is a hair-raiser for the away fans as Keeper Mistry fails to catch it. The ball falls to Arata who lays it off to Anthony on the left side, but his shot hits the side netting
  • 17'
    The corner is taken by Angus but it comes to nothing as Rangdajied handle the pressure
  • 15'
    A moment of Panic in the Randajied defense as a superb Douhou low cross into the box is shuffled out for a corner, before Haokip or Kadam could get to it.
  • 13'
    Douhou the architect of yet another chance as his beautiful long crossfield pass, from left to right catches Rangdajied sleeping but not their keeper. The prevents an onrushing Nikhil Kadam from grasping the chance
  • 12'
    Free kick for Rangdajied on account of a foul by the Pune FC striker
  • 11'
    A beautiful pass by a Pune FC attacker splits the Rangdajied defense to set Haokip on his way, but its too close to the keeper.
  • 8'
    Rangdajied casual in possesion as they could've been caught out after they lost out in possession in their own half. Luckile PFC fail to convert the chance
  • 7'
    Douhou breaks with the ball from deep within Pune's half, to pluck a beautiful pass down the left as Anthony charges it down. His beautiful low cross is dealt with by the Rangdajied defense
  • 4'
    Douhou and Haokip play a neat one-two between each other as Dohshna successfully dislodges the ball from Pune FC's possession
  • 3'
    A succession of RUFC corners are being dealt with by Pune's defense.
  • 1'
    A great pass by Calum Angus from the rear as its easily cut-off by the RUFC defender
  • And We're off!
  • No Riga Mustapha for PFC as Pune FC get ready to KO with one striker in Thongkhosiem Haokip
  • Eugenson Lyngdoh isn't present for the match today, while Sandesh gadkri si on the bench for RUFC
  • The red lizards led by Anas Edathodika while RUFC is led by Captain Poibiang Dohshna
  • Pune FC playing in their red home strip while Rangdajied in their away all white Kit
  • Pune FC take on Shillongs Rangdajied United in an important Round 7 tie here. The KO is at 6.30 as per an updated schedule!
  • Hello and Welcome to the Balewadi Sports complex everyone!