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  • 9 October 2013
  • • 16:00
  • • Duler Stadium, Mapusa

Live Commentary

  • Jeje Lalpekhlua is the "most valuable player" of today's match
  • FULL TIME: Salgaocar FC 1-1 Dempo SC
  • 90' + 3'
    SubstitutionDarryl Duffy Bryan
  • 90' + 3'
    If it remains this way Salgaocar will have the chance to top the table at least momentarily, enjoying an equal goal difference with current toppers Bengaluru FC, but have scored one goal more
  • 90'
    Five minutes added time
  • 90'
    Salgaocar are litterally defending at the edge of their seats as Dempo look for their first victory
  • 89'
    Honda tries to find a blue shirt off Miranda's flag-kick, but Duffy is at hand to effect a clearance
  • 89'
    Beto stands over it...deflected off the wall for a corner
  • 88'
    Yellow Card Lenny Pereira
  • 88'
    A Dempo free-kick in a dangerous position as Salgaocar substitute Leny Pereira brings down Jeje at the edge of the box
  • 88'
    Today's attendance has recorded a slightly better number from the last two matches in Goa...2,900
  • 87'
    Jeje with the ball again...squares it to Beto at the edge of the box, but the latter sends a tame shot in the hands of Karanjit
  • 85'
    SubstitutionAugustin Fernandes Lenny Pereira
  • 84'
    SubstitutionClaude Gnakpa Karma Tsewang
  • 83'
    JEJE!!! Could have scored another as his shot from the right goes wide of the far post
  • 81'
    Goal Jeje Lalpekhlua
    GOOALLL!!!! Miranda takes a shot off a Beto cross as the ball takes a deflection in the packed Salgaocar box and falls at the feet of Jeje, who calmly slots it past Karanjit
  • 80'
    Colosimo crosses from the right wing, Honda heads low, but the Salgaocar clear it away
  • 79'
    A last ditch clearance by Augustin inside the Salgaocar box
  • 77'
    Francis Fernandes shoots wide!
  • 76'
    Lamare intercept a pass to Beto by Jewel and is fouled by Miranda
  • 76'
    Salgaocar defender Chika Wali goes for the header but is beaten in the air as Dempo survive the set-piece
  • 75'
    Gnakpa earns a corner on the other side
  • 74'
    DEBABRATA!!! The Dempo left-back finds himself in an acute position on the left and shoots right across the Salgaocar goal instead of finding a team-mate
  • 72'
    Karanjit claims an aerial delivery as Dempo keep attacking
  • 70'
    Dempo are suddenly looking as if they can get a goal or two as Salgaocar are living dangerously with a thin advantage of a goal in this match
  • 68'
    WHAT A MISS!!!! Dempo come close again as Colosimo's header was deflected off the post by Karanjit while trying to tip it over and Carvalho disappointedly puts his effort wide from hand-shaking distance
  • 67'
    SAVE!!! Jeje's header off Miranda's flag-kick is kept out by Karanjiit
  • 67'
    A good build-up by Dempo...Jeje claims for a hand-ball inside the Salgaocar says the ref
  • 66'
    Gnakpa gets the ball and shoots wide
  • 65'
    Salgaocar's Gnakpa with a unfamiliar misspass
  • 63'
    SAVE!!! Jeje storms into the attack, unleashes a left-footer, but Salgaocar keeper Karanjit Singh dives low to his left to keep it out
  • 62'
    CLOSE!!! Gnakpa crosses from the left, Colosimo clears but not too far out as Gilbert shoots wide
  • 61'
    Augustin heads it away
  • 60'
    Yellow Card Gilbert Oliveira
  • 60'
    Looks like the kid is alright as Dempo have a free-kick
  • 59'
    Wrong aim by Carvalho!
  • 59'
    Peter Carvalho shoots wide and the ball hits a little girl in the stands
  • 58'
    Francis on the right side...attempt to cross in, but has crossed the line
  • 58'
    Nicely controlled down on his chest by Augustin to send Miranda's cross to his goalkeeper
  • 57'
    Beto plays and receives a quick pass from Miranda...but unable to get past Wali in the Salgaocar back-line
  • 55'
    What was the Dempo keeper trying to do there...lobbing the ball on his thigh as Duffy rushes in...lucky to get away with the clearance in time
  • 54'
    Not much of cut-through action in the second half as yet
  • 53'
    Duffy sends Nicolau on the right wing, whose cross is headed away by Colosimo
  • 52'
    Some altercations in the Salgaocar box for Dempo throw-in
  • 51'
    Duffy with a clear push on Samir Naik in desperation to reach the length of Nicolau's pass
  • 51'
    Dempo with a corner...cleared away by the Salgaocar defense
  • 49'
    Salgaocar's Clifton with the ball...looses his footing for a bit and so breaks the attack as well
  • 48'
    Some slick passing by Dempo ... Beto, Carvalho, Miranda
  • 47'
    Jeje shoots the first attempt of the second half wide
  • 46'
    Second half resumes
  • HALF-TIME: Salgaocar FC 1-0 Dempo SC
  • 45'
    Two minutes added time
  • 42'
    It must be noted that Salgaocar are yet to concede a goal in this season
  • 41'
    So Dempo yet again find themselves on the back foot
  • 40'
    Goal Darryl Duffy
    GOAALLL!!!! Nicolau Colaco rounds up on the right and plays the ball back for Duffy, who places the ball past Dempo goalkeeper Subhasish Roychowdhury
  • 39'
    The ball moving from end to end in a vigorous speed
  • 38'
    Salgaocar's Rahul Kumar with an over-ambitious effort from about 35 yards out which goes wide
  • 38'
    Play resumes
  • 36'
    Play stops for treatment as we have two men down...Salgaocar's Nicolau and Dempo's Beto
  • 35'
    Colosimo and Honda with an improved performance in their defending today for Dempo
  • 34'
    Clifton finds Gnakpa in the Dempo box as the latter twists and turns but unable to find a team-mate as he plays it back out for Nicolau
  • 33'
    Francis with an attempt from the left...wide
  • 31'
    We have past the half-hour goals as yet
  • 29'
    CLOSE!!! Clifton finds Nicolau on the right who dribbles past three blue shirts before sending a goal-mouth cross towards Duffy on the far post, but the Salgaocar striker misses a golden opportunity
  • 27'
    Gnakpa charges ahead on the other side and shoots...but yet again straight in the hands of Roychowdhury...the Dempo keeper kept busy in his area
  • 26'
    Jewel with a loft to Billy Mehmet...misqued and mistimed volley by the English striker
  • 25'
    WHAT A MISS!!! A wonderful and easy delivery in the box provided by Gnakpa to Duffy, but the Scot with absolutely no control on his shot and sends it wide
  • 24'
    Gnakpa takes it and curls it straight to Roychowdhury
  • 23'
    Yellow Card Peter Carvalho
  • 23'
    Salgaocar now have a free-kick in a prime position outside the rival box after Peter Carvalho fouls Duffy
  • 22'
    No danger from the resultant free-kick
  • 21'
    Yellow Card Augustin Fernandes
  • 21'
    Dempo on the counter...Beto is brought down by Augustin
  • 20'
    Salgaocar prowl on the attack...Nicolau's cross too high for Duffy and Clifton eventually gives the ball away
  • 18'
    Jewel Raja doesn't look as effective in the Dempo midfield...already seen some mispasses by the former Mohun Bagan man
  • 17'
    CLOSE!!!! Salgaocar youngster Clifton Dias releases Gilbert Oliveira on the right. The midfielder makes a blistering run, just about manages to cut past Samir Naik but the ball runs into the hands of Dempo keeper Roychowdhury
  • 15'
    Karanjit Singh punches out Miranda's flag-kick
  • 14'
    Dempo earn a corner on the right
  • 12'
    Jeje and Beto working their way around the Salgoacar area but not allowed to penetrate inside the box
  • 11'
    Francis Fernandes works a one-two on the right with Nicolau Colaco but fails to deliver an effective enough cross in the area as the Dempo defense clear the ball
  • 10'
    Both teams are playing with a 4-4-2 arrangement today
  • 9'
    CLOSE!!! Beto receives a low cross from the right by Jeje Lalpekhlua in the Salgaocar box and misses the far post by a whisker
  • 8'
    The corner well dealt with by Dempo and they look to hit on the counter now
  • 7'
    Daryl Duffy now leads the charge and Dempo goalkeeper Subhasish Roychowdhury bravely comes off his line
  • 6'
    OFF THE POST!!! Claude Gnakpa lets go of a ripper off a Francis Fernandes throw-in, but the ball comes off the upright
  • 5'
    Play resumes...and it's still been a dominance in the midfield by both sides with a lot of short passes in the center of the park so far
  • 4'
    Clifford is down after a clash with Nicolau
  • 3'
    Peter Carvalho...Lamare intercepts in the midfield
  • 2'
    Beto with the ball...passes to Jewel, who loses possession rather cheaply
  • 1'
    Dempo kick us off at the sunny stadium in Duler
  • Salgaocar skipper Francis Fernandes winning the toss and choosing to start from right to left
  • Less than 10 minutes to kick-off
  • Derrick Pereira has named the same first eleven for Salgaocar's third successive fixture, while Dempo assistant Mauricio Afonso has made one change to his starting line-up with Samir Naik replacing Shallum Pires
  • Dempo subs - Godwin, Romeo, Mandar, Joy, Kattimani (gk), Shallum, Tavora
  • Dempo SC: Subhasish (gk), Debabrata, Colosimo, Carvalho, Mehmet, Beto, Jeje, Miranda (c), Samir, Jewel, Honda
  • Salgaocar subs - Leny Pereira, Bali Gagandeep, Tsewang, Surjit, Nalge, Felix (gk), Brian
  • Salgaocar FC: Karanjit (gk), Augustin, Wali, Duffy, Gnakpa, Nicolau, Rahul, Lamare, Clifton, Francis (c), Gilbert
  • I've got the line-ups of the two teams in my hands
  • Hello and welcome to Goal's Live text commentary of the Goan I-League derby between Salgaocar FC and Dempo SC. I'm Anselm Noronha seated at my sweet spot in the Duler stadium.