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September 2, 2013 6:15 PM IST
Dashrath Rangasala — Kathmandu
Referee:‬ P. Singh‎
21′ (PG) Ali Ashfaq
45+1′ (PG) Ali Ashfaq
51′ Ali Ashfaq
53′ Ali Ashfaq
58′ Ali Ashfaq
83′ Ali Fasir
86′ Ali Umar
87′ Ali Ashfaq
Thats all that I have today for you from the Dashrath stadium. this is Ayush Srivastava signing out. You can connect with me on twitter at @ayush_sri to air your views!Also do join me for India's vital game versus Bangladesh tomorrow followed by nepal versus Pakistan. Ciao!
The fans are asking for a repeat, well I think the Sri Lankans would have other ideas! They were purely outclassed here. Not sure what else I could add to that!
90′ +2
And the referee blows the whistle to put Sri Lanka out of their misery. What a thrashing!
AND ALI ASHFAQ MISSES!! Yet again clean through, he rounds the keeper for good measure but then somehow hits the ball wide, with the goal gaping. He cant believe it. Maybe he just decided to have some mercy on the Lankans!
Maldives go and attack again. Sri Lanka are basically giving ree access to their goal here. Rasheed though fails to finish
Goal Ali Ashfaq
AND ITS TEN!! Ali Ashfaq gets the ball, brushes past a couple of defenders and scores. And the fans are still asking for one more!
Goal Ali Umar
ANother Goal! Ali Umar this time, comes in from the fully vacant right wing, cuts past one player who doesnt bother with a challenge, and puts it in the back of the net. I might just start copy pasting!
Goal Ali Fasir
Ali fasir adds to Maldives' tally. Goes clear on the right, and just send a low bullet past the goalkeeper. Maldives are enjoying themselves here, and Sri Lanka cut a very sorry figure.
Maldives go clear yet again, Ashfaq down the wing. its really a poor display by Sri Lanka, very badly organised. the coach has to take the blame for this.
Goal Hassan Adhuham
GOAL!! Maldives score, but the surprise is that its not Ashfaq this time!! Hassan Adhuham is put clean through on goal, way too easily, and rolls the ball past the keeper. I am having difficulty keeping up here, with all the shots at goal!
Sri Lanka have managed a shot on goal. Yes thats true! Chathura Gunarathna with a decent shot, but the goalkeeper deals with it easily. he must be grateful to get some action in the game!
Ali Ashfaq goes clear once more, beats the player but his near post shot is cleared by the keeper. Too bad there is negligible crowd in the stadium today. This has been a treat to watch.
Some nice skills by Madhushan de Silva there, as Lanka make a rare move forward. Eventually Maldives clear for a corner.
Ali Umar this time is set free and manages to beat the keeper, but his shot is wide.
And now even a dog enters the fray. Well Sri Lanka could definitely do with another player!
Substitution Mohamed Arif Ahmed Niyaz
Ali Ashfaq has gone 5 minutes without a goal now. A lengthy time given his performance today. this time he is slightly offside, when clean through on goalWhat are your thoughts on the player? Impressed? Tweet yo @ayush_sri
Goal Ali Ashfaq
Just as I say it, Ali Ashfaq scores another. The Goal.com match report is gonna be really long today! This time the maestro is set free down the left wing, and manages to squeeze his shot in on the far post. The keeper should have done better, but no one really seems to care anymore!
Substitution Ahmed Rasheed Hassan Adhuham
Rasheed now finds Umair, whose first time shot is just wide of the far post. At this rate, we will be talking of a shot every minute.
Goal Ali Ashfaq
Well, Ali Ashfaq wants to be done and dusted with the golden boot today itself it seem! Another brilliant goal, though a scrappy finish by his standard, but after the keeper saved his first effort, Ashfaq managed to outmuscle the defender, and push the ball home.
Goal Ali Ashfaq
GOAL!!! And just as I mentioned, this time Ali Ashfaq is through, and literally toys with the goalkeeper, before putting an end to his misery by rounding him off and putting the ball in the back of the net.
Ashfaq and Umar all over this Sri Lankan defense. they have no clue how to deal with them. A poor touch stops Umar from being in on Goal there!
Ali Umar gets into the act, picking out Rasheed with a clever ball. Rasheed though is unable to hit the target. Shouls have done better there.
Substitution Sembukuti Kankanamge Lahiru Tharaka Silva Mohideen Mohamed Rawme
Substitution Assadhulla Abdulla Ali Umar
And Maldives kick the second half off, can they get more goals?
What did you make of the first half? Should this display by Maldives make them one of the title favourites? Tweet your thoughts to @ayush_sri
45′ +2
And thats half-time! This has been the most one sided game of the tournament so far, and Maldives look in ominous form!
45′ +1
Penalty Goal Ali Ashfaq
And what did you expect from Ashfaq but a goal! The keeper gets his hand to it, but its not enough to keep it from going in.
Yellow Card Thilina Suranda
And another penalty for Maldives. yet against Ashfaq bought down, this time by Suranda Bandara, who gets away with a yellow
Sri Lanka playing a high line and Maldives being caught offside on a few occasions. But it shall take only one good run, and more goals shall follow...
Maldives' movement is proving too much for Sri Lanka and they could be at the end of a severe thrashing today. The ball this time breaks to Ali Ashfaq, whose shot beat the keeper, but was just the other side of the post.
Maldives comes close to another goal but this time the keeper stops Abdulla with a point blank save. That was a great cross by Rasheed and Abdulla will be disappointed.
But whenever Sri Lanka attack, it leaves huge gaps at the back for Maldives to exploit. And that is what is happening here. Ali Asfaq dribbles past one player, and tried to find Ahmad Rasheed with a cross, but overhits it. Lanka wont be so lucky each time!
Sri Lanka now trying to make some forays down the wing. Theys eem to have settled into the clash now, but it might already have been too late.
For some reason, Red Snappers not pressing on for another goal. Very content keeping hold of the ball here.
Maldives now with a man's advantage, completely dominating possession. Could be a long night for Sri Lanka.
Penalty Goal Ali Ashfaq
GOAL!! Ali Asfaq gets Maldives' second from the spot after he was bought down by the keeper, who had to be sent off, the referee had no other option. The Maldivian captain dusted himself off and then duly dispatched the penalty.
Substitution Nipuna Dewinda Bandara Liyana Arachchilage Dasun Paranavithana
Red Card Mohamed N. Mohamed Imran
Yellow Card Sembukuti Kankanamge Lahiru Tharaka Silva
Substitution R. Warakagoda Mohamed Sameer
Mohd. Arif dominating in midfield for Maldives. Have you been impressed by Maldives' game so far? Tweet your thoughts to @ayush_sri
Lanka recover a bit and make a foray down the right wing, but the delivery is poor and it goes out for a Maldives goalkick
That was a shocking start by Sri Lanka. Letting the opposition have so much of the ball. They dont seem to have recovered yet as they continue losing possession cheaply.
Goal Assadhulla Abdulla
GOAL!! Asadhulla Abdulla puts Maldives ahead in the 5th minute, tapping in from a Ali Fasir cross
And Sri Lanka kick us off. Can the Lankan create an upset here? we shall know soon.
Maldives: Mohamed Sifan, Mohamed Arif, Ali Asfaq (c), Asadhulla Abdulla, Ali Fasir, Ahamed Rasheed, Akram Abul Gani, Shafiu Ahmed, Mohamed Rasheed, Imran Mohamed (gk), Mohamed Umair<BR><BR>Subs: Mohamed Imran, Ahamed Abdulla, Ahamed Niyaz, Rilwan Waheed, Ali Umar, Ismail Easa, Ifrah Ibhrahim Areef, Hassan Adhuham, Imaaz Ahamed<BR><BR>Sri Lanka: Suranda Bandara (c), Chathura Gunarathna, Mohamed Izzadeen, Danushka Wijesiri, Warakagoda, Lahiru Tharaka, Dewinda Bandara, Tharindu Eranga, Sanjeewa, Madushan De Silva, Mohamed Imran (gk)<BR><BR>Subs: Mohamed Rawme, Sameera Perera, Sujan Perera, Paranawithana, Tuwan Rizni, Mohamed Sameer, Mohamed Fazal, Mohamed Nafeer, Judarshana Gunasingh
Matchday 1
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Top Scorers
Player   Goals Penalties
Ali Ashfaq Ali Ashfaq
10 2
Mohamed Naufer Mohamed Issadeen Mohamed Naufer Mohamed Issadeen
4 0
Ali Fasir Ali Fasir
New Radiant
3 0
Anil Gurung Anil Gurung
2 0
Passang Tshering Passang Tshering
2 0