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July 28, 2013 12:00 AM IST
Signal-Iduna-Park — Dortmund
Referee:‬ J. Drees‎
Attendance:‬ 80645‎
6′ Marco Reus
Arjen Robben 54′
56′ (OG) Daniel Van Buyten
Arjen Robben 64′
86′ Marco Reus
Rightly deserved victory for Dortmund on a brilliant evening of football. Stick around on Goal.com for the match report and coverage from tonight's other pre-season friendlies. I'm Mohammed Ali, join me again soon!
@TheRealCoded on Twitter: @mohammedali_93 Pep! Pep! Pep! Dont worry,it took jupp five matches before he could win Dortmund. But how many will it take pep
FT: Dortmund 4-2 Bayern - Guardiola's first competitive game ends in a comprehensive defeat. Bayern blown away by a dazzling Dortmund side fiercesome on the counter-attack!
90′ +3
90′ +2
Yellow Card Jerome Boateng
90′ +2
Lewandowski clear for a possible fifth........but he is undone by the referee's whistle for offside! Seconds away now...
90′ +1
Starke ends the game as he started it with a jittery goalscoring clearance. BVB showboating now, with chants of Ole reverberating in the warm summer evening.
Into stoppage time here, and we have the game's first yellow card as Jerome Boateng lunges in on Robert Lewandowski.
Psychologically how will this affect Pep and Bayern going into the Bundesliga season? They've been comprehensively undone by the counter-attack.
Substitution Ilkay Gündogan Sokratis Papastathopoulos
Substitution: Sokratis comes on for Ilkay Gundogan in these final stages.
GOOOOOOOOOOAALL!! 4-2! AND FINALLY THEY SEE IT OUT! At the third time of asking in as many minutes, another fine break from Lewandowski, from Gundogan, into Aubameyang, and finally towards Reus who bundles home!
Assist Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Goal Marco Reus
Substitution Toni Kroos Dante
SUBSTITUTION: Toni Kroos is coming off for Dante.
STARKE!! Wonderful save. Dortmund should've seen this out already, as Starke is forced into a fine save down low from Reus, before Alaba clearing off the line in the follow-up!
AUBAMEYANG!! Should've finished Bayern off there. Fantastic opening fashioned by Lewandowski, who sees the former Saint-Etienne star on the opposite wing, but he is denied by Starke!
Judging by your comments on Twitter this evening, half of the Bayern fans dismiss this as just a glorified friendly, and are happy to give Guardiola's philosophy time to adapt, the other half are urging him to ditch his 4-1-4-1.
MULLER! Dear oh dear, it's off the bar, fantastic pass by Thiago Alcantara, but the German international unable to equalise.
@katangatimothy on Twitter this is very explosive football. #pep didn't see this coming. its not yet over - wise words!
Alaba into the path of Pizarro, and back from the set-piece, but the Austrian international blazes the ball over the bar, with what I believe six options waiting for him in midfield.
Substitution Mario Mandzukic Claudio Pizarro
SUBSTITUTION: Claudio Pizarro comes on for Mario Mandzukic.
SUBSTITUTION: Claudio Pizarro comes on for Mario Mandzukic.
Mandzukic and Schmelzer tussle for a loose ball, and the referee awards Bayern a free-kick, much to the incredulity of Dortmund fans and Klopp, and even Guardiola shrugs his arms!
Very few fans of Guardiola on the Twittersphere tonight. Thanks for your comments, keep them coming. Meanwhile: @ItsAhsann says: @mohammedali_93 Pep takes the own goal atmosphere with him. First the legendary own goal scorer Javier Mascherano and now we have Van Buyten
Substitution Jakub Blaszczykowski Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang about to come on for his competitive BVB debut. The Gabonese international starred for Saint-Etienne last year, and will replace Blaszczykowski.
And that fails to materialise into nothing serious, as the ball is swiftly dealt with. As was the case in the first half, there will be a slight delay for a drinks break.
Blaszczykowski gives away a free-kick after illegally pushing Robben over as they tussle for the loose ball. Klopp furious at the set-piece award.
@TheRealCoded on Twitter: Pep promised bayern fans he wont copy Barcelona but clearly he is doing that and it gonna hurt bayern.there is only 1barca
@iPrinceMarcus on Twitter: Pep Guardiola can't implement his Barca "Tiki-Taka" at Bayern Munich.This is Germany football for you! Pep:"No excuse!"
Substitution Xherdan Shaqiri Bastian Schweinsteiger
SUBSTIUTION: Bastian Schweinsteiger is on for Xherdan Shaqiri.
MANDZUKIC!! Oh wow. What a goal that would've been. Controlled the delivery from the right hand side, and produces a fantastic bicycle kick which flies narrowly wide.
Assist Philipp Lahm
Goal Arjen Robben
GOOOOOAL! ROBBEN AGAIN! Dortmund 3-2 Bayern - what a game this is turning out to be. Lahm again at the forefront, as he seamlessly delivers a low ball into the area, converted in by Robben.
Sahin involved in the build-up here as Dortmund continue to press up higher up the pitch, unable to beat the Bavarian defence though.
Speechless here, as I'm sure Guardiola is here. Dortmund score two in two to thwart Bayern and retake a considerable advantage. The Signal Iduna Park is rocking!
Assist Jakub Blaszczykowski
Goal Ilkay Gündogan
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAALL!! IT'S 3-1!! Bayern are crumbling, Dortmund in cruise control here. What a turnaround. What a turnaround! Ilkay Gundogan turns his marker inside out and curls a SCREAMER on the edge of the area. Wow.
Own Goal Daniel Van Buyten
GOAAAAL! DORTMUND RETAKE THE LEAD!!!! Amazing stuff that. What a turnaround. Ball in from the left, and it takes a wicked deflection off Daniel van Buyten as Guardiola fumes on the touchline.
Assist Philipp Lahm
Goal Arjen Robben
GOOOOOAAL!! ROBBEN MAKES IT 1-1 - Klopp is furious, but it has been coming. A fantastic cross of the ball by Lahm, headed in by Robben powerfully, with BVB defenders just ball watching.
Stunning ball in from Lahm, and Robben, the winning goalscorer of the last Champions League final puts Bayern level, but they're under threat from the counter here!
Bayern still have a few pre-season duties to carry out before the big Bundesliga kick-off. They feature in the Audi Cup in midweek, with AC Milan, Manchester City and Sao Paulo.
Robben peanlised for a push on Grosskreutz, blatant it was, and a right call made by referee Jochen Drees.
Van Buyten with a fine pass into the wing for Shaqiri to chase. He gets there in time, picking up a cross into the area which is headed away by Hummels.
Free-kick to Dortmund on the edge of the area, taken by Reus and ploughed into the wall as Subotic and Schemlzer recover the ball.
@TheRealCoded on Twitter: This style of football doesnt suit bayern. Pep needs more than Thiago, maybe Messi. Just saying
Lewandowski hoping to burst forward after a loss in possession for Bayern, but the European champions maintain their possession of the ball.
Substitution Sven Bender Sebastian Kehl
SUBSTITUTION: Sven Bender is of for Sebastian Kehl
Back underway in the second half! Bayern attacking from left to right, and it is they who get us going.
Chances at both ends in this entertaining DFL Supercup, which Dortmund lead at the break. Marco Reus' easy header after a howler from Tom Starke remains the difference. Join me again in 15 for the second half.
HALF-TIME: Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Bayern Munich
@listerine4life on Twitter: Where's the Tiki taka from bayern, I can't see it. Pep needs to be wary, there's only 1 barca and 1 tiki taka
45′ +1
Into the first half of additional time here at Signal Iduna Park...
Thiago with another chip towards Robben who is quickly whistled offside, as a frustrated Matthias Sammer watches on.
Kroos passes the ball around the penalty box in the hope of unlocking the Dortmund defence, which is holding strong at the moment. Thiago, however, loses possession with a wayward chip.
STARKE! Good save by the goalkeeper, who initially is forced to punch Reus' corner away, before holding onto Thiago's strike from distance.
Dortmund enjoying a fine spell now as Blaszczykowski breezes past the challenge of Alaba, passes simply into the path of Gundogan, who is denied by a fine block by Boateng.
Schmelzer does superbly well to win back possession on the wing, crossed in towards Lewandowski, headed away, but Gundogan's follow-up is hurriedly cleared by Thiago.
Shaqiri sets through Mandzukic on the left wing once more, but Subotic is on hand to provide a fine sliding challenge on the line.
Starke a little jittery again, as he plays it short towards Alaba, who is forced to hurry against Blaszczykowski. Guardiola watches on, but truth be told, Starke just doesn't look confident.
@Stan_Tringst on Twitter: This formation would work once Bayern buys Messi.
Bayern improving, picking up their pace in the last few minutes, but can Dortmund weather the storm? Dortmund have completed 66% of passes to Bayern's 76%.
MANDZUKIC!! Should be 1-1, just couldn't get it on time. Shaqiri bamboozles Subotic with a deft pass towards Alaba who races forward and squares into the danger zone, but it just evades the Croatian striker!
Van Buyten towards Robben, who switches wings to find Mandzukic, but Blaszczykowski is right on the money with his deflection after a poor touch of control from Mandzukic, who lashes out.
Robben booed when in possession on that other wing, ball drifted in by Philipp Lahm off the right, after a slight deflection but Mandzukic's header is safely into the arms of Weidenfeller.
STARKE! Jittery once more, the goalkeeper is at his antics again as he attempts to dribble past Lewandowski, who almost beats him. Very silly.
Grosskreutz and Blaszczykowski combine well to maintain the BVB pressure at the other end. Bayern currently holding their own though as we move towards the half-hour mark.
Pep's up and out of the dugout. Interesting to see how he alters his team from their current malaise - Thiago a little bit ineffective behind the four, and is currently crowded out in midfield.
Poor from Bayern Munich again. A promising move after Shaqiri breaks free from Sahin. Hoping to set through Mandzukic on the left, he powers the ball out for a goal-kick.
Klopp applauses as Schmelzer and Subotic combine to hold off the attacking threat of Robben and Muller. Slight delay with a drinks break here.
What do you make of the opening exchanges of the DFL Supercup - do Dortmund deserve the lead, is Pep 4-1-4-1's formation not working? Tweet me @mohammedali_93.
MANDZUKIC! Couldn't quite reach the ball after a fine through ball from Van Buyten, Weidenfeller races off his line to reclaim possession.
Shaqiri bursts into the penalty box, first getting past Hummels, and then the diving Gorsskreutz, but he's forced to track back, as Bayern play it all the way back to Starke.
Bayern embark on a counter-attack which falters significantly after a shot from midfield is fired high into the stands, before Daniel van Buyten is reprimanded by referee Drees. Not a great start from the European champions.
STARKE! Fantastic save by the goalkeeper, who hopes to redeem himself after a poor opening. Gundogan feeds Reus on the edge of the area, before he squares for Lewandowski, who is thwarted by Starke.
Reus aims to dink a sumptuous ball into the path of Lewnadowski, but its turned back by Boateng, as Bayern hang on the ropes a little here at Signal Iduna Park.
Still Dortmund continue their dominance on possession as Gundogan's floated delivery from the left is over the head of Lewandowski and out for a goal-kick.
Bayern definitely on the back foot here as Blaszczykowski attempts to play thte ball in towards Reus, but the ball is blocked at the death by Van Buyten, would've opened them up that.
Kroos' speculative ball is cut out by Schemlzer, as the ball is fired into the path of Lewnadowski, who is unable to slow it down as it hurtles towards Starke.
FINE DOUBLE SAVE BY WEIDENFELLER!! Amazing stuff that. Alaba with a fine cross into the area, turned in by Muller into the path of Shaqiri. Low shot blocked by the goalkeeper, before the follow on is tipped away for a corner in stunning fashion.
LAHM! Fine ball from the Bayern captain, who crosses well into the path of Mandzukic, but the striker is unable to connect with the ball. Free-kick given after a push in the area.
Muller connects with Thiago Alcantara, who sets off Shaqiri on the left. After a fine one-two with Robben, Shaqiri fires low towards Weidenfeller, who parries smartly to his left.
GOOOOOAL! No - OFFSIDE! Robert Lewandowski races clear after being set through by Ilkay Gundogan. Fires the ball under Starke, but ruled out by the linesman! Unlucky
Welcome to competitive German football, Pep Guardiola! Howler it was by Tom Starke, who's gifted the lead to BVB here, and the roof has come off the stadium! 1-0 Dortmund.
Goal Marco Reus
GOOOOOOAAAL!!! DORTMUND TAKE THE LEAD! Marco Reus scores for Dortmund! Fine cross, headed down onto the ground, with Tom Stare absolutely nowhere, flapping at the ball and allowing Reus to head into an empty net.
Edgy start at Signal Iduna Park, with both sides yet to settle into their respective rhythms. Dortmund seeing a bit more of the ball at the minute.
Whipped in threateningly from the corner, but headed away by Sahin, as Boateng plays the ball safely back to Starke, deputising for Neuer in goal tonight.
Alaba bursts down the wing, but can't evade the challenge of Jakub Blaszczykowski, as Bayern win the first corner of the game, amidst fervent jeering from the BVB fans.
An immediate burst from Gundogan in the midfield, but Bayern contain the threat, before Alaba gives a way a free-kick on the half way line.
UNDERWAY! Jochen Drees blows the whistle as Dortmund get us started, attacking fro left to right in the first half of this Supercup.
It's a fine atmosphere at the traditional curtain-raiser of German football at Signal Iduna Park, minutes to go until kick-off.
What do you make of tonight's line-ups? Can Gundogan blossom as a no.10? Will Pep's 4-1-4-1 come off? Will the pendulum of German football swing in Dortmund's favour after Bayern's all conquering 2012-13 campaign? Send me your tweets to @mohammedali_93 and I'll post them up!
TEAM NEWS: Pep deploys his 4-1-4-1 formation, handing Thiago Alcantara, a summer signing from Barcelona a debut; with Xherdan Shaqiri replacing the injured Franck Ribery with Javi Martinez and Bastian Schweinsteiger also out. Starke in goal for Neuer, as Mandzukic leads the line up front. For Dortmund, injuries and illness means none of their summer signings start, with Kevin Grosskreutz reverting to right-back, though Robert Lewandowski, who has been fiercely linked with a move to Bayern, starts in attack for BVB.
BAYERN MUNICH: Starke - Lahm, Boateng, van Buyten, Alaba - Thiago - Shaqiri, Kroos, Muller, Robben - Mandzukic
BORUSSIA DORTMUND: Weidenfeller - Grosskreutz, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender, Sahin - Kuba, Gundogan, Reus - Lewandowski
What sort of form do both teams arrive into the new season? Bayern have had a storming pre-season, with 61 goals scored in nine of their friendlies, as they cruised to the Telekom Cup as well as beating Pep's former side Barcelona at the Allianz Arena last Wednesday. Dortmund menwhile have four wins and a defeat in their pre-season schedule.
Dortmund may have had an irresistible transfer campaign, with the likes of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joining Jurgen Klopp's men to compensate for the departure of Mario Gotze to Bayern. Klopp insists that his side do not have revenge in their minds, as they seek to avenge their defeat at Wembley in May.
Six months after being announced as coach of Bayern Munich, and just over a month after wowing Europe with his early grasp of German, Pep Guardiola takes charge of his first competitive game at the helm of the European champions. And ironically, it's the side Bayern beat to claim their European crown who serve as their first opponents. Revenge? What revenge?
I'm Mohammed Ali, and I'll be guiding you through today's events for the next two hours. Don't forget to use Twitter to send us your predictions, musings and comments and tell me what you think throughout the 90 minutes - the handle is @mohammedali_93. Also, don't forget to interact with the Goal.com MatchCentre, on the box to your right.
Good evening and welcome to Goal.com's LIVE! text commentary from the DFL Super Cup. Tonight sees treble winners Bayern Munich take on arch-rivals and beaten Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund for the curtain raiser in German football. It promises to be one hell of a match.
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Marco Reus Marco Reus
Borussia Dortmund
2 0
Arjen Robben Arjen Robben
FC Bayern München
2 0
Ilkay Gündogan Ilkay Gündogan
Borussia Dortmund
1 0