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  • 1 February 2013
  • • 14:00
  • • Kalyani Stadium, Kalyani

Live Commentary

  • So Odafa Okolie sparked Mohun Bagan to their first win of this year's I-League. However the Mohun Bagan midfield was not functioning and they were lucky not to concede a penalty. Meanwhile Santosh Kashyap will be happy with his team's performance while ruing on the refereeing
  • 90' + 2'
    Yusa shoots but not troubling Shilton at all.
  • 89'
    Long range drive from Eric Brown but no trouble for Shilton in goal.
  • 87'
    CHANCE! Odafa heads across the crossbar from a corner after good work from Manish Bhargav down the right.
  • 85'
    SubstitutionJ. Raja Manish Bhargav
  • 84'
    Goal Surabuddin Mollick
    On the opposite end Brown shows why he is so feared as he does an Odafa and his shot is parried by Shilton but it falls to an unmarked Surabuddin who makes no mistake at all! GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL for ONGC.
  • 84'
    Assist Eric Brown
  • 84'
    TWIN CHANCES! Again Odafa breaks this time on the left, but his shot is saved by Rehenesh who comes out of his line, the ball falls to Manish whos shot is saved too by the goalie.
  • 83'
    CHANCE! Odafa almost got his second as another great first touch puts him through on the right, but his shot just goes wide.
  • 82'
    Another freekick at the edge of the Bagan box as Eric Brown is fouled. Brown to take it. Another Great save from Shilton!
  • 78'
    CHANCE! Eric Brown finds Yusa at the edge of the box who unleashes a fierce shot but Shilton pulls off another great save!
  • 77'
    SubstitutionTolgay Ozbey Quinton Jacobs
  • 75'
    Surabuddin's effort from outside the box has gone wide.
  • 72'
    Goal Odafa Onyeka Okolie
    And GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Finally Odafa gets his just reward. Manish plays a good ball and Odafa traps it delightfully before his fierce shot takes it past the goalkeeper to make it 3-0
  • 72'
    Assist Manish Maithani
  • 71'
    CHANCE!! Odafa is free on the right but instead of picking out Tolgay on the left, he tries to go for a shot himself but just wide of the far post.
  • 69'
    SubstitutionFanai Lalmuanpuia Keniston C
  • 67'
    Mohun Bagan are trying to slow the tempo but unfortunately the clutch of mis passes is not helping the occassion.
  • 66'
    Another run from Nabi but as usual a miss pass from Manish breaks the whole move down.
  • 63'
    Goal J. Raja
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!! Jewel Raja scores for Mohun Bagan to make it 2-0.
  • 63'
    Assist Tolgay Ozbey
  • 63'
    However the goal is all about Tolgay Ozbey! He picks up a great Nabi pass and dribbles past the right back with gusto before trying to pick out Odafa in the box. But Sandeep Sangha tries to intercept but instead the ball falls to Jewel who makes no mistake and buries it past Rehenesh easily.
  • 61'
    CHANCE! And Odafa at it again! Brilliant play as he dances and dodges past three defenders again before the final block takes it to Snehasish who passes it to Manish but his shot just goes high
  • 60'
    Yusa and Brown almost break free, exchanging passes at will, but the final pass is blocked and falls to Surabuddin whose tame shot goes straight to Shilton.
  • 59'
    Odafa almost gets at the end of the lofted ball by Manish, but Odeola toe pokes it for a corner.
  • 57'
    Yellow Card Fanai Lalmuanpuia
  • 57'
    Brown swings in a freekick but easily cleared by the Bagan defenders.
  • 56'
    Odafa played a great ball to Tolgay, but Sandeep Sangha intercepts very well else Tolgay would be clean through
  • 55'
    Snehasish found so much space on the left but his final ball into the box is disappointing to say the least.
  • 54'
    Yellow Card Bimal Minz
  • 53'
    Katsumi looking lively as usual, as he goes down the left yet again and before the ball can go out, shoots but straight to Shilton.
  • 52'
    Lung bursting run by Rahim Nabi as he goes centrally from the left, but finally loses the drive and the ball is taken out by Sandeep Sangha.
  • 51'
    SubstitutionKailash Patil Surabuddin Mollick
  • 51'
    And Santosh Kashyap takes off Kailash Patil who has been frankly useless all throughout and sprightly winger/striker Surabuddin comes on.
  • 50'
    Eric Brown tries to flick in a ball through Patil but too much pace on the ball for him to chase.
  • 49'
    ONGC looking to go on the attack, as Fanai drives down the right and crosses in but can only find Shilton.
  • 48'
    What a let off for the Mariners! That was as clear a penalty as they come..
  • 47'
    Was that a PENALTY? Yusa is hacked down by Chhetri. And that was a penalty on the replays
  • 46'
    And we kick off. Tolgay takes it well before Jewel gives it to Odafa, but Odeaola takes it away from the Nigerian.
  • 45' + 1'
    CHANCE! Eric Brown unleashes a fierce shot but Shilton is behind it and saves.
  • 45'
    Odafa again down the left, but this time his cross is headed out by Sandeep Singha
  • 44'
    And Odafa goes down the left, and crosses a delightful ball for Jewel Raja who is unmarked at the far post and he tries to volley in the ball, but does not get a good connection on his shot as it goes straight to Rehenesh
  • 42'
    Yusa is getting frustrated! He claims Anyichie brought him down, the referee had waved play on! Did he dive?
  • 41'
    Taken short by Nirmal to square it to Jewel who was unmarked but his first touch let him down..
  • 40'
    Now Odeaola ends up fouling Jewel on the right and Bagan win a freekick from good range. Nirmal Chhetri to swing it in.
  • 37'
    CHANCE! Eric Brown's corner was headed across the goal by Patil and Yusa was free at the left post, but could not get a touch in.
  • 36'
    Odafa breaks from the left, cuts in and shoots with his right foot, but the shot has no real power on it and easy save for Rehenesh.
  • 34'
    Instead of playing short passes, Nirmal Chhetri now goes for a Hollywood pass but only finds the ONGC goalie..
  • 33'
    Seems Katsumi is everyone's favorite punching bag! He is reeling on the floor yet again!
  • 31'
    CHANCE! Odafa clearly shows what Bagan were missing. As he does it all by himself, dodges past three or four ONGC defenders and then shoots, but Rehenesh saves the day. Classy stuff.
  • 29'
    Although Bagan have better chances, ONGC are dominating midfield as the Bagan midfielders have been poor, characterized by Manish Maithani's woeful first touch there
  • 28'
    Yellow Card Nirmal Chettri
  • 28'
    Bimal Minz goes galloping forward down the left, but finding no space squares it for Jatin Bisht and then gets the pass back but his shot has no accuracy as it flies high and wide.
  • 27'
    Freekick to Bagan! Through ball played to Tolgay but he is crowded out by the defense and the chance is wasted.
  • 26'
    ONGC's focal point in attack, Kailash Patil is well shielded by the Bagan centre-backs and hence its difficult for ONGC to break free..
  • 24'
    CHANCE! Tolgay played a great through ball to Odafa who was bearing down on goal, but Rehenesh was alert to come out and palm the ball away.
  • 22'
    Denson Devadas played a poor pass to give the ball back to Eric Brown who is fouled by Nirmal, and Yet another freekick to ONGC
  • 20'
    ONGC are moving the ball much better especially among Yusa and Eric Brown but they are unable to find the final pass, as the Bagan defense are standing strong.
  • 17'
    Wasteful freekick. And again ONGC win a freekick as Jewel brings down Yusa. Better this time, as Bisht gets his head to it, but straight to Shilton's graceful hands.
  • 14'
    And ONGC win a freekick from close range, as Yusa is fouled by Anyichie..
  • 11'
    Eric and Katsumi try to play off each other just outside the Mohun Bagan box, but the move is thwarted as Iche puts a challenge in.
  • 10'
    Goal Tolgay Ozbey
    GOAL!! And as I was saying Odafa is the difference, with great vision he lifts up a beautiful ball for Tolgay who made the run on the left. And the Australian hits it first time, without a touch and it finds the top corner with Rehenesh having no chance at all. Brilliant GOAL! Brilliant MOVE!
  • 10'
    Assist Odafa Onyeka Okolie
  • 8'
    It seems The introduction of Odafa has brought new impetus to bagan
  • 7'
    Another freekick to Bagan. But it ends up as a corner.
  • 6'
    CHANCE! Odafa almost scored there. His shot goes rolling outside the post after he broke the offside trap really well but his shot was weak.
  • 5'
    And Kailash Patil was almost through there!
  • 4'
    As usual the Mohun Bagan defense decides to bypass the midfield. Aibor hits a long ball but Mohun Bagan almost go through from that move but it ends with Chhetri fouling Yusa.
  • 3'
    Start stop play as Bagan win a freekick and Denson takes it. But headed out by the ONGC defense.
  • 2'
    Free kick to ONGC, but Shilton fists it out well. A tame goalkick from the ensuing throw in.
  • 1'
    Denson looks sprightly and up for the game as he is going for challenges right from the word go.
  • 1'
    And we kick off
  • Mohun Bagan's new signing Quinton Jacobs can only find a place on the bench for now. Can he be a super sub?
  • Lineups MB: Shilton; Nabi,Aibor,Anyichie,Nirmal; Snehasish,Denson,Manish,Jewel; Tolgay,Odafa ONGC: Rehenesh; Gurung,Sangha,Odeola,Minz; Jatin,Eric,Katsumi, Gawas,Fanai; Kailash Patil
  • Hello and Welcome to's LIVE Match Centre as we are bringing you I-League action from Kalyani Stadium as Mohun Bagan welcome ONGC. Bagan are still awaiting their first three points.