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Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid Champions League S/F Q & A
Borussia Dortmund and a Bayern-bound Mario Goetze welcome Real Madrid to the Signal-Iduna-Park for the first leg.. Can we expect an annihilation like we did last night or a closer contest? Follow our LIVE Q&A as our expects discuss the mouth-watering tie..

23:58 IST


Alright, it's time for the talking to stop and the action to get underway! Thanks for joining us, enjoy the game!

23:56 IST


Final Predictions:

Kaustav Bera: 2-1 win for Dortmund. Advantage - Real Madrid.

Surya Solanki: 2-1 Madrid. Real look in better shape than Dortmund, Gotze's transfer news could have severe impacts on Dormtund.

Mrunal Nakashe: fence sitting on this one for me going with Real not to lose this game 1-1 draw

Brendon Netto: 2-1 to Madrid. Lethal counter-attacking play from Mourinho's side.

23:53 IST


Surya Solanki: A scored draw. Madird will be quite content with an away goal and I feel a scored draw would be an ideal result. Mou and co. can easily sweep away Dortmund at home.

Mrunal Nakashe: 1-1 again as was said in last night's game the away goal factor is crucial in this game particularly for the side playing that second leg at home. Real will need to score tonight as insurance because they certainly could conced in the return leg

23:52 IST


Q: If you were Mourinho, what is the ideal scoreline to take back to Madrid, keeping in mind he has never won in Germany?

23:51 IST


Fans Speak:

L Sri Aravind - It will be a close game. Dortmund like to pass it around and real will always look to break on the counter.

saransh_78 - i think real will win with a score line of 3-0   

23:49 IST



Madrid have 17.2 tackles per game, 15 interceptions per game, 12.3 aerial duels per game, 11.8 fouls conceded per game

Dortmund have 23.1 tackles per game, 15.4 interceptions per game, 15.1 aerial duels per game, 11.7 fouls conceded per game

Madrid have won 59 corners whle Dortmund have won 49 so far

23:47 IST


Surya Solanki: Di Maria could play a pivotal role from the bench. If Madird look out for a goal late into the game, I suppose Di Maria could add a new dimesion to their attack. True he struggled against Dortmund earlier but he's been impressive of late.

Rahul Bali: Ronaldo for sure.

23:46 IST


Q: From either team, whom would you pick as the impact player from the bench and why?

23:45 IST


From Daniel Buse our man in Dortmund:

"The weather is great, 20 degrees. We have definitely more Spaniards here than at the game against Malaga. The black market seems quiet. There is the rumour that Dortmund Ultras have announced they want to ignore Götze completely - so no booing, but also no cheers of encouragement for him."

23:42 IST


Surya Solanki: Gotze for me. Playing at home just 24 hours after the news of him joining Bayern makes Gotze a very pivotal player for Dortmund tonight. Most of Dotrmund's attacks are originated from Gotze and if the crowd don't get behind him, both the player and the team might suffer.

Mrunal Nakashe: Gotze. He will have to play well tonight because he is the thread that binds the likes of Lewandowski and Reus and makes them tick and with the events of yesterday should be fascinating to see how he copes.

23:41 IST


Q: Who will be the game changer for Dortmund and why?

23:39 IST


Jurgen Klopp's side are the only unbeaten team in the competition and knocked Malaga out in the last round.

Real Madrid have won just once on 24 visits to Germany and crashed out of the Champions League to Bundesliga opposition at this stage last season

23:38 IST


Surya Solanki: Piszczek will obviously need some help from his teammates in this segment. It's quite impossible for an attacking minded full-back to stop Ronaldo on his own.

Mrunal Nakashe: He is going to need support from his winger to double up whenever possible . But, yes he will have to be more disciplined and do a job tonight maybe a bit against his natural instincts.

23:36 IST


Q: Coming to the battle on the flanks, Lukasz Pisczek is up against Ronaldo. Now we know Piszczek is a attacking full back. How will he cope?

23:34 IST


Rahul Bali: Ramos is always defensively not the best. He may offer a lot when going forward but do expect him to get beaten by schmelzer

Mrunal Nakashe: I think he's been reasonably solid in this Champions League run. We will have to wait and see how it pans out at full-back for him. It could work out as it plays into his attacking tendencies. But, at the same time he's prone to having his 'moments' shall we say tracking back.

Surya Solanki: I really like Ramos as a right-back and I'm looking forward to see him playing at that position. He's been solid at that position for Spain and his pace and trickery make his a threat down the flanks. It might be quite debatable to say this, but I prefer Ramos as a right-back rahter than centre-back.

23:33 IST


Q: How do you see Ramos as Right Back? Due to Real's injury and suspension worries, Mourinho has had to shift his in form centre-back pairing which dominated the mighty Barcelona. How do you see that for Real and the match as a whole?

23:32 IST


For those of you wondering why Di Maria is not in the squad -

The Argentinian had a baby on Monday, and he was not expected (he was born with only a six-seven months pregnancy). Di María didn't travel on Tuesday with the rest of the team, he did it this morning.

23:29 IST


Surya Solanki: I guess it will be the same Dortmund. Their style immensily troubled Real during the group stage and there no doubt the Germans will be threatening this time arond too. However I do believe Madrid will handle Dortmund's counter-attacking threat better this time.

Mrunal Nakashe: No, I think that's a fair comment because Dortmund will be at their best when they try to play their natural game. There will be some specific instructions without the ball, yes, but they don't need to alter it drastically because ths Madrid side can be got at.

23:28 IST


Next question - Klopp talked about not changing the style for playing against Real, do you think he was bluffing? Or will it be the slick passing and counter attacking BVB?

23:24 IST


Surya Solanki: I'll pick Real's trio, basically because they have Ronaldo. Other than that I feel Reus-Kuba-Gotze possess more attacking impetus and will be entertaining to watch tonight.

Mrunal Nakashe:  I agree with Surya Real's trio for me as well and you have to say its Ronaldo that tps the balance. Much like an in-form Messi he makes those around him that much better even if they're already good in their own right.