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Manchester United vs Manchester City- Premier League Q & A Live
In the build-up to tonight's encounter, Goal.com is having a question and answers session with all its correspondents who willl discuss the fixture in detail. Do join in, as an intense debate is assured, as Manchester United host Manchester City at the Old Trafford...

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All right! Thank you so much for tuning in! Kick off is 15 minutes away and the game is mouthwatering to say the least.

Enjoy all of it with Goal.com! Cheers! 

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Brendon is quick with his prediction : 2-0 to United. I think there will be a determination about them to rectifiy what happened last season but they will also be a bit cautious and will want to keep a clean sheet. I reckon the hosts will be the more clinical side like they've been throughout the season.

Mrinul is on the same wavelength : 2-1 Manchester United. City are desperate but United have the bit between their teeth and they will want to wrap it up in this game at home for the supporters as muc as anything.

Wrishik begs to differ : I think there is a twist in the tale. Miracles do happen. Maybe this is the start of a miraculous comeback by City. United 1-2 City for me.

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FINAL PREDICTIONS and why? Will van persie score tonight to end his 'poor' run of form lately?

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Mrinul opines : I think that's a fair point from the Frenchman and strangely enough you could argue the shoe has been on the other this time around, in that City have seemed to be too pre-occupied hoping for United to slip rather than doing their business.

Surya adds : Probably because United have been literally running away with the title this term. Last season, there was a fear of City in the United camp as the Citizens were actually playing solid football and probably the 6-1 win was a big statement. This campaign, City have been lacklustre and never seemed like the 'Champions material".

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Evra recently said that last season United focussed too much on what CITY were upto which was very unlike United. This time around that has changed. what are your comments on this?
He stated that in his time at United, he had never seen UNITED being too flustered about any one else...

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Surya says : Last time around, United's counter-attacks had devastating effects. Hence, it will be interesting to see how City plan to stop Red Devils' counters. Added to that, Sivla has often impressed against United and therefore, United will have to look out for the Spaniard tonight.

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 Where do you think this game will be won and why? 

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Brendon says : It looks as if Yaya Toure might play in an attacking midfield role with Milner and Barry in central midfield. If so, it's a signal of intent from City. 
He adds : Jones is a surprising choice ahead of Vidic, Evans and even Smalling but Sir Alex normally opts for players he trusts in these games and Jones is emerging as one of those players. Carrick and Giggs in midfield doesn't make that central area look very formidable but they will both be geared up for this game and that might just see them through especially if the returning Wayne Rooney tracks back and helps them out. Big game for Van Persie today, he's due a good performance and certainly a goal. No better game than this one to get back into form.

Surya Solanki opines : Interesting to see that Mancini is going with just one striker. He possibly wants to overrun United's midfield. Expect lots of fluidity from Silva, Nasri and Toure. However, the Citizens will lack width and I don't really expect Silva and Nasri to effectively track back.
It's quite clear that United will play on the counter-attack. Since the 6-1 thrashing, Fergie has preferred to counter-attack City. With Silva and Nasri poor with their defensive commitments, United can easily catch City on the break. However, United's midfield could lack pace and strenght. Playing Giggs and Carrick is not quite ideal against likes of Milner and Toure. 

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Now that the lineups are out, any surprises?

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Brendan replies : Couldn't disagree more. If anything, a lot of teams raise their game against United and against City for that matter too. The way teams attacked United in the first half of the season and scored so many goals, surely contradicts the Italian's accusation. I doubt we can take anything the City boss says at the moment too seriously. He's either hurting or desperately trying to get into United's heads.

Mrinul adds : That's a very unfair statement to make. Yes at some point in the season some teams willl prioritize certain games according to their respective aims. But, the Premier League is special because every plays hard and plays to get a result in every game. You have to earn each point and any team can beat anyone on a gaiven day. So that assertion is totally unfounded

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Mancini was quoted saying today: "Every team that plays against United plays very soft because they think this game is difficult, that they can't beat them. It's not true. If you play strong against United, you can beat them, like they can beat us."
Do you agree/disagree and why?

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While we are on the matter, here are the lineups for this huge clash at Old Trafford :

Manchester United : De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Jones, Evra, Young,Carrick,Giggs,Welbeck,Van Persie,Rooney

Manchester City Hart,zabaleta, Kompany,Nastasic, Clichy,Barry, Yaya Toure, Milner, Silva, Nasri, Tevez

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Surya ropes in his opinion : They haven't been consistent against the 'lesser' sides. You have to look at games like West Ham and QPR away. They should be able to nail those games with the squad they have. Additionally, that home defeat to United was hugely deflating.

Brendon concludes : There are a number of things that have hindered their title defense. Even before the summer they had already set themselves back by not making signings that would improve the squad. The players that came in haven't had much of an impact and they should have known that they needed to keep the squad fresh. Also, Mancini has fiddled around with his system especially in defense when it wasn't required and his unbecoming habit of defelcting blame onto everyone else at the club cannot make for a very good atmosphere at the training ground. They have also created more chances than United this season but have been extremely poor in their finishing. Finally, they have been marred with injuries this season and while United dealt with a similar problem reasonably well in the last campaign, City have suffered because of it.

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Where in your opinion did City lose the title - not scoring enough goals or too many draws?

Get your views in on the comments section while our experts follow this post with their opinion! 

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Surya Solanki strongly says : Quite premature of Mancini to make such a comment. United have been deserving of their lead and although they have been knocked out of the FA Cup and UCL, no one can question the Red Devils' authority at the top of the Premier League table. Fergie has utilized his resources very well and United have frankly, performed much better than City this season.

Brendon follows by saying : Hypocrisy at its very best from the Manchester City camp. Have they already forgotten that they won the league last season on just goal difference? And at that time, they were adamant that they were most deserving of their crown despite the fine margins. United deserve to be 15 points ahead because they have been the more clinical side. They were able to grind out results when City couldn't. I think it's just a case of sour grapes from Mancini and a few of his players.

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Mancini and his boys have claimed that United have been better but do not deserve to be 15 points ahead of them. your thoughts?

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Brendon replies : To be so far behind their rivals having put on such a feeble defense of their title is humiliation in itself but winning the derby could restore some pride and give their fans something to cheer about. I don't think what happens today will affect the FA Cup semifinals too much. Right now, it's just about the battle for supremacy in Manchester and securing the bragging rights for their fans at least until United officially lift the trophy.

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With the title race out of hand for city, how important this game is for them to boost their confidence before the FA cup semis so that they at least end up with one trophy?

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Brendon Netto is the first to respond : Well I doubt it will be that one sided again but these fixtures can produce incredible 4-3 and 3-2 scorelines. Certainly can't see a heavy defeat taking place here tonight. That was a freak result that comes along maybe once a decade. Well I doubt it will be that one sided again but these fixtures can produce incredible 4-3 and 3-2 scorelines. Certainly can't see a heavy defeat taking place here tonight. That was a freak result that comes along maybe once a decade..

Mrinul Nakashe adds : No, not at all tht game earlier on in the season and more riding on this game as compared to that one. Let's bear in mind City scored 5 of their goals after Evans' red card.

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First question: the last time these two met at Old Trafford, the scoreline read 6-1. do you expect any such bizarre scoreline tonight?