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Premier League Super Sunday LIVE Twitter Q&A
Goal.com is inviting you to field your questions and get involved in the debate during the live Q&A session with our panel of experts on Twitter today at 1800 IST.

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Thanks for getting involved! Now let's all enjoy the games.. Cheers!

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Final predictions for Tottenham vs Manchester United...

Mrunal Nakashe: Tottenham 1-2 United.
United's attack will be too much for Spurs to handle over 90 minutes.

Surya Solanki: Spurs 2-3 United.
Spurs will obviously trouble United's defense but expect van Persie and Rooney to outscore the opponents.

Shikharr Chandra: Spurs 1-2 Man United.
Bale and Lennon to trouble the United full backs but the presence of Rooney and RVP up front will be the key difference.

Atishay Agarwal: Spurs 2-3 Man United
This should be quite an entertaining game. I expect United to concede first, but Van Persie to torment Spurs once again.

18:47 IST


Final Predictions for Chelsea vs Arsenal...

Shikharr Chandra: Chelsea 2-3 Arsenal.
High scoring game with the Gunners taking advantage of Chelsea's lack of quality in the midfield.

Mrunal Nakashe: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal.
Both these sides are hard to predict right now so home advantage will see the Blues over the line in this one.

Atishay Agarwal: Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal
This game's a tough one to predict, so I'm going to sit on the fence and predict a 2-2 draw. The game will be open, although hopefully not as open as last season. Conditions will play a role as well, and we could see proceedings turn scrappy. Call me silly but I predict a Fernando Torres goal as well.

Surya Solanki: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal.
The Gunners have been inconsistent this term against the big teams and I expect Blues to wrap up the three points.

18:41 IST


More Stats...

>Chelsea have scored 2 goals from just 3 shots on target in their 2-1 win against Arsenal at the Emirates this season

>Benitez's home record in games as an opposition coach against Wenger with Valencia and Liverpool (W5, D2, L3)

>Chelsea have won only one of their last 7 PL home games

18:39 IST


STAT: Arsenal have scored more goals in the final 10 minutes (9 goals) this season than any other team in the top flight

18:38 IST


STAT: When Arsenal won 5-3 away at the Bridge last season, they became the first and the only away team to score 5 times in the PL match at the Bridge

18:37 IST


Q: Where do you think this game will be won? (Tottenham vs Manchester United)

Surya Solanki: Well I excpect Spurs to directly attack United, like Old Trafford game. Bale and Lennon will try to drift-in, get behind the relatively 'slow' Carrick and then target the heart of the Red Devils' defense. Demeble runs from the deep will be equally pivotal. Frankly, United might just do better with Smalling or Jones in defense. Vidic and Ferdinand both lack the legs to counter the pace and movements of Spurs' attackers.

Shikharr Chandra (Goal.com expert): Midfield. Spurs have a better combination in the midfield going forward and when tracking back.

18:33 IST


Q: How crucial is Sandro's injury for Spurs? He has been one of the best in the midfield for them this season..

Surya Solanki: Spurs will obviously miss  him. His ablilty to break up plays, sit behind the defense and partnership with Dembele was excellent. However, Parker can do a similar role in the absence of Brazil international and Spurs are lucky to have him back fully fit.

18:30 IST


Ok...moving on to the other fixture of the day...

Q: Sir Alex's side have scored the most goals away from home (26 in 11 games) than any other team. What do you think has clicked for them this season?

Surya Solanki: It's quite obvious- Robin van Persie. The Dutchman has been truly sensational since his transfer to United. The Red Devils have been often criticized for underperforming away from home, but Persie has at times, single handedly delivered the required goods and I won't be shocked to see him delivering another impressive output against Spurs tonight either.

18:24 IST


Q: Should Ba have started?

Surya Solanki: Yes, Torres' movements, frankly, are just not up to the required level. He have been quite lazy lately and doesn't try to get involve in the build-up play. Ba would have added some spark to Chelsea play-better link-ups and more pace.

18:22 IST


Here's what our experts think of the line-ups...

Atishay Agarwal: It's the expected starting line up from Arsenal, with Podolski, Arteta and Oxlade-Chamberlain out injured. Cazorla will start on the left flank, but will regularly drift towards the center as we saw against Swansea. Wilshere will replace the Spaniard in the advanced central midfield position, with Diaby and especially Francis Coquelin staying deep and looking to protect the back four. Walcott will start on the right, but do expect him to be in the box on many occasions, as he continues to try and prove himself as a striker! Gibbs and Coquelin will have to play important roles today, as Cazorla's tendency to drift inside will expose the Englishman, and Coquelin will have to regularly cover for him and help Gibbs defend against Mata and Azpilicueta.

Surya Solanki: Chelsea are lining up with a solid line-up. Ivanovic might be have been somewhat mediocre lately, but he is much more reliable than Luiz. Ramires could be key. He'll have to track Wilshere and also make daunting runs in the final third to exploit Diaby and Coquelin. Benitez might regret playing with three attacking midfielders in the form of Oscar, Mata and Hazard. If Arsenal overload the center of the park, the Blues might fail to get the ball to Torres. Mosses could have provided the required width. Moreover, with Walcott and Cazorla always drifting in, Arsenal's flanks could have been easily exposed.

18:17 IST


TEAM NEWS: Ba benched as Torres starts

Chelsea line-up: Cech, Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Cahill, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Oscar, Mata, Hazard, Torres

What do you guys have to say about that?

18:16 IST


Thoughts on Gerrard's quotes regarding Torres...

Atishay Agarwal: It is true that some players, rather some individuals, require a bit more love and care than others, and are prone to losing confidence quickly. I'm sure the coaches and players at Chelsea have supported Torres throughout and have tried to boost his confidence during his darkest days, but more than love, I think his price tag has really put a huge burden on him. Knowing he was bought for 50 Million meant that the media too made a huge deal out of every single miss of his, and that has really bogged him down.

However, when you see players missing sitters, misplacing simple passes, and kicking thin air, it's tough to think that the only reason behind that is 'a lack of love'. These are all professionals we're talking about, after all.

Surya Solanki: Torres' transfer was somewhat absurd as Ancelloti (then Chelsea manager didn't want him). Nonetheless, the fans still loved the idea of having the Spaniard.   However, lack of goals since the high-profile transfer have now made the Blues faithful more and more frustrated with Torres. They gave him his opportunities but he dissapointed each and every time. The fans don't have the faith him anymore and arrival of Ba has only worsened the situation. But as Atishay points out, this should't really concern Torres. He's a professional, who is quite experienced enough to ignore the jeers of the fans.

18:10 IST


Gerrard has said this about Torres: I'm not sure gets the love at Chelsea that he got at Liverpool. He was the top man at our place, we used to love having him about. I was heartbroken when he left.

"I think now if he's honest, yeah, he probably regrets going, because he was flying at Liverpool. He was probably one of the best players in the world on current form when he was at our place.

"The whole team and the whole setup was for Fernando Torres to play well and for him to win us football matches and I'm not sure he gets that treatment at Chelsea.

"I think he's one of a number of quality players, and I think he thrives on confidence. As you could see at Liverpool, every single week he was flying."

Thoughts on this coming up...

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Arsenal - Szczesny, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Sagna, Coquelin, Diaby, Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud, Walcott

Chelsea line-up to follow...

18:06 IST


Q: Where do you think the game can be won: midfield, defence or upfront?

Mrunal Nakashe (Goal.com expert): In the reverse fixture when Diaby went off injured Arsenal lost control off the midfield both from an attacking and defensive perspective so midfield will again be the key in this game.

Atishay Agarwal: Arsenal's games are usually decided in midfield. It looks like the trio of Wilshere, Diaby and Coquelin will start in the center. Wilshere has been in superb form, but if Diaby clicks today, it would really give Arsenal an edge, as he provides qualities to the team that no other player does for the Gunners.

Surya Solanki: Midfield for me. Arsenal will have to ensure that they don't allow Mata and Hazard to get between the lines and form link-up plays. Diaby and Coquelin were excellent against Swansea and will have to replicate their form today. Chelsea on the other hand, will have to stop Cazorla from getting on the ball and setting up plays.

18:03 IST


Same Question to Goal.com's Premier League expert, Surya Solanki..

A: I guess it's not just Chelsea's recent dismal home record, although they've been relatively better away, the Blues have been more or less struggling since the sacking of Di Matteo. Yes they did register big wins over Southampton, Leeds and Nordsjaelland, but against tough competitors they have stuttered. It could be said in a way that their away fixtures have been easier than their home ones. Mata, Oscar and even Hazard have shown signs of fatigue due to the taxing November-December period. Terry has been a big miss too. Moreover, at home, Chelsea also face the constant perssure of their fans, who refuse to get behind Benitez.

18:02 IST


Q: Chelsea have won just one of their last seven league games at Stamford Bridge – their worst run at home since 1995. Reasons for this?

Atishay Agarwal: I personally don't give too much importance to these statistics, because such streaks will happen at some point in time, but as far as explaining it is concerned, I have to say that Chelsea really have missed Didier Drogba. Against away teams that play deep and 'park the bus', Drogba's contribution would be immense in breaking the deadlock out of nowhere. There's significantly less muscle in this 'new Chelsea', which does have its effect. Of course, under Benitez, there is a slightly tense and toxic atmosphere inside Stamford Bridge, and that never helps the home side. Ask Arsenal.

17:57 IST


Let's get started with our first question..

Q: What do you have to say on Arsenal having fewer points this season (34) after 21 games than in previous campaigns under Arsene Wenger.

Atishay Agarwal (90 minutes Co-Founder and Editor): It's always said that "the table doesn't lie", and it's true that Arsenal have been horribly inconsistent this season, and look as much or more in danger of losing their top four spot than in any other previous season. I have to mention here that they have played many of the tough away matches already, but unless they put a little winning streak together and improve their home form (like they did last season after the 5-2 win over Spurs), they could be in trouble come May.

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Hey there! We've got some huge games coming up in the Premier League today. Chelsea vs Arsenal kicks off in just over an hour and then we go over to White Hart Lane where Tottenham take on Manchester United.

So we've got our panel of experts here and raring to go. They will begin answering some of the questions already sent in but if you do have some questions of your own, you can always send them in using the discussion column on the right ------>