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Premier League Super Sunday LIVE Twitter Q&A
Goal.com is inviting you to field your questions and get involved in the debate during the live Q&A session with our panel of experts on Twitter today at 1800 IST.

18:57 IST


Thanks for getting involved! Now let's all enjoy the games.. Here's link to our LIVE commentary. Cheers!

18:54 IST


Final Predictions from our experts..

Brendon Netto: United 3-1 Liverpool. I expect United to catch Liverpool on the break and eventually pull away late in the game. Liverpool could have decent possession though.

Atishay Agarwal: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool - Liverpool always make it difficult for United, and will do that again, but the hosts have that extra bit of quality to see them off.

Surya Solanki: Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool. United's defense is, in my opinion, too porous to mitigate the threat of Luis Suarez. Jonny Evans will be a big miss.

Kaustav Bera: 2-1 victory for United. Will be a battle alright but United's firepower upfront to clinch it

Akarsh Sharma: United 2-1 Liverpool

18:48 IST


Q: Sczeszny has said Wenger is GOD at Arsenal! Do you agree?

Atishay: Well, no matter how unhealthy it sounds, it is true that Wenger holds a lot of power at Arsenal, possibly more than anyone. He is completely in charge of football matters, and coaches/players rarely ever question his methods or words. In that sense, what Szczesny has said is understandable.

18:45 IST


STAT: Gerrard has scored a goal in every game against United in the last 4 fixtures home and away

18:43 IST


STAT: Suarez has scored 5 goals in his last 4 PL games

STAT: Van Persie has scored 8 goals in his last 8 PL games

18:41 IST


STAT: Van Persie has scored 5 goals in his last 6 PL games against Liverpool

18:41 IST


Q: What will be Arsenal's agenda for today?

Atishay: It's always tough to predict an Arsenal game, simply because we don't know which Arsenal will turn up. The absence of Toure and Aguero will be felt by the visitors, but they have enough quality in reserve to still be capable of pulling off a result.

The onus is on the Gunners, as City under Mancini have been fairly defensive at the Emirates each time they've visited. The home side's midfield will hold the key. If Cazorla and Wilshere excel, it'll be tough for City.

18:40 IST


STAT: Only Liverpool-Everton (20) has seen more red cards than Liverpool-United of all fixtures in the PL (14)

18:39 IST


STAT: Gerrard has a divisional high 8 goals assists this season, a tally which is just one fewer than his personal record for a single campaign

18:37 IST


Q: What would Arsenal and City fans want the result to be from United vs Liverpool?

Atishay: Arsenal would definitely prefer a United win to keep Liverpool off their backs in the race for fourth, while City would want Liverpool to get some sort of a result, so they can stay in the title race.

18:35 IST


Here's one for Akarsh..

Q: What mustl Liverpool do to win this game?

A: Much like Liverpool's visit to Stamford Bridge, they need to suck the life out of the game in the opening minutes and get hold of the ball, which is perhaps why Rodgers has gone for Allen over Henderson. And build from there by getting Suarez involved.

18:33 IST


Goal.com's Brendon Netto takes the next one..

Q: Why have Valencia and Hernandez been benched?

A: Valencia has been far from his best lately and has been in and out of the side through injury. Hernandez I'm sure will eventually play a part in this one as he is likely to make an impact from the bench. United will need to hold on to possession and Hernandez is not the best at that. Welbeck's industry and attacking play has probably been chosen over Valencia because of his ability to drift in and link-up with Kagawa and Van Persie in Rooney's absence.

18:28 IST


Sam27 asks - Is SAF playing diamond again?

Kaustav has the answer..

A: I don't think it will be a diamond as such. It will be the traditional United 4 4 1 1 with RVP up top and Kagawa In the hole. But you can expect fluidity where Welbeck may drift in.

18:26 IST


Atishay takes the next one..

Q: Who can we expect to have more possession in this one?

A: Well, Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers' style is based more on possession, while United are always content to let the opposition have more of the ball in big games. We all remember the first half at the Etihad when City hogged possession but United went in 2-0 up thanks to two incisive counter attacks.

I don't think any of us should be surprised if Liverpool do retain the ball more than United, but that is never a guarantee of success at Old Trafford.

18:23 IST


Another one for Akarsh..

Q: What do you think about the United central defence of Rio and Vidic? Can Suarez get at them? If so, who should have featured in their place?

A: Suarez's game plan will be to draw the centre-backs out of their comfort zones. Ferdinand isn't the best at recovery when out of position and Vidic likes to command his box. Suarez practically plays a false nine, which means the two defenders will have to cope with his movement and will need to track him carefully - something not many defences have been able to do. Evans, surprisingly, might be a huge miss.

18:21 IST


Goal.com's Kaustav Bera takes on the next one..

Q: How do you see United shaping up with this line-up?

A: The United lineup has a defensive look to it, keeping in mind Sir Alex's insistence on shoring up the midfield when playing Liverpool. Although it seems a traditional 4-4-1-1 but Kagawa will look to make it a three man midfield with Welbeck and Young drifting out wide while Van Persie will be expected to hold the ball up.

18:19 IST


Akarsh Sharma takes the next question..

Q: Thoughts on Liverpool's line-up?

A: Brendan Rodgers has taken a massive gamble by selecting the trio of Allen, Lucas and Gerrard. The last time these three started together, Liverpool were thrashed by Villa at Anfield. It was clear that Gerrard and Allen were too similar in their movements and went for the same ball. Henderson/Shelvey, on the other hand, provided a more energetic or advanced midfielder to complement the duo of Gerrard and Lucas/Allen.

18:17 IST


And here are the options on the bench for both teams..

Liverpool: Jones, Carragher, Henderson, Sturridge, Borini, Shelvey, Robinson.

Manchester United: Amos, Jones, Valencia, Anderson, Giggs, Smalling, Hernandez.

18:13 IST


Before we go ahead with the next question, here are the line-ups for the first game..

Liverpool: Reina; Wisdom, Agger, Skrtel, Johnson; Lucas, Gerrard, Allen; Downing, Sterling, Suarez.

Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Cleverley, Carrick, Kagawa, Young, Welbeck, Van Persie

18:08 IST


Here's the next question for Goal.com's Atishay Agarwal

Q: How big of a loss will it be to City to have both Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero unavailable for this game?

A: City will definitely feel the loss of both players. Aguero for his nimble movement up front will definitely be missed as he could have been used against Mertesacker to expose the German's lack of pace.

Toure is always a huge loss for the champions, because he can single-handedly carry the ball through midfield. Against a relatively lightweight Arsenal midfield trio of Wilshere, Cazorla and Arteta, Toure would have been a huge asset.