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Cavani: England are 'machines'
Cavani: England are 'machines'
The striker has the utmost respect for the Three Lions but says La Celeste will not fear their Group D rivals as they have the likes of Luis Suarez playing in the Premier League more »
- C. Watson - A. Montalbán Midfielder
- K. Briceño Goalkeeper - G. Montenegro Midfielder
- D. Parker Goalkeeper - A. Myers Midfielder
- A. Velásquez Goalkeeper - C. Ochoa Midfielder
- Steven Barthley Defender - E. Osorno Midfielder
- K. Brown Defender - R. Rodríguez Midfielder
- I. Calderón Defender - P. Rodríguez Midfielder
- A. Cruz Defender - R. Smith Midfielder
- R. Dawson Defender - Diego Solano Midfielder
- K. Grant Defender - J. Sosa Midfielder
- S. Johnson Defender 9 J. Moya Striker
- J. Medina Defender - Kendall Fabian Carballo Striker
- José Mora Defender - J. Díaz Striker
- J. Peterkin Defender - R. Gabriel Striker
19 Jean Pablo Paz Midfielder - D. Jiménez Striker
- F. Álvarez Midfielder - Jefrey Montenegro Striker
- J. Condega Midfielder - W. Parks Striker
- José Leitón Midfielder - L. Pérez Striker
- Lopez Midfielder - J. Villalobos Striker
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J. Villalobos J. Villalobos
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P. Rodríguez P. Rodríguez
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