We hadn't a clue what Trapattoni was on about, says Darron Gibson

The Everton midfielder believes that the language barrier caused confusion between Giovanni Trapattoni and the Ireland players
Darron Gibson says that Giovanni Trapattoni's lack of English was an issue during the Italian's tenure as Republic of Ireland manager.

The Everton midfielder revealed that Trapattoni's grasp of the language caused confusion during training sessions and said that the players did not have "a clue what he was on about."

"Trapattoni's command of English wasn't such a big deal to us," he told the Irish Independent. "In team talks he'd point to a screen and we'd get his message. But on the training field, there were times when we hadn't a clue what he was on about."

Gibson also criticised the Italian's non-attendance at the club games of Ireland internationals and suggested that it would have been "nice" to know that he was at a game watching and assessing performances.

"The other major issue was his absence from club games," he continued. "Most players wouldn't be that bothered by the fact he was watching them on TV.

"But from my perspective, it would have been nice to know he was watching, especially if I was going well."

Gibson refused to play under the Italian tactician following Euro 2012, where he failed to make an appearance and believes that the former Juventus and Bayern Munich boss had a problem with him.

However, the 25-year-old recently explained that he is willing to make a return to international football after Trapattoni's departure as manager of the Boys in Green.