Stoke City midfielder Glenn Whelan hits out at 'bully' Eamon Dunphy

The Potters midfielder was harshly criticised by the former Ireland international following the defeat to Sweden and has hit out at suggestions that he is "lucky to have 50 caps"
Glenn Whelan has hit out Eamon Dunphy after the former Ireland international said that the Stoke City midfielder was "lucky to get 50 caps".

Dunphy launched a scathing attack on the 29-year-old in the aftermath of Ireland's 2-1 World Cup qualification defeat against Sweden

"He's a terrible player. He can't run, he can't pass, he can't tackle, he doesn't see anything," Dunphy said of Whelan on RTE, before adding "He's a very lucky lad to have 50 caps for Ireland."

Whelan has since hit back at Dunphy, branding the former Millwall midfielder a "bully who wants to get under people's skin."

"I only found out what was said about me and I felt it was way over the top," Whelan told the Irish Independent. "He is a bully who wants to get under people's skin. I have held back on saying something until now but I won't hold back any more.

"For him to say that I am a terrible player and was lucky to get 50 caps, well let's put our records and our achievements on the table. What has he done in football? Compare his stats and his achievements to what I have done and that speaks volumes.

"I have played 50 times for my country, played at the European Championship finals, played in the Premier League for a long time, played in Europe for two clubs, played in an FA Cup final.

"For someone who has achieved nothing in football to speak so harshly about footballers from his own nation is hard to understand.

"Since I first came into the squad, for whatever reason, Dunphy has picked on me. Maybe it goes back to the very first start when I first came into the squad and he had it in for me. You had the whole Stephen Ireland and Andy Reid story and he wanted them in the squad.

"Over this campaign we as a team have been battered in the media but he [Dunphy] has battered me."