GUST welcomes reports of financial investment for Galway team

Reports of financial investment have been welcomed by the Galway United Supporters Trust, which has campaigned for the re-establishment of a single Galway team
The Galway United Supporters Trust (GUST) has welcomed reports of a potential financial boost for a single Galway team.

According to a report in the Galway City Tribune, financial aid in the region of €300,000 over the course of three years will be provided by property company, the Comer Group, in order to facilitate the return of a single Galway team to the League of Ireland.

Secretary of GUST Ronan Coleman noted that while nothing was 'signed off on', the reported investment represents a 'great boost' for the formation of a team.

"Galway United Supporters Trust welcome the reports of financial backing from the Comer Group, however nothing has been signed off on as of yet," Coleman told

"If the figures reported are correct, it is a great boost towards the formation of a team for the 2014 season."

He added: "One of the recommendations in the report comissioned by the FAI last year was the formation of a single side with a contribution from each of the main stakeholders in the game locally.

"We are committed to that goal and will be working towards its implementation over the next few months."