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Giovanni Trapattoni's assistant coach has defended the manager's decision to inform Kevin Doyle via text that he had been excluded from the final squad to face Sweden and Austria

Republic of Ireland assistant manager Marco Tardelli has said that Kevin Doyle still has a future with the national team despite being dropped for upcoming World Cup qualification games.

The 29-year-old Wolves attacker expressed disappointment at both his omission and the manner in which he was informed of his failure to make the final 23-man squad for the games against Sweden and Austria.

Doyle received news of his exclusion via text message and suggested that he would have preferred a phone call from Giovanni Trapattoni. However, Tardelli insisted that, while the striker is rated highly, it is not possible for Trapattoni to 'call all the players'.

"We love all the players who have given us many successes and all players deserve the same things. The boss can't call all the players," he told reporters.

"But for us, it's not finished, the time for Kevin Doyle. We know he is a good player and we know in the future, it is possible for him to come back."

He continued: "We love Kevin Doyle like we love all the players, but we need sometimes to choose the right players for the Irish team. "

"We think at this moment it is better for him to stay out and take other players. But we know he is a good player for us and it is possible in the future that he comes back."


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