Reading defender Ian Harte hopes to pass on wisdom as a football agent

The former Leeds United left back believes that he can help young players avoid the mistakes that he has made in his career if he becomes an agent
Reading defender Ian Harte has revealed that he would like to become a football agent in order to help young players from being exploited and 'led astray'.

The 35-year-old former Republic of Ireland international, whose career has seen him play for Leeds United, Levante and Carlisle United explained that, as a young player, he 'lost a fortune' and warned players to be wary of 'sharks' advising them how to invest their money.

"I lost a fortune," Harte told the Daily Mail. "People who gave me advice said they knew everything, but I lost so much money.

"There are so many sharks out there. They look at young lads earning so much money and tell them where to invest it," he added.

"You can get led astray easily with drink and women and gambling is massive as well," continued the defender. "No-one likes to lose anything. I'm not a betting man and I don't like gambling."

And Harte believes that his own experiences as a footballer, including the mistakes he has made, puts him in a good position to be advising young players.

He said: "I've made a few mistakes in football. My agent, Rob Segal, wants me to go and work alongside him and his company when I've finished, try to help younger lads along.

"Nowadays they are getting so much money they don't really get advised on what to do and where to put it. I'd like to make sure the young lads don't make the same mistakes I did."

He added: "Footballers are like pieces of meat, when you get old and rough then that's it. There's new young blood coming in. Many agents will try to step on each other’s toes to get deals done.

"Look after your money because it's a short career and you have to put that money by to last you for the rest of your life. What I’ve done throughout my career, I think the lads would listen to me," he said.