Ireland manager fields Keane question in 'Traplish'

When pressed on the possible inclusion of Robbie Keane in March's crucial tie against Sweden, the Ireland manager was not exactly clear in his thoughts
Irish journalists have had to get to grips with Giovanni Trapattoni's unique take on the English language since he stepped into the Ireland manager's hotseat in 2008.

Although the Italian gets his point across more often that not, occasionally his interpretation of English can leave the questioners bemused rather than satisfied.

Trapattoni strikes an incomparable blend of incomprehensibility and elusiveness when fielding queries he deems awkward.

The form of Robbie Keane in the green shirt of late, combined with Trap's new-found willingness to experiment with his formation, has left the Ireland captain's place in the starting lineup in doubt for key qualifiers against Sweden and Austria in March.

Keane will not play tonight against Poland in the Dublin friendly and Trap was typically incoherent when pressed as to whether the 32-year-old would lose his status as a starter.

Attending a Trapattoni press conference is often an exercise in picking through notes for the most comprehensible sentences and his reply when asked "Will Robbie Keane start against Sweden?" must be read word-for-word in order to gain a full insight into what Trap is all about.

Here is the verbatim transcript for your pleasure.

"Robbie continue play, continue score goal also, in America, US State. Robbie is Robbie, Robbie don't need experience or no. For me, it's easy answer you all the question. I can ask you your jobs. When you come in you newspaper the first time, you are la quarto, la quinto firma de journale [Manuela: You are perhaps fourth or fifth]. You need improve personalità, write and so.

"It's like the same jobs. Many years ago, sure method was no like now: write, write, write, write. Yes, it's the first firma, is the job, it is the same. Many players, James McCarthy, McCarthy many game play, more experience do, keep confidence, he take confidence, the same. International we play, we play also in Euro, we play 30 game without lose, five minutes we concede a goal a Croatia, five minutes, seven minutes, that is personality, this experience this I know this, heavy heavy shirt, I know this heavy jobs, is the same, we, we, we have the football, we, we keep many, many, many money, you many, few but jobs work, youngs is young, is young, experience that is mistake, that is the life."

In case you've forgotten, the question was: will Keane start against Sweden?

"Is not simple, is no word simple, is the life. I understand your question, is normal your question. The team when need Brady, Brady's too young, is creative, Manchester United didn't play or play sometime. Now a go, he has the possibility go in this new teams, play, play, play, play, keep confident he can to do what he can do but that is possible understand what my meaning, no? No, la professionalità Yeah, sure. Yes. But we need, we need, I no expect to him boo, boo, boom because I know he's a difficult because yes he has in the …he must to [inaudible] commitment with the defender, the problem is… ah, Robbie Keane, Robbie must continue go."

All clear now? Good.