Birmingham City boss Lee Clark will not rush Keith Fahey return

The former St Patrick's Athletic midfielder is set to report back with the club after being granted compassionate leave in November but his manager will not put pressure on him
Birmingham City manager Lee Clark has stressed that he will not rush the return of Keith Fahey as the Ireland international is set to report back with the club.

Fahey, 29, has been on compassionate leave from the club since November and is due to return to Birmingham this week to provide his employers with an update, but Clark was keen to emphasise that the club had the player's best interests in mind and would not expect him to return immediately to training.

"Keith is coming back but we are not too sure when that will be," Clark told reporters. "He was earmarked to come in this week. But there could be something which crops up in Ireland and it happens next week."

He continued: "It is not a 'footballer' reporting back. It is Keith Fahey the guy to see how he is and how things are back home. It doesn't affect the football side in the short term. It is us as a club making sure Keith is okay."

And the Birmingham boss has said that he has no intentions of selling the former St Patrick's Athletic midfielder, expressing an understanding of the nature of the player's difficulties.

He said: "Keith is part of the group here at Birmingham until the end of the season. We have worked together on this personal situation. Keith has not suggested to me that he wants to move on and I certainly have no plans to move him on.

"We have spent a lot of time and effort to get him through this tough time for himself. If he comes over for a couple days and he needs to return home that is no issue for me," added Clark.