Nottingham Forest striker Simon Cox positive about returning from injury

The former West Brom striker suffered a detached ankle ligament in November but is hopeful of making a hasty return to action
Injured Nottingham Forest striker Simon Cox is hopeful that he can return to action sooner than first anticipated.

The 25-year-old Republic of Ireland international has missed three games since suffering an ankle injury in a game against Wolves in November when a ligament detached from the striker's bone.

However, he noted that he feels 'good' and is positive about the progress that he is making during his recovery.

"I feel good, I'm progressing day by day and hopefully it won't be too much longer," Cox told "I've been away for a week and a bit of warm weather has helped me. I'm not on crutches any more or using the air cast boot. I'm walking around pain-free."

He added: "I'm quite fortunate in so much that I seem to recover from injuries pretty quickly but I know I need to get my ankle right before I really push on.

"It's a case of so far so good but I don’t want to rush things and jeopardise the way things have gone," concluded the former West Brom striker